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MeckeringBoy Perth, Western Australia @StupidOzzies I thought Tony “Climate Change is Crap” Abbott and Joe “Eleventy” Hockey were bad. But Morrison has taken being a totally clueless and crap human being to a whole new level. #auspol #AbscondmentDay #HawaiianShirt #Atheist #Murdoch #LNPFail #NBN #Socialism #PublicEducation #Women #ClimateEmergency RT ≠ endorsement 🖤Likes might be bookmarks. On never ceded Noongah land
Saylor_Man Tampa, FL @KensethFan17_20 Leadership. It's something that the team lacked until Tony showed up. It shows on the Haas F1 team. They have engine support (Ferrari) and a crap ton of money (shady Russian oligarch), but can't get out their own way week in and week out. USF graduate, Bulls fan, all-around cool dude. I also know things... not like important things, but mainly random things.
AcidOverride23 @m9_tony @Oti09280470 @ObasJ_ Let us not forget they don't treat all studios the same as you make it sound. They let @insomniacgames go until they realised the potential they had and they took a crap of BendStudio for years and recently. PC/3070M&75800H. PS5. XSX. SWITCH. Insta: acid.override. Console Wars? Not for me Boyo. Be Loyal To What Matters. Snootchie Bootchies. One For The Peeps 🔥
Crispbap Hauntological belfast Good to see Tony Leung finally break into real movies with 'shang chi, secret of the magic spear' after years of working on HK crap like 'in the mood for love' and 'hard boiled' Just goes to show, it's never too late to turn things around! Deflated media husk. Comprehensively alarmed.
JodieErica93 Bradford, England @PoliticsForAlI Tony Blair needs to keep his nose out of what doesn’t concern him. Has he got shares in the vaccine like others? He was a crap PM who sent us to war with dodgy data on WMD’s. He’s a horrible person and anyone taking advice from him deserve all they get. I ❤️ ED,Corrie, Major Harry Potter fan. I ♥️ my family with all my heart ♥️ 28 (used to be @jodiesugarckaes) #SussexSquad
AmyroHodge Pottstown, PA @AdamBaldwin Actually, @tony_tibbets, that is exactly what it looks like. I think stating that that is not the case is just ludicrous. Look at all the crap and lies thrown at Trump during his term. @adambaldwin, you might have been being sarcastic, but you are probably more accurate than not. Single mom of 2 beautiful children and disabled RN
wtony_tony In my right mind When the Pharoah tried to curse Moses it backfired on Pharoah and his own people . Saying crap like Dark winter and people dying sounds like a curse . #JustSaying Born in the land of the free hoping it stays that way. Yes Trump is my President ! Letting people knw u never go full democrat ! #MAGA
Tony_Totals Philadelphia, PA @CarolinaHuddle Stop with this crap. Rhule needs to stay. He's in his second year. We're one of the youngest teams in the league and we have a 2nd year HC. Of course discipline is an issue right now. Having a coaching carousel is why teams stay bad. Give him a 3rd year and see if he adjusts. 🤦🏻‍♂️ PC: Brian Burns, Jeremy Chinn, Patrick Queen, D'Andre Swift, Derrick Brown, Michael Pittman Jr, Brandon Aiyuk, Anthony Edwards, Cole Anthony, DJ Moore.
