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ECMcLaughlin SoCal by way of NYC In a can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em moment, I sat down with my son to watch him play Minecraft. Dude has built Tony Stark’s entire mansion plus a farm filled with sheep and pigs and wolves he tamed, and can parkour the crap out of it including off high buildings holy crap. Founder, Gaia Project for Women's Leadership; #ResistanceLive Author/Activist/Attorney; Lit Rep: @WendySherman PR: @kcc_pr Talks: @prhspeakers
Greg80113259 Somersworth, New Hampshire Qt Marshell dumping crap on tony is unacceptable and uncalled for. That futher mucker. Gawddamn it. #AEWDynamite #AEWFyterFest Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte 💀 It/Thing/MeatBag
Ric0074 Ahhh poor Tony Jones and Neil Mitchell are all upset because Dan doesn’t want to go on 3aw to get bashed by 2 RW LNP flogs. Diddems 3aw is only there for people that like Jerry Springer or LNP Mr 2% O’Brien crap. #IStandWithDan Retired tradie, 60yrs an immigrant and proud Australian. +family, holidays, dogs, sport, normal beer. - RW LNP controlled by RW media tycoon.
tony_tony777777 @larryelder this crap is going to encourage more people to have kids. that is a disgrace there is overpopulation already especially of the blacks and brown who don't contribute but leach off of the tax money of hard working whites and asians for the most part. All tweets are my personal opinion.
tony_d45 Cambridge @LeopardmanPn He’s making it all about him and BLM, to say it’s not political is crap retired rugby player who has played lived here and there, proud Englishman
tony_tony777777 @TPostMillennial smith and wesson stock is a BUM and i am not buying back into that crap until it hits 18 dollars All tweets are my personal opinion.
DamndestBastard @powerserg54 @AsgardRageGod To be fair, Endgame started that trend when Cap chose to Crap on Tony and Natasha's sacrifices by staying in the past to snuggle with Peggy for multiple decades. Howard's Conan. Not de Camp's. Not Marvel's. Not film's. Born on a battlefield; parents weren't murdered; didn't grow up a slave; black hair; blue eyes.
Dec20212 @FergalBowers @rtenews Never heard such crap in all my life…Tony Hitler is driving deaths & mental health issues up with his lies.. if you call yourself an impartial journalist you should stop giving Tony an armchair ride and get him to explain his bizarre recommendations..
B_Coldyron USA @stillnewtwallen @brokehorrorfan @mvdentgroup @MST3K @HacktheMovies @CrystalQuin Holy crap! I love this movie and I love Tony, Newt and Crystal of course too. I am looking forward to the release. "I'll make more noise than two skeletons making love in a tin coffin, brother"
russeltoc and, close $SPX IC 3980/4180/4390/4440 $3445db, a $1235 loss, roll up puts alot, still a big looser cause SPU's are up over 1.8 STD move, crap. @TraderNickyBAT @Tomunderwater @Tony_BATtista @TFMTrades @tastytrade #tastytrades
BondDeal @TheMatildas No need to read it. "Crap" will suffice. Isn't this the 8th or 9th game they've lost in a row? And they're about to be against the world's leading teams? 🥴 Tony is clueless.
Tony_Cass_ Vermont, USA @LocalPoliticsis @DNC Normally I would agree on this, but the GOP started this nonsense with their obstruction of Merrick Garland and that crap in North Carolina by holding votes with the Dems not there. The entire system and all participants needs to be gutted and rebuilt, too much tribalism. A minority of 1
GregS1981 Wilmington,DE. @SliderDominate Tony Gwynn, Pete Rose, Ichiro, those guys exit velocity would look terrible today but they would still hit .340. This launch angle/exit velocity crap has absolutely ruined baseball. This is why we don't see .300 hitters anymore and pitchers look unhittable.
