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RobertC17544571 @LesleyRStahl your interview with Donald Trump is crap and it shows how Pardison and bitter you are towards a president who has made a lot of lives better in America today, despite the opposition and despite the pandemic which was trivialized by the left at one point! I have a big heart but a nasty humor can be a little on the dirty side for sensitive viewers who are thinking about following.😁
WhiteColdFire Apple Valley, Ca @SlowMoneyGreen not to mention, you are just like Trump in how you treat people. You are not as progressive or caring as you project. You are just as money obsessed and spoiled as Trump is. Crap on some family, for money. Greed is your worst sin. A single mom of a little girl, cats and dogs....
rdonoghue Maryland, USA But Trump is *crap* at this. He runs his scams, and there's never any question that he did it. And yet, he eludes consequences. To a frankly spectacular extent. Agile Nerd, Bag Nerd, Pen Nerd, Productivity Nerd and RPG Nerd (sense a theme?) Game Designer. Co-Founder of Evil Hat. Intermittently verbose.
encrypted_99 @Brent97566448 @walpole35102 @Individual_1ne @TexasVegetarian @TheRealHoarse @realDonaldTrump Name calling like crazy Bernie, tiny Mike and others? So so you think trump is crap because of his name calling? I agree he is crap💩 $
greggamble Corner of Bedlam and Squalor Fat Bastard Barr is out there trying to tip the scales of Justice in his and trumps favor. Criminal behavior on his part. Nothing new of course. Every one who associates with trump is crap and vile. Real Estate Marketing/Sales
asiegel83 @SharonR93732062 @realDonaldTrump Looks like God is on our side honey sorry to break it to you. Trump is crap and everyone knows it. Educate yourself.
DJacobC22 Florida, USA @hhneill1 @IngrahamAngle @QuakeMedia You should know by now, just because it comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth doesn’t make it true, there was no fraud! Trumps been promising us healthcare, a plan that will be out in two weeks for the last four years, wake up people Trump is crap and he is done
kmeghan United States @TomiLahren How the fork do you think anything was stolen?! Trump is crap, and we voted him out. Why don’t you go ahead and follow his criminal bottom to Russia? Trump cult members are insane. on point like a decimalist. can’t stand stupidity.
adz232 United Kingdom @chrxszy @ketchums2012 @realDonaldTrump Go get help. Biden won fair and square. Biden is the best. Trump is crap and disgraceful. CEO of RISQUE SUPPLY CO.
ianbremmer This sort of commentary is not just mean-spirited and divisive. It destroys trust of mainstream media. It helps ensure the country’s political institutions continue to erode. Trump lost. Want him as your President again? Keep posting crap like this. political scientist, author, teach at columbia sipa, columnist at time, president @eurasiagroup, @gzeromedia. if you lived here, you'd be home now.
hodgetwins United States CNN is saying those close to Trump are telling him to concede. Do not believe that crap. They also have called states early and deceived the public for years. They expect reasonable adults to believe that? 🤣 Comedians, Conservative Political Pundits Podcast links: 🇺🇸🇺🇸We are on Cameo:
rockandrollprof Santa Fe, NM Everything Trump touched (foreign policy, Iran, China, Mexico) or didn’t touch (pandemic, Russia, economy, etc) turned to crap, and is worse now than it was 4 years ago. He has the Midas Touch, in reverse Rock and Roll Law Professor,™ studying & writing on college law, immigration, entertainment law, and Pendejos. UH Law Professor Emeritus, 2019:
MrTweet35473359 @RBReich It feels like there hasn't been a government for the last 4 years but now the government is literally gone. Trump is golfing, Pence? Who knows. And the others? What a crap show. And after all the traitorous crap they pulled, they better not complain when Biden wears a tan suit!
JohnBar70752761 @ArthurSchwartz @DonaldJTrumpJr Reminder: All the trump’s crap is made in China, Ivanka received Chinese trademarks after daddy met with China and trump paid more in taxes to China than the US. “I did try and fork her. She was married.”
Zophoric Angered seeing innocent people beaten in the streets by violent thugs and Trump doing nothing about it and these MAGA events. It was/is preventable. And don't give me the "but we need people to see it" crap. We've seen enough. No more senseless violence.
insanereefa @BenTramer6 @RedfearnJim @BillArcher72 @washingtonpost What a load of crap and pushing crap like that is what got trump elected all coz the left can't stop pushing hate even obomber husband is doing it pushing divide and hate .... but sure blame trump coz MSM ordered you to and your a good slave no thanks
Jordan_p34 I worked with a bunch of Trump supporters and make no mistake, they do watch this crap and believe 100% in everything that is said. A lot of them have stopped watching Fox and exclusively watch this network which is absolutely terrifying. Duke Alumna 💙 😈 she/her insta: jordan_p34
Kris10Odom2 @kellumdander @seanhannity Wow! Does making up crap make you feel like a big boy? This is not at a Trump rally and you know it! Take your false BS some where else
marilyn73752232 @ddale8 I do not understand why Trump damage is being allowed. I believe Trump’s horrific lies about Biden are why democrats did not win Florida. Now this crap. Trump must be stopped. We still have Dec and Jan. Happy Camper
ltsims Harford Where is Biden? Where is his response to blm and antifa beating the crap out of Trump supporters? A woman was STABBED and beaten!!! blm & antifa are nothing but racist criminals, with the total support of Biden/Dems. F#ck unity!!!