DiscordDerin Sweden just realised that if Tony hadn't used his nanomachine crap/just sucked it back up somehow, he would have had a much better shot on titan and he wouldnt be half exposed Video Game Journalist, Tech Genius, Professional Movie Reviewer, Afraid of dating apps
scpwords San Diego, CA @Adam_with_a_u Meanwhile, MCU-haters continue to think Tom is crap because he can't do "a solo movie" (Tony, Fury, Strange). I'm with you, Spiderman + Daredevil would be great. I want more Kingpin. And the haters would hate. But that's what they do. Noah B. Wilson → Emmy Nom'd editor, dev, artist, retro gamer, voice'r | Murder Bear | Retro Knight | Dino Maker | ArcadeFest | SGTVA | @indievideogames ↓LINK↓
MichaelJSchatz2 Watertown, NY @RealBrittBaker @AEW This crap with Tony is really weird and creepy. I'm from Watertown Ny, Fan of Star Trek, KISS, AEW, WWE, Star Wars, Marilyn Monroe, Transformers, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart
quick13 Minneapolis @mollypeonies @tony_the_scribe That is so much more than it used to be, starting out of college used to be $25-30K and you used to have to do "entry level" admin/unpaid intern crap too. I never could afford to do any of that. I made more as an administrative/executive assistant with my years of experience. Mktg Automation/Salesforce Business Analyst, organic gardener. Dual Citizen. Dead varmint removal specialist. Hockey tweets @QuickFacts. Tweets are my own.
shdomano In Your heart ❤️ @WarTimesAEWNXT Why would Tony Khan waste his money on a nobody and neglect the waay moore famous and well known talents that have been released recently?! 😂 It’s a great business decision that he didn’t give a crap about her 👍🏿
Valda57600146 Oh Tony , Get on your bloody bike and pedal FAR , FAR away and take your crap with you .
RPMComo como I'd just say this. When Tony Bloom and Matthew Benham took over a couple of DIDDY teams, I'm sure there was the same gnashing of teeth. And yet.. Why instead don't legacy fans concentrate more on "opportunity" and change, as opposed to preferring to remain crap and irrelevant? A sport/music guy (casa, chiesa, calcio). 2nd order thinker, 10th man, golf club bore, sprezzatura. you decide. All opinions are mine only and cathartic!
russeltoc the last point, SosGrande's whole hypothesis is " its a true free market" no. Its a manipulated market by central banks and central govt's. Everything else for there is crap. Please, stop. @victorJ0NES @TraderNickyBAT @Tomunderwater @Tony_BATtista @TFMTrades @tastytrade
Brian73463257 @DrainBamager You done crybaby? Tony has made his wrestlers talk crap on Vince and WWE all the time or they wouldn’t be doing it. Yet that is fine. Tony pays tons of people to write positive things on him. So stop your trolling. The truth is what matters.
OneTrickRipper @Runnin0nEmpty I second this idea. I had a demo disk that had Tomba, Duke Nukem: Time To Kill, and Armored Core. I had one for the Dreamcast too that had Power Stone and i think Tony Hawk Pro Skater. I played the crap out of those! Your Favorite Washed Up Reinhardt 1 Trick! | Business E-Mail:
Noobie2021 @ShaunZeppelin @GomersallAndy @nessryan11 @Jones_No6 @tony_entwistle @Nigel_Farage You talking crap again. Yes some of the old school hard left played conspiracy theories around EU, but the majority of the left saw cooperation and integration as a positive. Before you spout again, left wing, East end poor, over 60. I was there. New at this, quite horrified at what I found. So many faux patriots
tony_siranda @GaleMeadows801 Hang in there Gale it's easy to tell your strong and you don't need the crap you been going through I'm going to send you pictures of some Christmas lights I hope you enjoy them and smile I don't think it's worth fighting and arguing so I just keep quiet unless I am provoked
BillyOakes14 Burundi @tony_calvin @hughcahill7 The Betting Lab back on Racing TV and less of this podcast crap.
rithvik_siddem Hyderabad, India @TonyKhan @FoxNews @AEW @AEWonTNT @tntdrama I understand this complete situation but one thing I hate about Tony Khan is he boasts a lot about ratings too! You score good numbers the 1st week, boast about them on Twitter and the 2nd week they drop and you don't talk about it absolutely can make you look like crap imo! @instagram is not toxic!
