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YourDevastator Earth Happy birthday Resident Evil 3!! I still remember when my bro bought a ps1 from a dude in HS NA got Tony Hawk (reason he wanted it) and RE3. Scared the crap outta me lolol. #ResidentEvil3 #REBH25th What's good, playboi? Lover of Resident Evil, SoulsBorne, Gears of War, Final Fantasy VII, & MK. 🇺🇸
Muttmankc "Unfortunately, they didn't buy my crap, at least completely. Will be going back to ask Tony and Pete... errr, I mean my leadership team, whether we choose to fanatically run this effort into a brick wall, or wait for another opportunity to remove the Left from the party." Writer, photographer, rescue dog man. Progressive. Middle class exile, sick of war, #BDS #AdoptDontShop #freeassange -DM's w/o approval ignored.
TDragon3000 Trapped in the Upside-Down seein Tony getting the absolute crap beatin outta him and the end of the CW trailer… that crap HURT, man 😭 Hello! welcome to my profile 👋 I am a Whovian, Ravenclaw, nerd, and an overall W taker who encourages kindness and positivity 👍 always believe in yourself! 😁
ArsenalofEden Info below pin @NotMurdock back to stop that whole *virus crap. (See #CRAZEDMUTATION) I saw a possible ally, so I pursued. I came here and wanted to talk to him regarding a potential job or guidance or something." His heart was slow. Every word was truthful. Weisz had no intentions of replacing Tony.—> 𝑀𝑎𝑐ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑎 𝑀𝑎𝑘𝑒𝑟 𝐸𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑟 𝐺𝑒𝑎𝑟 ! ! ˢᵉᵃʳᶜʰⁱⁿᵍ ᶠᵒʳ ʰᵉʳ— #𝐸𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑟𝑆𝑡𝑎𝑟𝑠's gun for hire.
Veybhavi @Tony_Jifferi @Breedlove22 @everyapetoken Who knows, they are trending at #2 on CMC's top gainers, 100% rug free, trending on dextools and they have a lot of sick crap ahead like #bsc and sending a hodler to space, so watch)
AmandaLynGunn Seattle, WA There is (was?) a place on the LA outskirts called Tony’s Darts Away, and it was my go to for really bad days and really good days. Best absolute crap a vegan can eat. Somebody asked me if I missed CA recently and that’s what popped in my head. V food motivated. #DailyPhage #TeamHatchLab 🐩 🧫🧪 posts are the pandemic combo of personal and professional for now tweets/retweets/likes my own
jury_tony PDX @PynkDymond76 Not to dive any further into this guy, but you think he might be? The way the world is today for women and doing this wierd crap like sending you a test. You have to earn my trust trust. If you cannot talk to me on Twitter then do not talk to me at all.
Jrodbad Charlotte, NC Tony just can't leave the cheap shots alone. He's buying into the Us vs Them crap that his fanbase is buying into, which is what I feared would happen. That stuff is gonna hold his company back from their true potential. And people wonder why I don't take Tony seriously. Collector. Non-League football fan in 🇺🇸. Looking to inspire. 37 Club Leader. Excited Comic Guy is a Becky Lynch fan. 'When in doubt, keep grinding.' -7/16/15
GINGER_ROCKET99 North West, England @p____m____b How can it be fake? It's in quotes and everything. "Paul Scholes? He was crape you know. Average at best. The mancs didn't even have a boss song or banner for he. Tony LeT was better and he was crap" Igor Biscan. Views expressed are my own. Occasional marathon runner, more occasional half marathon runner. Full time dickhead. Up the reds.
TheRuck86 The Land 216 Urban Meyer always had that mentality. He's a college coach through and through but sooner or later, he's gonna realize that crap won't last in the NFL. That's why Saban, Spurrier, Kelly didn't last. Sefanski's biggest intangible is communicating. It's almost like Tony Dungy. Co-Founder of The Ripple Effect Radio Network. Hopefully soon to be married. Browns Fan. Huge Gamer. Xbox GT: GangstaPacMan86. PSN: GangstaPacMan86.