altm1169 Sydney, Australia @RonPaul Except there was no widespread cheating, & you are as irresponsible as Trump for continuing this crap. What has been proven is a republican was removed for cheating in a race leading up to the election and the republicans widespread organisation of voter suppression Politically minded, business owning, mother of two with many opinions. Star Trek nerd.
Classylady3201 @mikeroman @EricTrump @realDonaldTrump Trump is causing civil war and should be prosecuted for his actions, All this crap trying to stop over 78 million Americans that voted For Biden, Trump is causing Domestic Terrorism and FBI needs to investigate this, Trump is truly a danger to the country he has already divided
sallygirl2013 @Djjasong @ProjectLincoln Sorry you are so conned by that piece of crap but maybe you should talk to people who worked in chine before opening you filthy mouth with lies! Trump is working with china and not telling you.
OlympiaGuy58 Olympia, WA @shawna_burley @ProudSocialist @realDonaldTrump Bernie lost. Fair and square. Twice. Berners and MAGA are on the same page here with the conspiracy crap. The DNC has no control over the vote count. That is done by clerks and registrars. Bernie lost and Trump lost because large numbers rejected their candidacies. Father, grandfather, social worker, former Congressional candidate
DaddyJim52 Conservative, Texas A great analogy (the first four letters of that word fits Trump also) for Trump! He is like Bruce Willis in “Sixth Sense” walking around and not knowing he is dead...TRUMP YOU LOST PACK YOUR CRAP (WIFE INCLUDED) AND GET OUT OF THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE!!!! Vietnam Marine, Trump made me Independent! Country over Party! ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ! #VetsAgainstTrump #NeverTrump ! #MARINESForBidenHarris #MARINESAgainstTrump
dexter02011 This is why Trump supporters are so fed up with the left. Because they say insane crap all the time and go unchecked. I like snacks. Former Independent. Tired of liberal hate and hypocrisy.
raynoppe London Now that Trump got trumped the British press is back to publishing crap about Brexit and COVID. I wish COVID would Brexit already. #justsaying #brexit #COVID19 Founder | Business growth strategist | Tech Entrepreneur | Investor | Public Speaker
AmberG777 @TradYoung @AkKano2000 By tweeting this crap, trump is actively trying to destroy the constitution, and with it, free speech. He lost the free and DEMOCRATIC election. He’s trying to ‘dictate’ that he won. It’s a lie he repeats over and over and over. He is a coward trying to be a bully.
clredpill @Kimbarb72957870 @OANN What makes me mad is these politicians,medical proffesionals and media pundits push this crap and they still get paid trump should make a executive order anybody pushing this fear and lockdowns have to give up 2020 and 2021 salaries and half the money in their bank accounts 46th president
dkray03 @AP And I can’t believe you aren’t covering the hate crimes at the Trump DC March where Antifa and BLM smashed peoples head with hammers, kicked the crap out of them for doing nothing more than supporting the president! That is a hate crime! Report it!
birdland209 California, USA @RepsForBiden @gtconway3d Donald Trump is the Biggest Loser. Send the moving vans and cart his crap out of the White House Midwestern exile living near vineyards in California.Judgemental by nature, I always back it up with prodigious research. social worker by day, foodie by night.
nativetexansdf @VossD_AZ @zoostationaz @dougducey Let me help you “keep up”. Trump and anyone that supports his delusional crap is to blame. That includes @dougducey Native Texan who calls Arizona home. Mother of a SunDevil and a Wildcat #Forksup #BearDown. Reformed Republican who DID NOT vote for Trump! I voted for Her.
