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888_shawn @SpicyRed54 @tinameckle @GavinNewsom Only USA is doing the related deal. It’s because it’s political. And they want Trump out. So we all have to be m punished because Trump won. My daughter has to be punished with crap lock down and on line school. Now suffering from depression. So screw u ignorant selfish fool Investigating information ,,searching for truth .
shawn_dorris Orangevale, CA @ABC Lady, just wear the damn mask! 😷😷😷 @realDonaldTrump see the crap you start and the damage you do? You are tearing this country apart and KILLING people I am a wife, mother and grandmother, public servant and love helping others. I am American Indian and Irish/English. I believe we should love everyone!
shawn_oliveria Oregon, USA @MELINDAPR04 @JoshuaPotash @SanWren Until you actually open your eyes and change how you have been voting, this is the kind of crap YOU are actually voting for! Stop voting for the democrats who pretend to care about people - they are for power and filling their bank accounts. Running online stores since 1998
888_shawn @steph93065 @SpeakerPelosi I thought her grandson said u have to wear a #mask .?? So why is no one wearing one ... PELOSI obviously has a drug problem. And is a alcoholic. How can a #Democrat just keep voting in the same crap over and over and over ..?? #2020election #4MoreYears #America #PelosiMustGo Investigating information ,,searching for truth .
LYTrules Joshua Tree, CA For example: If you say "Why not Shawn Michaels?" my answer is that in most of his great matches, there's about ten minutes of crap and rest holds before he actually gets warmed up. Ask me "Why not..." someone else and I'll try to answer. If you're good, maybe I'll retract. Morning editor at Superherohype. Seeking extra outlets for any non-superhero stuff. REPEAL California law AB5 which kills freelancer work. Black Lives Matter.
XCRHO @DavidLee8885 @holmesalone @CeeHawk He didn't, this story has been told and no he didn't. He also was talking crap to those marines. Look Shawn is not a legit tough guy. Also Shawn in the 90's was a brat and he had a lot of problems. He's clean now though and not like that, but he still isn't a tough guy.
XCRHO @DavidLee8885 @holmesalone @CeeHawk Bret Hart even beat him one time, got some of his hair, and Shawn complained this is an unsafe working environment when he was the talking crap. Shawn is not a tough guy. Hogan maybe was in his prime, but he's too old and has a bad back and leg. He's not beating many people up.
WD_Shawn GA, USA @TheAuthorGuy I’m sure if people look closely to a lot of his tweets and when they were done, they could see this a lot more cover up distraction crap.
ridanwise Utterly distasteful and disgusting. But 8 years ago I was a closeted bigot and 10 years ago I was living in a communist country and knew not a word of English or the internet. My point? I dislike Shawn but I won't shame him for stupid edgy crap he did a decade ago. he/him. looking for a damn bilingual writers community I can be a part of.
VeronicaSam13 Chicago burb @shawn_keren Yuck. I might want more if they tasted better. I've had 3 tins of lozenges since February. Two aren't even opened yet and one tin is still half full. That's because they taste like crap. 🤷😄 🚨 I BLOCK MAGAts 🚨 MARRIED! #BLM ✌️ #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #TeamPelosi #MarchforTruth #MarchfortheVote #MarchForOurLives #MeToo I♥️Lucy RIP 2/3/20
srichards1995 @ChloeMugg Yeah I’m not down for visitors when I’m feeling like crap. It helps that Shawn has no family here lol.. My friends and extended fam can wait til we go home to visit
888_shawn @hrtablaze @GavinNewsom So so true. NOT ONE SINGLE WORD FROM THIS bottom CLOWN. GAVIN DID NOTHING TO STOP THE VIOLENCE. And not one word of hope from him to us ... recall this piece of crap. Investigating information ,,searching for truth .
KSlatteryResist Huntington Beach, CA Holy crap. Shawn Steel, wife @MichelleSteelCA and daughter Siobhan Steel—all working to push Trump’s campaign. Blech SoCA, #PRU, Proud Democrat, #Biden2020, UCLA Alum, #FBR #Resist, #LockHimUp Trump is corrupt and a traitor. 🚫DMs🚫MAGA
shawn_dorris Orangevale, CA At the first WH Corona virus taskforce briefing in months, @VP stood up there and lied to the American people. We did NOT flatten the curve, we did NOT save lives. Testing still falls far short. Come on pence we expect this crap from trump but speak your own mind. @CNN @MSNBC I am a wife, mother and grandmother, public servant and love helping others. I am American Indian and Irish/English. I believe we should love everyone!