mcfunny Hope, On the Horizon @richykirsh @doom37455413 @SkepticalMutant @provaxtexan @karlswart_karl @Monstercoyliar @DirtyJerseyDad @andylumm @Ray_Grant_ @ConsequentialBr @MsTrixter @FillmoreWhite @JimeeLiberty @AndrewLazarus4 @rpagano697 @OkamiHimeSeras @_mamadeb @zeetubes @Tony__Heller @michaelbranniga @pandemichoax21 @Kathmarval @Fran73113786 @Clr525Ps @WeroFrijoleron @realPitBullDog @CarvilleDean @j0nnyb0y1 @sailor_man_dan @SeriousSkeptic @Fleur_Ru11 @notadroptodrink @dippydappyduck @melcake1000 @AkireTe @AJL037 @SultaneAlexand1 @WendyOrent @GeoffSchuler @FactPhily @ItsScienceJim @T33879 @MichaelBuerger8 @CptMutant @StephenBevan15 @OldIowaGirl @ActivistChick7 @RickLazzarini @krebiozen @Ryanleitch18 We used to do radioactive in situs and looked at them with darkfield...just like those images. if the slides weren't clean they had all sorts of crap like that on them....just like those images. PCR should be at 1,100. He, Him, Us, We, Ours. Vax Up. Look up what "multiplex" means.
PoeBrianL Charlottesville, VA @PolAnimalAus @RickLazzarini @3GHtweets @ClimateSkeptic4 @EarthObserver4 @PierreTherrie17 @Veritatem2021 @WanderSci @AGRichard1 @_Lost_My_Way_ @mugger124 @insane_voice @TomPlesier @ejwwest @DedRed18 @WReynolds20 @SegmentOverrun @DamienHamilto17 @adlrope @SConwaySmith @fagandr1 @DrMarkJoyce1 @NdabaningiMoyo @BarbaraGirouard @gregchoat @TheRealStranded @TethLL @DeeKay_mcmxcii @gjcats @27Legin @IngersolRobert @Visitor22 @joe_possibly @GZzyzyx @bjames280961 @GeraldKutney @Dsp3ncr @BointonGiles @Cypress_NL @Robin_Hagues @jonsaxon67 @bendynaa @ddasser @StewartNial @NOVisOver @DawnTJ90 @AltYelloNatPark @DrMarkImisides @tan123 @bobathon Haha, yup, well said “respected climate analyst Tony Heller” 🥴 It’s sad and dangerous that people fall for that crap Scientist. Explorer of evidence. — Peace, Environmentalism, #ClimateCrisis, #PlantBasedDiet, #Permaculture, #Consciousness, #PressFreedom — Grateful to be here
Monstercoyliar Diggers Rest, Victoria @karlswart_karl @ConsequentialBr @MsTrixter @DirtyJerseyDad @FillmoreWhite @doom37455413 @JimeeLiberty @AndrewLazarus4 @rpagano697 @OkamiHimeSeras @_mamadeb @richykirsh @provaxtexan @zeetubes @Tony__Heller @michaelbranniga @pandemichoax21 @SkepticalMutant @Kathmarval @Fran73113786 @mcfunny @Clr525Ps @WeroFrijoleron @realPitBullDog @CarvilleDean @j0nnyb0y1 @sailor_man_dan @SeriousSkeptic @Fleur_Ru11 @notadroptodrink @dippydappyduck @melcake1000 @AkireTe @AJL037 @SultaneAlexand1 @WendyOrent @GeoffSchuler @FactPhily @ItsScienceJim @T33879 @MichaelBuerger8 @CptMutant @StephenBevan15 @andylumm @OldIowaGirl @ActivistChick7 @RickLazzarini @krebiozen @Ryanleitch18 @Sallysheeple You “don’t remember correctly”. You’ve got no expertise. You’re just regurgitating crap you watched someone else say on a YouTube video or saw in a meme on an antivaxxer site. And I think you meant to say ‘antiviral’ anyway, dumbass. It has *some limited* anti-viral properties. Trying to use my wits for good & not evil. People, united, we change the world for the better. Resist Resiliently. Pro-science & logic. Proud #khive. he/him.
