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tony_t52 @CBSNews I don't give a Crap about how nice she is, Is worry why she coddles Pedophiles and don't know she's a Woman. Well maybe she isn't.
Samusforce @MLP_Trinary @Linkara19 Don't I know it. I mean, I know that Tony was supposed to be the character we normally hate but end up rooting for. (Stan Lee) but then Marvel pulls this crap off. And it makes it embarassing to be an Iron Man fan. Gamer, hack writer, comic geek, movie buff, sentai fan, bronie, I try to do it all, fanfic reviewer, freelance journalist
griffo1970 Salford @Crap_Portraits Hmm, A smiley Richard Dawkins, don't know, Tony Hancock and Tony Hart? Waiting for the asteroid.
General_Mayhem_ @TonyStuart55 It's very painful to have to listen to this crap over and over Tony. She does not understand that people are not just over the virus and the rules but he incessant rambling before announcements Keep your pronouns to yourself, I don't care. Dad to 4 daughters and a son, Business Owner, Science and technology lover, part redneck part city slicker.
GoldenIceyink West Virginia @WSAZBrandon You, Tony and ever freaking lying meteorologist should be in prison! You are fully aware of the 24/7 geoengineering. You see the same toxic sky I see plus you see that crap on the radar in ways we can't. You ALL know how deadly this sh!t is but you say nothing. Folks, look up!!! Watching a global circus that makes Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey look like a 3rd grade talent show.
ATinyGreenCell ÜT: 40.91641,-73.118334 @tony_burnetti @geeky_jane Definitely small, but gigantic compared to the net energy flux potential of most living things. No other being can get off this rock by its own means or tooling. That's hard to dismiss and not necessarily evidence of "same crap, different canvas". Individual power also a factor. Amateur 🌿 Biologist • Aspiring 🌻 Designer Independent Researcher at Binomica Labs Degreeless Heathen • #diybio • #homelab • Open Lab Notebook link below!
saysnowt3 @RickyAgyekum2 @TC38534491 @carling_4737 @iSteeveKe @davidcurwen @talkSPORT They remind me of City when they were crap...Kinkladze is best in the world and Tony Coton is best keeper in England. Because they have about 2 good players they hold them in higher esteem than their actual level warrants.
tony_t52 @ceeflashpee84 @M_Ryan02 Best wishes and hope he gets Indy a Ring! Good Luck with the Crap you just signed up for the next 2 years @ceeflashpee84.
shellyhand22 I honestly believe Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell ( alt news ) spin caused UK to become this . thats why all tory mps can go back and mock labour while doing worse now . Corbyn Manifesto will be discusses again when keirs watered down crap gets puked out Jeremy Corbyn Labour
tswain555 Calgary Canda Thinks; Oracle; M$; Google. I think they are strangling the internet. Time for "real" developers to dump this CRAP and start over. I am on it! Tony's > Web 4 < NO base 64 encoding, NO endless ASCII/Text conversion. 100% binary. Direct Link to GPU in assembler; X64/ARM8 . 42 years soft/firmware. Assembler C & Java I program hardware software I am making in C driven CGI. FULL STACK (of pancakes) Developer.
DeeStonk USA @Wellcamp_Inmate @baronichita @altleftto @JackPosobiec I remember those emails! And Tony Bobolinski a veteran w impeccable service came forward and the guy from the computer store. Lest anyone forgets the FBI had that laptop for 8-10 mo before the comp store guy gave it to Rudy! Let’s not take any crap about oh it came from Rudy! Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, GameStop #GME #MGGA Loopring wallet#8573
debraweddall Melbourne, Victoria Parliamentary Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott told the IPA’s 70th anniversary dinner in April 2013 that the 10 items in red had been agreed to and would be implemented. The ruling class really don’t give a crap about global warming … Rideshare Driver Network (Australia) President - creating strength, dignity and compassion at work.
xbulletspongex @stufflikehearts Well I’m not like these other thirsty dudes here. If I had the money I’d buy for you and in return you’d just have to give Tony constant crap in every episode your on with him.
Fat_Tony_the_IV Brumwicham @JuliaHB1 Genitals and skin colour. She's so crap she needed two bouts of inverted discrimination. The Fat Man Cometh
WilliamBatcake @lanceBettencou3 @Tony_Flashpfp @ThisIsHipHop2 That you have to resume Marvel movies to just being jokes every gen seconds shows how you'rr too desperate to defend. NWH is heavy but not too serious. Even the "Scooby-doo this crap" isn't that unnatural. Batman jokes too and doesn't realize the point of hope till end. Gamer, comic nerd. Despises racism. I also like literature, coding and numbers. Blake is my favorite poet, DC is my life. Center-left.