SeekerCat5500 Thedas @Nash076 I really hate crappy clickbait crap. It's a bunch of different celebrities reenacting different scenes from the movie at their houses during lockdown. It's not a remake. They even got Rob Reiner and Wallace Shawn back! Bisexual | Disney Princess | Godwoken | Inquisitor | Champion | Warden | Spectre | Pathfinder | ENFP | Writer | Mum | She/Her
shawn_dorris Orangevale, CA Rep Michael Burgess is so full of crap. He knows Damn well when the CDC let that nurse on the plane during Ebola, they had a plan and were prepared for her. It was set up with assurance she would be quarantined and treated upon arrival! Stop Obama bashing just because trump sucks I am a wife, mother and grandmother, public servant and love helping others. I am American Indian and Irish/English. I believe we should love everyone!
rohangretnsr Florida @peltzmadeline Has Hannity really every got it right. Oh, yea, last night when he asked Donnie what his second term plans were, then Trumps voices in his head blurted of some bizarre crap about talent and experience. Donnie, is on a slippery mental slope, thanks Shawn. Just a regular guy trying to understand what happened in the evolutionary theory that brought us here.
arospcgl California @911CORLEBRA777 @thespybrief @ChiefCovfefe @JamesFourM Yes please, because I am really sick of this crap. Shawn Steel, is the husband of Michelle Steel, head of OC Board of Supervisors, and running against Harley Rouda for Rohrabacher's old seat. Engineer, B.S. Engineering CalPoly, B.A. Social Science U.C. Berkeley. Mom to one teen monster & a chromosomally enhanced Dennis The Menace. Runs & loves music
Cglxox PSA from most of the White PPL in the world, @shawn_wayans & @MarlonWayans do not need to apologize for crap! White Chicks is the funniest movie in the entire world! & is absolutely NOT offensive to myself and I’m whiter then they come! y’all need to have a hot bath and relax 🛀 If you like cats as much as me, I see us becoming very good friends😻
shawn_Amby MB, Canada @davabel @shesoshysti That's not the problem.....he's manipulating any thing to get votes without credible facts. If Obama destroyed(democrats destroyed) vote for me. That's his goal. And what's sad people believe his crap!!!! No one is talking about his COVID response after all. A triple C' from WPG,TO,NIG #TeamSCORPIO #TEAMCHELSEA
Jill__Mendes Dear @ShawnMendes I know you are feed up with crap acusations and the most aweful things BUT PLEASE REMEMBER WE AR3 A LOT HERE WHO LOVES YOU DEARLY ...Don't forget US Shawn.....we never forget you....we MISS YOU ❤ #IfICantHaveYou
deborah_carbon Kentucky, USA @mickeyddillon @theblaze Yes it does damage. It's almost like Shawn King is an infiltrator trying to destroy a movement. If I wanted to damage a movement I would say this crap. It won't hurt him but it does hurt my black friends and neighbors.
REvolt3d Maryland (DC-area) @atrupar Who? Shawn King? That one guy said that one thing and now it's "they're looking at Jesus Christ." Fact is, any religious crap on public land is unconstitutional and should be removed immediately. Put your idols on your own private land. White man here to rid this nation of every last ignorant white person, by educating them with the Truth. Haters get blocked. #REsist
JWB470 Mesa, AZ @FSNGorg @CanterburyPark Holy crap does Shawn Davis have to be kicking himself. The fact that Shannon C won meant the turf was still plenty firm and that his horse would most likely have crushed. Uber driver, math instructor; avid fan of tennis, horse racing, football, among other sports; hoping to learn to paramotor; originally from MN.
shawn_getty @PTI @RealMikeWilbon Politicians and corporate America is doing all the work for you so yeah it is going to be easy. All you piece of crap killers and looters need arrested and quit forcing everyone to bow or be fired America isn't behind the movement they're being forced or suffer violence
888_shawn @dc_earth @thehill Then pack up your crap and leave . No one is forcing u to be a American . . Investigating information ,,searching for truth .
Shawn_md Austin, TX @realDonaldTrump Jesus fork, yesterday was 1year for this... today its 10 years for that. Tomorrow, maybe well arrest someone over at CNN and hand them on the south lawn. Dear #MAGA is this what you wanted, cmon... let's be honest. This guy, this crap? #Resist #ImpeachTheMF #NovemberIsComing Fed up Liberal Father of 2 living in Austin, Tx. Determined to #Resist 45 and the Destruction of Democracy before us. Tweets: 90% Politics, 10% other.
shawn_dorris Orangevale, CA @RonWyden What a crock of crap you hypocritical tyrant. @realDonaldTrump and his lap dog bunch are all liars, cheaters, racists and hypocrites who vote by mail. If they really thought mail voting was so fraudulent they would fly to their homes to vote. He flies to golf when he wants to 🤔 I am a wife, mother and grandmother, public servant and love helping others. I am American Indian and Irish/English. I believe we should love everyone!