Tony_Jifferi @furrcriptoO @CryptoTownEU @everyapetoken Who knows, they are trending at #2 on CMC's top gainers, 100% rug free, trending on dextools and they have a lot of sick crap ahead like #bsc and sending a hodler to space, so watch)
DirtyJerseyDad New Jersey, USA @mcfunny @DrRandomFella @FillmoreWhite @doom37455413 @JimeeLiberty @AndrewLazarus4 @ConsequentialBr @rpagano697 @MsTrixter @OkamiHimeSeras @_mamadeb @richykirsh @provaxtexan @zeetubes @Tony__Heller @michaelbranniga @pandemichoax21 @SkepticalMutant @Kathmarval @Fran73113786 @Monstercoyliar @Clr525Ps @WeroFrijoleron @realPitBullDog @CarvilleDean @j0nnyb0y1 @sailor_man_dan @SeriousSkeptic @Fleur_Ru11 @notadroptodrink @dippydappyduck @melcake1000 @AkireTe @AJL037 @SultaneAlexand1 @WendyOrent @GeoffSchuler @FactPhily @ItsScienceJim @T33879 @MichaelBuerger8 @CptMutant @StephenBevan15 @andylumm @OldIowaGirl @ActivistChick7 @RickLazzarini @krebiozen @Ryanleitch18 @Sallysheeple Look up the individuals who contributed to the charts and article. They are all paid by the government. They will continue to spew whatever crap the gov. tells them to so they can continue to get a paycheck. I quick searched 6 names all government paid dr’s/scientists with Jersey type A, family man, nut up or shut up, #walkaway,
G_intotheflow @EricSpracklen @Tony__Heller Myspace was a wonderful social Networking site and Facebook was a crap. Suddenly, Myspace closed and the "Herd" started using Facebook. Who is behind the scene, and what Agenda does Facebook serve? Carpe Diem
buds_burner @Tony_Mach1 Pressure and man coverage enough of the zone crap
chaneysystems MKE, WI @Tony_Mach1 Just being more creative and mess cowardly. Realize you can’t get crap with 4 rushers with this crew. Proud foster Dad. I (try to, at least) write fun software for money. Giannis is our lord and savior. Home overrun by dogs. Say Fuzzy Pickles!
MaddieAdams75 Arizona, USA @guypbenson He’s s not been Prime time Tony lately. Stir up fake crap and he hits the air………. #1A #2A, Support Veterans, Widow of a Navy Veteran, Dad-Army Air Corp WWII, Grandads-WWI, Artist 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱
thesamilisowski Woodland Park, New Jersey, USA So Tony is definitely a deserving winner, I would have loved to see Natalie win though and at least one vote go to Michelle. But overall I do think it was an incredible season, a lot of the fandom gives it crap but they’re just weird and don’t respect the game #survivor a written account of my inner monologue. 🇱🇧🇮🇹🏳️‍🌈 NJ | MSU | 25 | US Army | 🎭🎞📺 #soldier #actor #survivorfan
JackStr72081407 @TonyGerdeman Tony I heard all that crap about Scoop. You and Tom are top notch reporters and I will continue to follow you guys on any platform Combat vet, pro America, pro God, pro family, pro gun, author and Buckeye grad. Judge a man not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character.
Narty0071 Queensland, Australia @tonee110 Holy crap Tony..that does not sound good at all! Rest up my friend and hopefully the lillipilly can wait a liitle longer!🌺 When people say you're too sensitive they mean you won't let them disrespect you! Fully Pfizernated ⚕⚕ ASD supporter. Living on Yirrganydji land. No DM's🐀🌺
millypunkrock San Francisco, CA @cryptidocto @fork_yeah_no @Simprano_Tony Try being lower class in the burbs. Driving cars as old as you are, praying they dont crap out on you because walking and transit arent realistic options, scraping together enough to live in the few apartments that are allowed to exist in the sprawl. My 401K is an avocado tree 💵 🥑 🌳 Black lives matter - keep the pressure on.
Ulysses31N0n0 Brighton, England @tony_beanie @DeeUU11 I’m not a scooterist type. I like the Mod thing and The Who/Quadrophenia and Lambrettas are a part of it, but I don’t know much about them. I’m more interested in French comics and films; also BHA although my interest in that is waning because of all the pride/BLM crap.
