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Lamprey2020 @Shawn_A_J @AlAthaya1 @Gr8Believer Ah. Here we go. We've been exploring, navigating and mapping the world for millennia, we travel daily based on known directions and distances that work. It's odd that you choose to claim only personal experience is relevant whilst quoting crap you know nothing about.
Lamprey2020 @AlAthaya1 @Shawn_A_J @Gr8Believer Ask him if he has a working map yet, it's the one question he completely avoids whilst spouting crap about things he doesn't understand and deleting his previous idiotic tweets. He really is desperate.
agvolzwriter San Gabriel, CA Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt should never feud again ever. #wrestlemania Wyatt is like the inverse of Shawn Michaels you know he’s always going to crap the bed coke mania. Comic Books, Rasslin, TV, Movies, Music, Yoga.
robertperkins55 Syracuse, NY @RajGiri_303 I agree having a 15 year old daughter. sasha is the shawn of the woman's division and Bianca has authenticity you can't make up. WWE has been great with that. She says stuff you say when you hit a walk off hr to win the WS. No lame cookie cutter wwe crap.
BonTemps_Rouler Shelton, CT @shawn_abrahami @CardPurchaser Any Michael Jordan, Kobe, Iverson, Hakeem, David Robinson Baseball might be a crap shoot. Hockey too. Football Emmitt Smith Barry Sanders Deion Aikman And definitely any inserts from all Cajun Transplant in Connecticut Hobby MatchMaker Saints, Pelicans, LSU, & Mets fan! Kobe, Brees, and AI collector
1NFLDraftGuru @WWENXT wow 2 major screws in the first two matches of night 1. I thought Triple H and Shawn Michaels could do much better than this crap. L.A Knight's feet under the ropes on Lumus pin. Finish to match 1 was exactly what Kushida kicked out of 4 minutes before that. PATHETIC!
Iused2likethis1 This Friday, to celebrate the release of the new #MortalKombat movie arriving April 23rd, Colin and Shawn are rejoined by guest David Son to look at the classic crap-fest #MortalKombatAnnihilation. #newpodcast #podcast #movies #nostalgia #RobinShou #TalisaSoto #JamesRemar A look back at movies we remember fondly from childhood to see if they still hold up or if we're blinded by nostalgia. Hosted by Shawn Wells and Colin Stewart.
GoPoseyGo @GeraldoRivera Shawn is right. And if you average out black Stierli are you will find that death by a fellow black is a good cause of that. Trying to change those statistics into racism is crap
AnnCarcieri @socialist_sheep @ShawnMTweets @ananavarro @ericswalwell Shawn is one of those people who just lapse up the socialist crap about no one should own any guns for any purpose blah blah blah. I hope that no one ever comes in and tries to harm him or his family. Live in a home in maybe my alarm system scares everybody off Cancer Thriver! BBFAN, Love Politics
LSU_Shawn Jacksonville, FL @atdavidhoffman Holy crap you people in here are deranged. The border was under control for the first time in decades and it has very quickly become an absolute calamity. You morons probably referred to it as Auschwitz when Trump was in office. Crickets now. You hypocrite f*cks. Biden is a joke! Geaux Tigers!!! Husband, father, Cajun cook, recovering caterer, lover of good beer and great rock music. #GeauxTigers #MAGA #KAG
Ali_Sems Cairo,Egypt Ever since Jack and Shawn left, Sony has been the Sony we all hate. Wtf is this crap? Gooner — Petrol Head — Former GTPlanet contributing writer — Gamer — Mechatronics Engineer — 2015 GTAcademy finalist.
tutbeemer Chicago, IL Holy crap. What a question - one I’ve always had! - and what a tremendously beautiful and honest answer. Give me Hunter, Shawn, and Under in an in depth interview on this series. I want to cater for the haters. Eat crap.
FlippyDouchebag United Kingdom Shawn in e-wrestling is ridiculous not to mention sick and disgusting. I think this is part of what hurts this hobby and what turns potential members off from the community. This can be a toxic environment without this crap taking place. Former former wrestler, current former Champion. Forever Hellcat. 🇬🇧
ValkZoe @mishymish88 @WolfWolfBlue2 @DrunkenCrunker @Daisyr2308 @JulesDupuis7 @4HumanUnity @lonewoofer61 @Janabw81 @armada_jason @PinkRantz @ShawnLindley2 @DJ_EXquisite @Beebuzzin19 @HeyokaEmpath01 @SmakTawk @PolarisBlurs @kanekavi @j_boucher24 @InnerVoltRock @Liam_GoBlue1 @RandomlyGeorgea @Shey_SheyT @Spirited_S0ul96 I agree wholeheartedly! It's why he's so fun to play with! In all seriousness, Bubba, Human, you (Mish), Trish, Kimby, Bree, Shawn, Daniel... And a crap ton more I'm sure I missed... Y'all have made my life so much better after it's been a pretty dark place for a long time. 💙 Trying to do this novel writing thing while trying to help save this democracy thing. #FBR #Ally #BlueWave #BLM 🚫DMs without permission.
cnewton_ky Louisville, Kentucky @HardenRoger @wildcatnews @KYHuangs Holy crap... yeah that's special by any human definition. LOL I trailed you by about 4 years mind you... met Shawn Kemp my first week. Was a great guy, and despite never playing for us, was an elite player. She's a friend, not my girl, just sayin. Conservatarian. Trump or DeSantis 2024 🇺🇸 Colossians 3:23 .. 2 nephews serve our nation 1 in Navy 1 in Air Force.
R_I_C_H_E_S Philadelphia, PA @TheDailyTimes Look at this Sensationalism Fake News Crap. "Which Left five Dead and Dozens Injured." You people are desperate to over dramatize any little thing. Shawn Bradley Witzemann is a JOURNALIST who covered the Capitol. He done nothing wrong! @L0rdFgt666 @Erika68390866 I spent 10 years in Federal Prison for a non violent white collar crime. Now I love to Sue & Expose Bad People.
sp_1971 Grandfalls @WWERollins while we are entitled to our opinion, to say hulk is not a great human being while including Shawn Michaels in the conversation is a bit odd. He was a horrible person and treated almost everyone like crap. I mean he is the best in the ring but he was a worst person
Shawn_3rdQtr Everywhere inbetween! @titletownusa73 Holy crap this one is tough... Solisbury Hill just over Riders on the Storm and Midnight Rider Making the world a better place through the love of animals, books, movies, music and philanthropic endeavors.
beakerboy12 Black Books Can we acknowledge how brilliant it was if Pixar to get Wallace Shawn, Don Rickles, and Jim Varney to play a dinosaur, potato, and hound dog toys in the same movie? And then to follow it up by adding NEWMAN TO THE ROSTER. Sometimes this timeline gets crap right. arbitrary self-imposed limits on creativity; sacred tool; bruce campbell, adam sandler, & muppet stan
shawn_dubs @imjacobnotjames I mean, we have crap like this going on and we wonder why there are attitudes like this... Satisfaction is not guaranteed. Proceed at your own risk. Individual results may vary. 🚶‍♂️ 🚲 🚌 🚆
PeakKlay San Francisco, CA @LocalKDHater no they were not the better team the heat was expected to beat the crap out of dallas prime bron wade and bosh not better than dirk and who? shawn marion? no the heat lost cause lebron couldnt score more than 17.8 ppg and had a 8 point masterclass. “goat” @KlayThompson / @Warriors #DubNation