Shahinnn999 @RetiredRealist agree but rashy greenwood and martial all make eachother better rashy without tony was awful tony without rashy a bit crap until bruno came and greenwood is the icing Rest in peace Kipsta ❤️
MatthewAiken32 San Jose, California @Tony_Frye I agree with everything. Almost. I will never forget the day i started hating Joe West. The day Bumgarner and him had a staredown. But i think he's somewhat fair but just doesn't take any crap. He's a personality and we aint used to umpires having that. 49ers,SJ Sharks,SF Giants,Golden State Warriors,Washington Huskies fan. Born and raised in the Bay Area. Camp Fire survivor
_EpistleofJames Palm Bay, FL @tresselball @Son_of_Morale @MathGuy559 @scotty_kn @mmagonewild @SwaggyCTV I’ll agree he beat the crap out of him for 5 rounds and tony is now on his decline but tony looked bad from the start of that fight to me and his only win in my book out side of tony that says he’s good is against barboza I just feel like he needs more convincing wins Karl Marx stan account
hellcat_lady Reality @ff_nerdy @Tony__Heller @CNN It's all lies. The voting crap, the Covid crap, the Election last year crap and the 1/6 crap. Every institution is being used against the American people and all we get from anyone are lies. It's so depressing. We'll make great pets. #resist
Tony_TJP North West @chrisdiacon @PhilHannon @willhewont Some parents work in low paid jobs and still struggle to find money for food. This was true in Rashford's household so he knows from personal experience. Even if kids have crap lazy parents should they be punished by being allowed to go hungry?
rietti7 UK Tim I find it incredible you can associate with @campbellclaret Remember this is the man who spun all the crap for Tony Blair on the illegal war in Iraq, who persuaded him to introduce postal voting and bring about devolution of the 3 nations. What a disaster of a excellent liar A Scot who believes in the Union Enjoy books and travel. Middle of the road voter with no allegiance to any political party. Believe in the UK's independence
BluAngel54 @livelygames @tony_maxwell No, you're a time suck and I've got better things to do than clear the crap out of your brain pan. Go back to your Magats & lie to each other, little girl. Patron saint of lost causes and responsibility. AMERICA or tRUmp - there is NO in-between. NO MAGATS & ONE-WAY PROTECTED ACCTS.
adams33david @TheView those charges are a load of crap! You can not believe everything you hear. I trust integrity of our government to the highest: Rep. Gaetz is just as innocent of misconduct as President Don Trump and Rep. Tony Weiner! (D-N.Y.) U.S. Congress persons, especially those
SamDriver14 @3NewsNowOmaha @TonyVargas Tony Vargas and Kara Eastman have worked together for over a decade. Got fired together from their non-prof for weird political money crap. Tony backed both of her campaigns knowing she would lose so he could use her campaign materials and run himself with her work. It's about $$ The Nebraska Democrat
imdonnalynn anywhere my imagination goes.. I agree with everyone bit of this accept #Steve and #Bucky being in love. But I too hated how Steve just did a 180 in #Endgame and went completely out of character. He should have died with #Tony instead of the crap we were dealt. #Marvel #MarvelMCU #MCU Connoisseur of much, amateur writer, avid reader, daughter, sister, wife, mother. #BeHumbleBeKind #StopTheHate #Autism #Movies #TVShows #Weather #Independent
Trump4ever9 The Great State of Montana @croll_alice @CNN I agree - this isn't "News".....AMERICA WANTS TO KNOW WHAT TONY BOBULINSKI has to SAY about Joey B !! and why can't we know who the "Cop" was that shot that UNARMED Woman at the Capital that Day in January? Now that's news we AMERICANS want to hear about...Not China paying 4 CRAP An "America First" American! ANTI-Antifa! CNN Sucks- Illegal Immigration is ILLEGAL! Where's Hunter's Laptop? Selling "paintings" and W.H. says we can't know?