Wheels_Tony Florida, USA @FSUFootball The same crap over and over. You say got to fix it buy you haven't. Bad coaching Sports Soccer NFL NCAA Football Gaming eSports Fantasy Football (US)
funky_salup Durham, CT @chopaganda I think when you experience it live, like I did last night in New Haven, you’ll realize how good IT is. RIP Tony. No worries. TAB is in good hands. AND holy crap! Chainsaw doin’ her thing. OMG. So funky and filthy. More Chainsaw please.
r8derfan33 @DailyCaller @LondonBreed Holy crap! What a hypocrite! She knew she got caught and was trying to turn our attention to Tony! Toni! Tone!? You got caught lady. Systems Engineer | Raiders fan no matter where they play!
n_firez Corruption, America @Tony__Heller @CSTribune Don't do the grammar crap. I see they are a paper but stay away from that. It's not impacted at all and makes you like like a desperate troll which you are not. Tweets are my opinions, even when presented as fact. Retweets don't equal agreement or verifications of fact. Question all quotes. I'm not a doc. Find a real 1
The_Tony_Rogers Another dimension @infofoundationx Meat and dairy, 100 years ago we were eating far less of it, and no processed crap, if you want to stay healthy and cancer free, go vegan 👍 3d designer▪️Video maker▪️Poker player♥️ Independent thinker⚡question everything🌱Vegan for life, you are what you eat..Meat = pain, suffering&death🔸Live Zen ✌
ConsequentialBr Melbourne, Victoria @sailor_man_dan @doom37455413 @rpagano697 @MsTrixter @OkamiHimeSeras @AndrewLazarus4 @_mamadeb @FillmoreWhite @richykirsh @provaxtexan @zeetubes @JimeeLiberty @Tony__Heller @michaelbranniga @pandemichoax21 @SkepticalMutant @Kathmarval @Fran73113786 @mcfunny @Monstercoyliar @Clr525Ps @WeroFrijoleron @realPitBullDog @CarvilleDean @j0nnyb0y1 @SeriousSkeptic @Fleur_Ru11 @notadroptodrink @dippydappyduck @melcake1000 @AkireTe @AJL037 @SultaneAlexand1 @WendyOrent @GeoffSchuler @FactPhily @ItsScienceJim @T33879 @MichaelBuerger8 @CptMutant @StephenBevan15 @andylumm @OldIowaGirl @ActivistChick7 @RickLazzarini @krebiozen @Ryanleitch18 @Sallysheeple @AndrewBowdenSm1 @MrDarcy1815 Firstly Dan, it’s “lose” not “loose”. You’d struggle to correct a crooked tie, so my expectations from you are quite low. In terms of CT skills, you have none! You place an an over-reliance on feelings & clearly don’t follow science. You spout crap and don’t self-regulate.
grose_lord Why does the media keep bringing out 2 of the most mistrusted, hateful and inept former prime ministers, Gordon Browne and Tony Blair, to try and push unpopular crap, every couple of months? They really must think we`re mad! Hating the loss or rights, freedoms and the lies we are all being fed. Don`t trust the media, the government scientists or anyone connected to Bill Gates.
OkamiHimeSeras @rpagano697 @doom37455413 @AndrewLazarus4 @_mamadeb @FillmoreWhite @richykirsh @provaxtexan @zeetubes @JimeeLiberty @Tony__Heller @ConsequentialBr @michaelbranniga @pandemichoax21 @SkepticalMutant @Kathmarval @Fran73113786 @mcfunny @Monstercoyliar @Clr525Ps @WeroFrijoleron @realPitBullDog @CarvilleDean @j0nnyb0y1 @sailor_man_dan @SeriousSkeptic @Fleur_Ru11 @notadroptodrink @MsTrixter @dippydappyduck @melcake1000 @AkireTe @AJL037 @SultaneAlexand1 @WendyOrent @GeoffSchuler @FactPhily @ItsScienceJim @T33879 @MichaelBuerger8 @CptMutant @StephenBevan15 @andylumm @OldIowaGirl @ActivistChick7 @RickLazzarini @krebiozen @Ryanleitch18 @Sallysheeple @AndrewBowdenSm1 @MrDarcy1815 Yeah there is,it's on your end. You are using biased sites and random people on this cesspool of crap to confirm your own biases Owned by: @TanyaVonDeg1202 I critique & comment on stupid tweets. Blocked by Ken, Greg, Joel, & Ray Comfort. formally known as Guardian Atheist.