Sweet_Musick Texas, USA @ChristnaHuffman He meant Nelle. Carly owned her crap. If she dud Shady crap, she owned it when caught. She wasn't crazy either. Her 2 trips to the looney bin were for shooting Tony when she had post pardom and the 2nd she was gas lite and framed. Sweet Texas Girl with sass. Single Mother of 2. I'm a Progessive, I care about the world. Jarly & Jasam, TX Rangers, Cowboys & Mavericks.
TheXentertainer Somewhere, Over The Rainbow @cj87EFC @Tony_Scott11 In which case Ramsdale is crap due to having Blades defence in front of him last season. And Bournemouth before that. Why Everton allow the media to just slate our players, I've no idea. You can't take feathers from a bird that's already plucked
marvelmarvelel I agree he made his own stunts and everyone was saying irony and that the set was crap. In general, Tom was underestimated by Spider-Man because his films were not so dark, because he connected with Tony Stark and because his director was not so experienced.😵‍💫 Mcu lover ᗢ🕸️ Sometimes I want to apologize for my bad English but it is not my native language
Toadcube64 He/Him @Tony_Ttek I don’t even know bro 😭 I do so much crap to make my island look pretty and then when I ask Isabelle for my rating she’s like “1 star lol” honestly that’s why I quit playing that game lmaooo Really into Mario and Nintendo | I also like Gumball, Jojo and coding | Corrin/Ice Climbers main | Alt: @ToadcubePart2 | #CaptainToadforSmash | Play SMO | BLM
tony_tvd @maxfawcett See the crap coming out the labour's ministers mouth about the rail strike. They are already starting with the we have MANY WAYS TO FORCE THEM BACK . One day in and sounds like they're not willing to talk to them either They probably send army in on a legal strike . Totalitariani
flanagan_58 Hertfordshire @COYSJordan94 Even Tony Cottee has tweeted this crap. West Ham seem to want Spurs to recognise them as their main rivals and they never will be. Spurs supporter for over 50 years and a football referee. Season ticket holder since 1982. All my family are Spurs fans. My eyes have seen the glory!
tony_gavigan Auckland +64 21 32 62 72 @nzkev Well , based on “their”measuring sticks of a bit of sheep crap in a shallow well 53 years ago , and a few parliamentary poos sliding down Molesworth St last month into Queens wharf, #3waters is all over I am enough
LeonardBilling5 United States @TonyVanderbur @garnie @aginnt @benshapiro Ditto, Tony. We still have family there, and they constantly tell us how far it's fallen. Schools are now progressive crap, crime is up, cops won't enforce the law. Conservative, Trump-supporting Democrat. #BIPOC because I'm indigenous to the United States (born and raised). #LetsGoBrandon. @lbillingsly on
thathabsfan @NYRFan92360244 LOL Tony talking all this crap about Georgiev just for him to drop 44 saves and make you look dumb asl 😭😂 20 | huge Habs fan | proud Canadian | @canadiensMTL | #gohabsgo #drivefor25
etwct2011 @RealLadyFrost Holy crap! Bruno Sammartino and Tony Marino. Two of the best ever. Two men who have been a big influence in my wrestling career. Indy pro wrestling promoter from connecticut
BrokenOutlaw Pluto @BlackFlagMatter “They exited out of Formula 1, they exited out of the IRL, they exited out of Cart, they exited out of the world of Outlaws and there’s a reason for that cause Goodyear can’t build a tire that’s worth a crap”- Tony Stewart 2008 24 | add bio later too busy listening to music or sleeping please try again later or whenever
ChristineMilne Hobart, Australia Tony Abbott and David Cameron costing households dearly. Getting rid of ‘green crap’ Global Greens Ambassador and former Leader of the Australian Greens
jasonkotenko Seattle, WA @GeorgeW05314017 @timgritzman @tony_ruggia @CharlesMBrenner @johnhemming4mp @davidasinclair The commonality between all these stories is that Sinclair cashes out early in the form of salary, acquisitions, etc., and then cashes out continually by peddling the same crap that failed scientifically and commercially on his podcasts, creating an audience for the next venture. Health, fitness, cycling, programming, whatever really. Can't be bothered to make a coherent "persona" on here.