MikefromOC Orange County, CA 😎 @FutbolBeisball @southwestsox @MadDogRadio Ignore Tony and his glass half full crap! ⚾️😂 Angels/Lakers/Rams/UCLA fan! Devoted caller and listener to Maddog Sports Radio! 🏀⚾️🏈🙌 Married to the “Beautiful Italian” and proud father of two great ones!
jbrownwoods Events like this draw in an exciting group of baseball fans. And then we go right back to some unwritten rules bull crap from Tony LaRussa and no one likes baseball again. MLB has to find a way to market these exciting dudes better. 6th Grade ELA/SS Teacher 📚 M.A. in teaching. 🏈 coach at Bear River HS 🐻 Coach at @GFQACoach -He/him/his #girldad #SetTheExpectation
wizzymcoz Wonderland @NewstalkFM No it was you gutless I need to be taoiseach Mehole, the under investigation for criminal activity tanaiste, Donnelly of the executive powers and ye all dancing to the tune of tony I don’t follow the science but my interpretation of it holohan based on Nolan’s crap modelling!!! logic and respect, not emotion over facts.
scienvreak ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀oh, you haven't ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ even seen angry yet. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ i know it's a fight, tony. and you'll do it, i believe in you. you've been sobor for two weeks?! wow! holy crap ── see, i knew you can do it.
TONY_XIII_ everywhere & no where. @rosie_petall Watching crap on TV since its 7:30pm and I'm in bed already M- I'm 27 always happy Matching pfp with @urlittlegirluwu The beautiful Header is @ange11eya check her out lovely profile /only fans lovely personality.
tony_m_papa West Palm Beach @brad_congdon crap's just disrespectful, but they know folks are desperate and willing to waste their time on this crap... English PhD, Sound studies, American Lit, Pro Wrestling, Sometimes a referee, He/Him
Scrawn_YT @theSpartan9051 @SickTv4k @ui_tony @MoodyAzsRee Even if he does have kids, that's terrible. That means he's being a console fanboy while raising children. That crap could rub off on his kids and just make crap worse Just a hopeless introvert who likes making logos, video intros, and editing videos. #UncensorDokiDokiSony Discord: Scrawn#7849
42skyblue Coventry @Tony_Robinson We need to start chanting "We're going to score two more than you" and make sure we win in 90/120 minutes. We all know in our hearts if it goes to penalties we will lose. ☹️ Congratulations to our lads, you did your best and you don't deserve to receive any crap. Was a cog in a giant machine. Veteran. RNR. HMS Mercia. Support LGBT+ community. You are free to be who you are. 🏁40 years of 2 Tone. A message to you Rudy.
arnie_booth @saxonTHFC @xellavivian So at uni I took a penalty for Queens' 3rds in a QF penalty shootout. I was a defender. I had watched Tony Adams take one for Arsenal. He blasted it with the outside of his foot and scored. I did the same and scored as well. Good technique for a crap player. vaguely liberal. didn't vote for brexit and still think it is a bad idea. Leeds carajo! I only retweet stuff I like.
RenewCP Why not everywhere? @Tony_Robinson Well said. But lose the whole born to win crap-England isn’t the home of football ‘cause you’re a pale shadow of the Euro powers. Oh, and everyone hates you because of Brexit. Everyone. Especially the Scots. Which is why everyone else likes them. Reinventing the future by making community owned and funded renewable energy available to everyone. The world is heating and it's time to stop.
honeybadgeronyt UK #GBNEWS -Tony Woodcock talking politics and not football again! Keep your left-wing nut crap to yourself! Love Boris The Great - Don't like Labour Party (I was born in a Labour heartland) but they suck and don't look after the working people of this country. #GBNews
tony_tony777777 @TPostMillennial Everybody excuses black behavior. Oh blacks sell drugs because poverty. Oh blacks kill each other because no parents. Oh blacks are poor because LBJ and democrats. No blacks make decisions for them self and that is why they are in the crap lifestyle they are in not other people. All tweets are my personal opinion.
rlrasmu Pitching needs way beyond need for an all star catcher. See 80s when Bucs had all star Tony Pena and crap pitching staff. Father, husband, son. Diehard Pittsburgh sports fan. Pitt grad and now proud dad of a young Panther.