MNeko The Arid Zone Good! I've been vindicated. This game is totally the victim of its own hype and lengthy development cycle. You expect a sillier Tony Hawk but it feels more like one of the crap Tony Hawk clones released during that series' heyday. Blogging for a nerdier tomorrow.
12parks Melbourne, Victoria @factchekka @Tony_3163 @sallyrugg No where near the same, so there’s that! Better leadership? The only reason they aren’t tens of thousands of cases per day and a crap load more deaths is vaccines. Just look at the primary care jabs done in NSW. That’s not done by the state.🤦‍♂️ Don’t just accept an opinion as fact!
rpagano697 my galaxy @doom37455413 @FillmoreWhite @_mamadeb @pandemichoax21 @richykirsh @provaxtexan @zeetubes @JimeeLiberty @AndrewLazarus4 @Tony__Heller @ConsequentialBr @michaelbranniga @SkepticalMutant @Kathmarval @Fran73113786 @mcfunny @Monstercoyliar @Clr525Ps @WeroFrijoleron @realPitBullDog @CarvilleDean @j0nnyb0y1 @sailor_man_dan @SeriousSkeptic @Fleur_Ru11 @notadroptodrink @MsTrixter @dippydappyduck @melcake1000 @AkireTe @AJL037 @SultaneAlexand1 @WendyOrent @GeoffSchuler @FactPhily @ItsScienceJim @T33879 @MichaelBuerger8 @CptMutant @StephenBevan15 @andylumm @OldIowaGirl @ActivistChick7 @RickLazzarini @krebiozen @Ryanleitch18 @Sallysheeple @AndrewBowdenSm1 @MrDarcy1815 @Shared_facts Are these people religinuts or something? The only people I've ever known to be so indoctrinated into a strange belief system such as this vax crap are theists and communists. Sadly I've seen many atheists also being brainwashed. As an atheist, I thought that impossible. Im wrong #Numanoid, Gary Numan rules! goth cats, tattoos, Metal, art, archaeology. Atheist. My own person, don't care if the herd accepts me! NO DM's. DM's get NO Reply!
jc1381again @Aki_Maki_ @TlVidz @LozzaFox The world has gone to crap. Tony Bliar started the attack, and the following Govs have moved it along Binned by the liberal lefty twats at twatter again
always_told @freddiesayers @Celestite66 It's not easy being a heartless evil bastard. Tony excelled at it and that is the reason he is spouting his evil crap for the Government and elites. Not one of them come out to speak against him. They agree with the evil corruption. The truth always sounds right. Lover of the great outdoors. I despise corruption and will never stop looking for the truth and what is right.
spro_tony Clifton, NJ @BryanHoch Big deal. Toronto and Boston having no problems vs crap teams while the Yankees and their ace are struggling yet again to win a must game at home embarrassing
wwe_wwf_Junkie @WrestlingJaded @ItsBradShepard I don’t 100% agree that the 3 are the same but to me it’s not racist. But what do I know. I’m just some white dude. In your next tweet, crap on Tony d’angelo, Vito and FBI and let’s see if the Italian New Yorkers start crying #JournalistExtraordinaire, #WWE #NXT #Raw #Smackdown #JunkieBadTakeOfTheDay I trigger haters and simps daily. Especially lackeys with marriage issues. #LetsTalk
ClutchSports_CU Clemson, SC It would be a revaluation for Tony to just come out and say “we aren’t helping DJ right now. My play calling has to be better” Take some ownership for where you need to clearly get better. Quit blaming it on GT’s formation. We are way too talented for that crap. All things Clemson sports. Direct affiliate of @clutchsportsacc 3x Natty 🏆🏆🏆🏈 12 CWS Trips⚾️ 2x Natty🏆🏆⚽️ 1x Natty🏆,⛳ Best Is The Standard. BYOG #ALLIN
PurpleQueenNL Netherlands via London This is bang on. And it takes all the 'Woo Woo' out of the 'law of attraction' & 'the secret' & all that crap. Tony Robbins said it too: 'if you want massive change, you have to take massive action. Turn intention into action and you can 'manifest' (create) whatever you want! Finding Clarity Through Writing. 📚 Home of #MidWeekFlash & Author Miranda Kate/M K Boers 📕📖📙 #WritingCommunity #SciFiFantasy #Horror #DarkFantasy