GlenRubin4 Johns Creek, GA @Tony_Van_Ness @NUTTYxPROFESSOR Not to mention that crap too. Too much baggage and risk. Dad, Attorney, Sports Enthusiast, 🏋🏻 Fitness, 🎶 Music and 🥪 Fluffernutter Lover. 🐬 Dolphins, Braves, NY Rangers and 🐶 UGA Dawgs
Oliver___Brett North London @3StripedJackal @BenStarSports @gerryjmurray @tony_calvin The worst, by far, is Chamberlin and his constant obsession with the "punters" and the "bookies" like they're two armies waging a war. "Round one to the punters" and all that crap. Ignores fact that when a slim majority of punters are up, many can be down dangerous amounts. Senior copywriter @paritytech telling the @polkadot story. Wrote The Alastair Cook Story (2019). Interests: horse racing, cricket, cryptocurrency. 10yrs at BBC
MidnightBolt10 @Knotty613 @Benzingeruch @RealBrittBaker Why did she have to do that stupid crap? For the Marks? For Dave Meltzer? Why??? Btw, AEW is overusing this hardcore match crap and is devaluing what wow factor that they had. How many times has Britt been in a match where she was slammed into thumbtacks? Be creative Tony Khan. I'm a diehard Chargers fan
asbell_tony Marana, AZ @donaldmalwright @HeimBBQ He gave me crap on Twitter several years ago as an OU fan. Still follow him and I’d eat at his restaurant anytime. This isn’t the SEC by the way. Don’t be a weak bottom puss. 🇺🇸|Arizona |OU 🏈|TexASS Sucks|FBS Freak|Sports Junkie|Fat Runner|High Handicap|Cabo San Lucas|CountryMusic|Nap Taker
tony_aiken9 Trying to turn Arizona 💙🌊 @RonnyJacksonTX Your profile says that you're a retired "REAR" admiral. So does that mean you're a tired a-hole? What a shame a military man who took an oath to spew such treasonous crap in the public eye. You really should be ashamed of yourself and I know your parents are. I will do everything in my power to defend my country against all enemies foreign and Republican
tony_rutt Oregon, USA ⁦@XfinitySupport⁩ c'mon wtf? 3 days I can't stream and now this crap?
TheGayChingy LA/OAK ok plans got cancelled and i'm having a crap weekend so far. time to get high, dye my hair, and look at Tony Leung call me chingy or nea. Writer, Comedian, Filmmaker, Gaysian Leatherdyke Muppet🇨🇳🇵🇭 words in @WeAreMel, @VICE, @TeenVogue, and more. Venmo/Cash: ThatChingy
tim_ables Chattanooga, TN @tgeorgesports Tony, I bought into this false crap that Barnes put out this year and You are 100% right about Rick. He is not a big stage coach and doesn’t need to be at a program like Tennessee. Too many athletes in this program to underachieve.
newanalogdesign Manchester @joemuggs @nubient I did the artwork for this album and a few others for Tony. It was the same process, everything is ‘crap’ until it’s not. I love Tony’s rants they make me laugh so much. Illustrator / Print Maker / Record Collector / Beatmaker?
Ruthless907 South West Arizona @that_907 Tony B is waiting for some one to wake up Now that they have he will testify that this crap is not here say it is 1st person and has the originals to back it up lol the ink signed originall!! So yea big guy and Hunter you a quit a few more of ducked as you should be👊🏻😆 Just a guy that hates the direction this country is heading &American 🇺🇸 citizen left in Afghanistan. Many circuits on many Dirt Tracks across west and north
geekthegoon @TheLouisDangoor @ColemanPlayz I don’t wanna hear it’s a money issue because tony khan could’ve given him just as much as wwe did. Cody Rhodes has a big ego and that’s where it led to his departure and I’m disappointed by how much he talked crap about wwe just to go back. Hypocritical on his part. Collect AEW & WWE DVDs / Blu Rays, Predictions, Reviews, & ETC. Check out my content 👇🏼
Thegiest Harrogate, England You have answered your own question. Greed and don't forget it was started by centrist Tony BLIAR. We need a Democratic Socialist Party, not this crap we currently have in Parliament. Travelled the world, lived and worked there. Engineer, born and brought up in North East, UK. now retired. I try to be fair, not all retweets are endorsements.