tominfrance European Union @juliatanner @hill_hillbill @Bearlykat @Mayesey9R @EvLenz @JFRitte @PhillWatson1970 @pickpear @Socialistdawn @gordoncraig11 @111meeuwis @EUfrenchbird @Petersbrooking @Dissentra @MaldenSaboteur @Roger_Xanth_Day @dfarb @Rachel5742 @Ladycorvia @enddjinn @vja1999 @E_Pamplemousse @tony_lockyear @Xxander1968 @Lomquiche @NeilPollyTicks @AilsaLaing @redalphababe @justinbellinger @IAmFrogPrincess @chriostoir_g @TonySloane10 @IAmMardikins @DevonianMatthew @pixielation @StephenOld @vandyke4ad @skiwithstyle1 @EllueTravel @Fydsy @SusieMu45 @GrumpyScot @ColonelEscargot @NicolaJames007 @libdemEdRhymist @eu_lover I'm very happy with the beer. The calendar packaging is crap though. Whoever designed it must have been pissed. I have ( literally) had to use a torch to decipher the dates. Which is a bit childish. But it's almost Christmas, and it's an advent calendar. So it's reindeer law. Yorkshireman. Blocked by Iain Dale 😂 I do not support Truth Twisters. Likes/retweets may or may not amuse me. #JohnsonOut Rejoiner🌟 #DontBlameRemain
carmonte__tony Anarine @SilentDawnLB Mike mills drives me nuts. He gets such great performances out of his actors but his instincts are so twee and precious, I hate that crap.
HerOwnGuilt Everywhere Duh! I'm gonna record that crap and upload it straight to YouTube. I'm sure I can find something sneaky to use to record it. Uncle Tony has all sorts of fancy gadgets for me to use. ❝𝙄 𝙝𝙖𝙩𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙨𝙖𝙮 𝙞𝙩 𝙗𝙪𝙩... 𝙄'𝙢 𝙤𝙣 𝙎𝙩𝙚𝙫𝙚'𝙨 𝙨𝙞𝙙𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙤𝙣𝙘𝙚. 𝙄 𝙘𝙖𝙣'𝙩 𝙗𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙚𝙫𝙚 𝙄 𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙨𝙖𝙞𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩.❞
George02789416 Southern California @carolyn1068 How about we stop listening to Phony Tony Fauci, stop politicizing this crap and hunt down the perpetrators of this bullcrap and hang em by their toenails. Sports Nut, Musician, Personable Humanoid but will tell it like it is, like it or not.
tony_gavigan Auckland +64 21 32 62 72 @hamishpricenz Some of the former PM’s must have left their How To manual on the shelf on the 9th floor. None of this crap is surprising it’s just the hypocrisy; I don’t care if it’s open season on favours just be honest, and don’t fork up with MIQ✈️ this side of New Year I am enough
Dermopj @PaulTreyvaud Pure bollocks , it’s so fake it’s laughable, put the Mickeys , Leo’s and Tony’s know there are seriously gullible people in this country ,so they can get away with this crap. No journalists with integrity left in Ireland to ask the hard questions
AristotleMrs @Tempora23227548 @claude_roumain @thinks_about_it @ejwwest @TheDisproof @RoyPentland @TWTThisIsNow @Narvuntien @JimBlack48 @25_cycle @JohnPisulaMBA @Michael71718318 @jaapbvos @1Astroturf @WinWithScience @Michael_D_Crow @borngeek @Bazthebemused @bnasw @Canadianworker2 @rdqBlueRidge @DawnTJ90 @wildweatherdan @Gordon_DHG @CloneDwarf @insane_voice @Hedendom @Climatehope2 @Barbarajdurkin @TinTincognito @Robin_Hagues @JohnnyD93941059 @USCriticalMess @MikeDel21893959 @gptnshl @Tony__Heller @JoeShaw111 @jane__eden @RieneRichard @cjtjgeol @vic_environment @PeterWh93433247 @wilescape @Ray11959624 @FD2you @DanielA84612544 @StormSignalSA @Sir_Kaz_Cow @pckrs1 @Nodilbit More likely that the crap has been remembered and it is the truth that has fallen away. 'It's warming. It's us. We're sure. It's bad. We can fix it' Kimberly Nicholas
AntiSmark14 Tony Khan: "I can't listen to this crap anymore, go out there and kick their bottom RIGHT NOW!!" @RateWork @TrulyVOP @Viceisvhs @jinincreased @funkflash03 @rafinn776 F*ck snowflakes & f*ck both political parties
barryAshcroft4 Maybe if a lot of the population stopped ✋ believing all the crap the media rolls out and gives the PM some support this mighty united kingdom 🇬🇧 😉 would be in a far better place 😉 happy Xmas Tony I believe in democracy and ragnar lothbrok love the mighty LFC and all things strummer/Jones