tr1cknoUP Spokane, WA @sjfostersound @IGN Yes similar to Tony Hawk. A little less polished and deep but not janky. People just suck at games. I’m loving the crap out of it. Father - Husband - Legend of Zelda - Nintendo - Animal Crossing - Bacon - One Among The Fence
AndrewGilmour11 Melbourne, Australia @theage Tony Blakely has been employed during the last 1.5 years and can issue any crap coming out of his mouth, whereas hundreds of thousands are on their knees because of crap issued by Tony
SkepticalMutant NYC @TheFreeScot @ConsequentialBr @AndrewLazarus4 @Monstercoyliar @andylumm @zeetubes @doom37455413 @SeriousSkeptic @Kathmarval @JimeeLiberty @michaelbranniga @provaxtexan @j0nnyb0y1 @Fleur_Ru11 @notadroptodrink @MsTrixter @dippydappyduck @richykirsh @mcfunny @melcake1000 @AkireTe @AJL037 @SultaneAlexand1 @WendyOrent @GeoffSchuler @FactPhily @ItsScienceJim @T33879 @MichaelBuerger8 @CptMutant @StephenBevan15 @Tony__Heller @OldIowaGirl @realPitBullDog @ActivistChick7 @RickLazzarini @krebiozen @Ryanleitch18 @Sallysheeple @AndrewBowdenSm1 @MrDarcy1815 @Shared_facts @LargeCoffee2Go @21WIRE @nomyhutch @zinlo22 @77777rep @rdqBlueRidge @FreeBearly @_mamadeb That is just plain crap. Vaccines are not "treatments" - they are prophylactic. All Covid vaccines have passed efficacy and safety tests. The latter INCLUDED the use of animals BEFORE human trialists were involved. If trials have +ve results, it is only ethical to vax controls. Former academic in medical education; skeptic interested only in evidence, not pseudoscience or ideology; social equity; politics; Vaccine Advocate
Speedy2041 Winnipeg/Treaty 1 Territory @Simprano_Tony Maybe they can start an anti diaper movement… then toddlers can just waddle around spreading their baby crap indiscriminately, and it’ll get all over everyone around them in restaurants, hair salons, public transportation & daycare cntrs, you know, just like Covid. Freedom man. Filmmaker, Skateboarder, Mountain Biker, Builder, Dad, Artist, and Woefully Unwitty. He/Him
jdemetsky Lehi, Utah @AewNo1 AEW has serious momentum and even though Tony and the rest of the office do a lot of dumb crap ,they are doing everything right lately and WWE is unwatchable. Pats Fan, Enterprise Software Sales Executive, BYU fan, Lover of Dogs and Good Jokes
CamoGirl7468 South Carolina, USA @KyleBusch I thinkU should move to Stewart Haas. Tony won’t take no crap from NASCAR and will fight for you. You know you will have a good car not junk too. Because JGR is going to be pushing out a senior member to bring me n a newbie. Why not change to a better team while U can. Watching Kyle Busch # 18, & Georgia Bulldogs. Work all week and go to Church on Sunday. Love my family and will go out of my way for you.
DamonMartin ÜT: 40.688904,-80.078958 Holy crap what a comeback! Nate Maness gets sat down hard in the first round and then fires back with a huge shot that puts Tony Gravely down and out in round 2. #UFCVegas37 News Editor at @MMAFighting. Covering MMA since 2003. Owner/Editor
cyberheroKT Seattle, WA @moogthulhu @girloncinema @AEW For spreading lies and slander about the people associated with the company. Stuff like “Tony Khan forking dogs” and other crap like that. If she had actual complaints about AEW, it would’ve been fine. I mentioned that to her in the DMs, and she left at out in that tweet. Fighting the enemies of Twitter for justice! Even now, I plot the next move of my never-ending mission of righting wrongs and stopping evildoers!

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