lovelikeda90s Still feeling like crap so it’s gonna be a chill day with my fur babies 🐶 and Tony Soprano 914, 845,✈️910|♋️ gang|RN life👩🏾‍⚕️|Live Salty☀️🌊|Simple, yet complex🦋✨|90s R&B is my love language🎶|LLJRF🕊❤️‍🩹| #keeppounding🖤💙
perthovalman Australia @PerthGloryFC @aleaguemen Tony sage and @tpignata9 expect ppl to watch and pay for this mediocre crap. Sick of it. This club needs a reboot. Same crap year after year. Watford uk to Perth WA 🇦🇺💜movies, Perthgloryfc, fremantlefc, swandistrictsfc, perthwildcats, Watfordfc, Kate beckinsale, susannah Murray, SMG (buffy )
R5Philly City of brotherly love @EXPOSECORRUPT11 @Hirdman @TheWreckingBal5 @PhilipPower13 @FemmeVoilet @teamphil @Forsolace @canyon_free @garygreno @sundog723 @Paul4dogs @PogueMoran @AngryFleas @marvin_hill123 @Marc62300483 @BconnectedJ @EviemaRee777 @Julie_NoNumbers @account_walt @8BrianVogel4 @ever_texas4 @FD03955088 @Birdseye1 @Fueldog3 @DuckworthVSTers @Dave92442188 @HoundTheLibs @Tom_Neverwinter @sandraclunie @goodtroubless @nikkillavender @spiralwrap @FamousSheymus1 @NumbersMean @ChrisMc47547598 @Chamele01374771 @NtRdytoMkNice @CanYouHearMeN15 @JMDelga82664720 @TyroneWJackson @durandundee7105 @_RaiseTheBlack_ @planetdoge @Bidenhuffsgas @NiklasNorman1 @ClaudeNavarre1 @N034N @babyyoda_me @JudicialWatch @TomFitton Really? You deflect from election process false claims with this crap? South Philly,#factsmatter,#rightmatters 🌻
LisaAtTheCape Florida, USA @WintersAbby @VickyisGrateful Adjust the sugar to your liking, me and Tony agreed we liked it with a half cup!!! Oh crap, a pinch of salt too, I forgot that in the recipe. Let me know how it goes. Oh, and my brother thought I was nuts calling him this early for cornbread!!! Ha!!! But I gotta work.... No hate here, life's to short. Love my family and friends, any and all animals. 🐾 (please no DM’s!)
chadgordon1977 @EABC31 @GASportsNow 08-11 MR2 had Roddy, Tony, a well above average O-line and an above average RBand good Def. 12-14 crap O-line, NO rb, clearly aging Roddy, Julio when healthy, & bad Def. 16 GREAT. 17 Sark<crapsthebedahan. 18-20 part time JJ and Ridley, No Oline, no D. 21 rookie Pitts and CP84.
tony_burnetti @Theophite @dkulchar The timing of them fixing themselves would then explain why one that was better at spreading came later. Three is just crap and not doing anything anywhere, one was good and came first, two is slightly better but came later. Postdoc at the Ratcliff lab, Georgia Tech. Studying the evolution of multicellularity.
ryan4902002 Flint, MI @JDfromNY206 Also only Tony Kahn can sell the Crap out of the Little Caesar’s Arena for their Dynamite/Rampage debut shows in Detroit. Something Vince and clowns 🤡 named Bruce and Nick “Con”man can never do. Have my tickets Wrestling, Music and Movie enthusist. Also a Blissfit for life
zoso1969 u k warwickshire @lordjusticewolf @JonJonesSnr And to the Tony Blair government who had 14 years to give working people there rights back and did nothing political parties in this country are reprehensible time for a people's party not more of the same crap . optimistic villa fan
Tony_Cooley99 @BellWetherLA @buckmaster616 @tedcruz yk @BellWetherLA i was going to just talk a bunch of crap but you’re just trying to enjoy your day. i hate that our parties just argue. don’t get me wrong, i’m on the right but i don’t want to argue w everyone. i used to do it and i hated myself for it i’m just here to crappost
EvelynRoper4 Want to understand our current cult politics? Watch the documentary on Susie and Tony Alamo part 1 and 2. ( Sundance) Holy crap. Could read as a playbook for a certain party and self-proclaimed "prophet". Why do mass amounts of people fall for this s%÷! ? It's a music, painting, writing kind of brain.

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