MyNameis_JD that's a secret @RapzLj @TonyKhan @FoxNews @AEW @AEWonTNT @tntdrama I mean did Darby really have to make innuendos about Cora Jade? No he didn't but he did anyway and got hit back and harder then his shot Fact is Tony should set a better example for his people but he chooses to keep it going and we all know what they say about crap and hills got one
clintwilfoster @MuckyMoe @NotJohnCena7 @Pamaelic @RajGiri_303 I just literally cannot stand tony he Argues about the stupid crap he went from arguing with WWE about ratings tonight on complaining about fox because their ratings are going down and covering of urban Meyer Hi find him super annoying WWE Dallas cowboys impact wrestling single straight 26 cerebral palsy 18 and up
tony__roe dublin Everyone is tired of this crap, this 3 party coalition government came at the wrong time. How can a people trust a government that doesn’t trust itself? We’re distracted and divided by the endless discussions around what should be naturally happening. In a sense we’re lucky
arc_cad Parts Unknown Reminder that D&D is spouting this beholder crap, while simultaneously releasing the Bladur's Gate Dark Alliance game which features huge elf tits and a beholder voiced by Tony Jay. This can't be good for me, but I feel great.
TheToonTweets Newcastle Upon Tyne, England @TonyHinton2016 This is laughable this Tony. This is no longer reasoned science, it's absolute crap from conprimised scientists and Universities. The Tory toffs know nothing about data so keep listening. @CMO_England you are a tyrant. Born Black & White. MEng. Mental Health is as important as Physical Health. #HWTL #NUFC
USA1LandofFree @tomaselli_tony @JudicialWatch @TomFitton If that was a coup attempt, it was a sorry excuse. What really happened. A summer of rioting, burning and looting. Dozens killed in the streets, both police & citizens. Some Dems(VP) endorsed violence. When it came to Capital, it scared crap out of Congress, Dems want revenge.
asianbruddah @TripleH Imma honestly tell you that WWE is crap compared 2 AEW. You guys have been "head of the table" for so long you'd think you'd have your crap together. Your ship is sinking & there IS someone to take your place & his name is Tony Khan and they are AEW! Washington
Nickolarge @AaronBastani In the three elections against Blair they polled 30.7% followed by 31.7 and then finally 32.4 allowing Tony to win a third majority with a poor 35.2% vote share. Actual elections, not mid term opinion polls. They really were total crap. Lifelong Labour supporter. Definitely on the left. Classic motorcycle fan and Brentford supporter.🌹
Dj_UdySound Temple, TX @EASPORTS_MUT Ceedee Lamb - Micheal Irvin and now Tony Romo. Yeap, EA is on the cowboys stocking sacks hard!. Who is in charge of this crap? 😒 A in house (Twitch) and Outside (Mobile) Dj.. Dj Squad: BlackFireDjs
EdmundMorley Bullengarook @Tony_Harman Yes it will be good for the economy Morrison and Dom reckon remember die at home we don't want the crap, hospitals can cope it makes Morrison and Dom look bad when they are over run with the dying old photoengraver
1Astroturf @TinTincognito @Michael_D_Crow @TWTThisIsNow @borngeek @ejwwest @wildweatherdan @rdqBlueRidge @AristotleMrs @thinks_about_it @Michael71718318 @Gordon_DHG @CloneDwarf @WinWithScience @25_cycle @TheDisproof @insane_voice @Hedendom @Climatehope2 @Canadianworker2 @Barbarajdurkin @RoyPentland @Robin_Hagues @JohnnyD93941059 @claude_roumain @USCriticalMess @MikeDel21893959 @Narvuntien @gptnshl @Tony__Heller @JoeShaw111 @jane__eden @RieneRichard @cjtjgeol @bnasw @Tempora23227548 @DawnTJ90 @vic_environment @PeterWh93433247 @wilescape @Ray11959624 @FD2you @DanielA84612544 @StormSignalSA @Sir_Kaz_Cow @pckrs1 @Nodilbit @omnisophos @Robert76907841 @bomac_macbo @philamina95 Flooding the discussion with posts about the weather is a complete waste of time & only proves your ignorance. It's disingenuous and fools NOBODY. The only reason to post this crap is because you're paid to do so. Go & get a real job.