angelinejovan1 California Foothills @p_hounds @Sky_Lee_1 @kylegriffin1 @marceelias Always thought this was Photoshop until I listened to former pageant and apprentice stage manager @CaslerNoel He broke his NDA and tells it like it is. Apparently Trump crap his pants all the time. And everyone around him knows it. #RESISTED🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️ ~ I am still a Nasty Woman
Kanwyman North District, Hong Kong @dcexaminer @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden Peter navarro is one of the most arrogant and selfish man in Trump’s circle of cronies. Talks crap and all his predictions are simply not true
pguindon I hear you, when ever the idiots trump and family is on tv I change channel, NO MORE OF HIS BULL CRAP. #BidenWonDay #ConcedeNow
ResistanceWorks Left Coast 🐾🚐🏜🚲🏔🧘🏼‍♂️🌊 @Yamiche This is so tragic and sad. Avoidable. I hate Trump and his GOP enablers. History really needs to crap on their memory. 🌊 ⛰#PNW🐾🌲Coast Salish lands 🌲🐾🌋🚐🏜 🎶fork donald trump🎶 #ScienceMatters🧬 he/him
CindyV71367190 @SanskritSand @abc15 OMG the naivety of some right-wing extremist that's buying two Donald Trump's conspiracy crap just cuz he can't handle losing it something and he can't change the election! Although he is doing his best & losing every case in court! All the judges can't be in on the conspiracy #recoveringrepublican
RonnieW15185551 @POTUSBiden46 Liston jake you. Just 😡 mad me made what I like is yank you out off office bet crap 💩 out of you u don’t talk to Trump that way and jake if you pass the law to take our guns I want go down with out a fight so try just try me you will get what coming to you
ElephantWatcher You say nothing when your wife is called ugly, your dad accused of murder but you tweet this crap. You have done NOTHING about the 250K Americans who have lost their lives due to COVID and the lies of trump and the enabling of the @SenateGOP A mixed bag of progressive, liberal, independence. Keeping an eye on the "elephants" who are destroying human decency because of hate, greed and power.😎
sparty1975 @mmpadellan This is frightening! Trump has incited his supporters to be hateful, cruel and dangerous! He doesn’t give a crap about any of them! This must stop!
StCyrlyMe2 Henderson Nv #MSNBC #CNN Yes President #Obama is correct when he says politics are being played with the truth and the facts & it is wrong 4 media trying 2 keep in good graces with both sides crap, when u no the truth "#TRUMP LOST THE ELECTION" Those are the facts Period #p2 #Democats 36yrs Employed Now Retired United States Postmaster I now spend my time working with, advocating & speaking out 4 voiceless on political issues
KayyPotato @Shtteredprnces @LarryMe87910249 @DaleScott59 @AF632 @ChelseaClinton But the Electoral College is crap. Lol. She won the popular vote, lost the poopy EC and STILL had the decency to concede because that's how you're supposed to do it. Trump is embarrassing himself and our country by throwing a fit. Biden won BOTH the EC and the popular. 🙄 Made this for my twitch. Stopped streaming and now it's mostly political bs. ❤ 🥔
RuthAnnMckee Columbus, Ohio he would love a system like Russia with him in control, who are you trying to fool, 4 years of Trump and the wealthy in charge is enough of a crap show for all of us normal people
cmoseid77 Valley of the Sun @corevaluesidiot @Rudborne @Gamer0Infinity @RealBrianCote @PolitiFact Someone advocating to make a mockery of our courts and encouraging the throwing of crap against the wall to diminish our democratic systems just because a whiny man-child refuses to accept the inevitable - you really have to wonder...🤔 And yes, Trump's strategy is idiotic. 🖌 𝔸𝕣𝕥𝕚𝕤𝕥 • 𝕋𝕖𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕣 • 𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕣 ❤ Viva La Resistance🌊💙 Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality. - Lewis Carroll
beach919 @ScottWAtlas Really? You are a lying piece of crap, so excuse me if I don’t believe you. The situation in MI has been volatile, and you threw fuel on the fire. You serve Trump, not the public health. I hope when this is over, you lose your medical license. You’ve already lost your soul. Writer, teacher, researcher, traveler. First Amendment supporter. Resistor. Animal lover. Military kid.
ElephantWatcher Germany has made the Nazi flag and all other Nazi crap, illegal. We need to do that, too .......far as I'm concerned the trump flag should be banned, too. It is the symbol of HATE. A mixed bag of progressive, liberal, independence. Keeping an eye on the "elephants" who are destroying human decency because of hate, greed and power.😎
DrNSuttonPierce California, most of the time @Hammer19712Q2Q @PoliticalSloth3 @JayLionel7 @realDonaldTrump @BrianKempGA Your script is unfounded, out of date, irrelevant and a sign of trumpian desperation. We all see through this crap. Knock it off! No one believes you or anything anyone related to trump says. Y’all have ZERO credibility! None. Nada! #BidenWon ☯️ Dr.Nancy is an International, Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, CEO Conscious Living Sexuality™, Author, Pvt Practice,Health & Intimacy Expert & Activist.
VictoriaMarie80 @BillOReilly Yup now they know how Obama felt. Began with birther crap, criticizing Obama for golfing and goes on and on. Trump is an expert bully and propagandist
melodychi Chicago area @DamonLinker You mean Trump supporters......the poorly educated. Yeah, so? They are angry by nature. They will be angry no matter what anyone other than Trump does just like they bend over and take whatever crap Trump gives them. That is on them.
PaulVCooper1 South West, England @scott767300 @TakeThatHistory @AiG They're blurred screenshots which some dumbass conspiracy theorist has decided to put crapty green boxes over and talk crap about the figures. I bet you haven't even read the originals. There is no hoax. Even your hero Trump doesn't say its a hoax. Radical Skeptic 🤟, Fan of Antiseptic 🧴, Follows the Laws of Dialectic 📖, Likes to see how People Tick 🧠 Domestic Goddess 👸