PrinceWatercres Echidna Land Dragon's Breath! And Dragon Lee takes back the ROH World Television Championship! But holy crap, did Tony Deppen try here! #ROHBITW Retrogamer. Wrestling fan. Echidna. Expect videos of old video games, recaps of WWE, AEW, Impact, CWFH & ROH, video game stuff, and more! Also, echidnas.
crzymorse @EricTopol Eric some of its is historic, Tuskegee experimentation without informed consent. Some of it is extremely poor messaging by Tony Faucci (Wuhan funding) Anybody that believed him is vaccinated and the people that think he is full of crap aren't. Need to change...
Campfire_Lofi Bronx @PimpMasterYoda1 @Boogie2988 I just don't give a crap about the representation. it's low hanging fruit and is never central to any of the marvel stories. Hell even Tony Stark loving Pepper wasn't central to any story and if they overly focused on that it would be boring as fork. Just your average guy with opinions.
tony_regina_ Lansdale, PA Someone is letting their dog crap on our lawn and not cleaning it up. This means war. @GAofPhilly Assistant Communications Director
NeddyPott Alexandria, VA @ZssBecker This is literally what Tony JRNY does. See seedify, Shopping. io , sparkpoint and all the other crap which is down like 90% from when he was shilling it. Very bad investments
DeathMetalV 1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL @Hiccupburps @kirkacevedo @TheRealHoarse @vincentdonofrio Lol. You have 100 followers and stan a guy who doodles on Twitter. You're no better than the Maga chuds who worship Trump. Since that Tony CRAP I've gained more followers. Likely because I don't hock garbage wares and mostly use Twitter for jokes. Enjoy your banality with Slayde. Father✴Husband✴Gamer✴Troll ~When they go low, I'm already there, waiting~
JawSlayerr SidHeart Genuinely Shona Song is a Crap Song ofc it was Sid's Project hence #SidHearts Trended/Promoted it but that doesn't means we gonna like Tony Crap Songs. SidHearts hav appreciated BD,DKKA bcoz these songs r actually good and we believe to Be Clear as Real same like #SidharthShukla Be Honest with urself that's enough ❤️ Follow my Sid Insta Page👇
pete_the_atco @tony_randles @OConnorOisin They don't want to slow down cars. Also they don't trust drivers to stop or pay attention. Irish are generally just crap drivers. Sure you can't learn to drive on a motorway here as a learner and all of a sudden you pass your test and you are magically supposed to know what to do All views are my own
JayTisdale5 @Chris_Roling LMFAOOOO No it wont. Granted they should've never let him go and somebody did dumb by not giving him a 90 Day clause. Same time yall said that about Dean Ambrose my bad Jon Moxley. Tony Khan booking is crap and has made no new box office stars. Kenny Olivier? HA Grown man from the south living good. Black Man, me. From the south, Dang right. HBCU graduate, You already know
blakedenman Bend OR Is there another @ufc fighter that can take punishment like Moutinho? Tony Ferguson and Nate Diaz come to mind but holy crap. The internet is a series of tubes. Own & operate @RicketyRoo. LSRF contributor, @localuniv faculty, @Moz Recommended Company, speaker. The Office is life.
omsports42 The Battlespace Now playing: X ~ See How We Are John and Exene divorced. Billy Zoom is gone. This should be a crap record, and lots of X fans think so. Not so fast. Dave Alvin and Tony Gilykson have stepped in admirably. This record has a BIG sound that I absolutely love💥 #XForever Chicano Artist & Dodgers fan. I dig the Rolling Stones, beer and coffee. YouTube, IG & Etsy: NetChucArts✌🏼
TonyStark979 -they/he-pan-ADHD- @realbckybarnes // AND THEN TONY AND BUCKY ARE THE ONES WHO SOMT GIVE A crap AND EMBARRASS THE CRAP OUTTA OTHERS -Genius, Billionaire, Philanthropist, Dad- “Stressed, Depressed and Well Dressed.” -RP account. ♥️ @PepperPotts410

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