Stevenmiller117 United kingdom @Councillorsuzie It’s disgusting , massive lack of respect for Boris, nothing but hour long radio shows where hosts like James obrien bore the crap out of you bleating on about some poxy party. People need to get real and think about what’s going on in the bloody world. Tony Blair, fake war ffs
amylcal Grand Rapids, MI @BernieSanders I live in Michigan and have fond childhood memories of Tony, but their food is crap and this kind of processed, sugary food leads to a myriad of health problems. White middle-class, college-educated proud Liberalhappy that Michigan is blue again in 2020. Employed full time, married, mom to two grown children.
CarlGorka West Gippsland, Victoria @Crap_Portraits Tony Hart and Morph Happily stumbling through life, prefer animals to people, and chess to anything more meaningful.
scanlop Ireland @FergalBowers @rte Typical crap from government... Cabinet just bend over and Tony shoves whatever nonsense he has up their arses.
CobraElDiablo @HoloBuzz @CallMeEOnly @BasqueTerra @bikinatroll @DrMathsPhysics @DennFett @FlatSlugbrains @MagusMelanie @jameswzegan85 @TheOlifant @JdKurn @whoopsbuni @WadesUnderworld @AquaVelvaBoy @fastestfredy @USMCNoggin @_zero_gravitas @WoSco_2020 @StaleSonnen @BigTheyInc @Dwyertd @VolumeRose @Valuable2017 @JennWithTwoNs @dimamynedd @Tinman_73 @ivegotamuon @UnCastellsMes @J5_Project @keigh_see @CollinOctantis @CavemanOoga @Cruel_Coppinger @LaikaAndYuri @jon_hill84 @SholaDogg @alexisonfire303 @Freak0nIine @ColdDimSum @oddle_merps @mode23 @ThinkyTexan @PoliticoCryzis @spotarse @badibulgator @HypatiaPhoto @tony_oliver @MaidelK @AudiozooMusic @DoubleDumas Yeah, it's not often I buy games, but my son does (a lot) and I've got access to them, otherwise it's a small selection of free ones, which are usually crap/full of bugs, to be fair though I've seen many "bugs" in this game that shouldn't be there, it's sloppy work. 🐧T6 quod erat demonstrandum. Science works your belief isn't required. #penguinteamsix
tommygun8061 Pocatello, ID @vipinmenon211 @WWE @VinceMcMahon I completely and whole heartedly agree. Get money anyway necessary is McMahons motto Tony Kahn actually fives a crap about the person that's why so many former wrestlers are going to AEW over wwe
anto91160 Ye are all so full of crap. Hypocrites. Tony Holohan is doing his best. When the tsunami hits as it surely will you will all run off to your dens as you did last January and won’t be heard from again until the wave has past.
friendIyfoe Rashford stans have been on this "when" "if" and "but" crap since June 2020 just accept this guy is crap, it'll be easier for everyone at least Martial FC have accepted Tony is finished at United lmao Bryan • Real Madrid • Eminem

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