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hevyd258 United States @benshapiro But...if they keep backing Trump...and keep quivering in fear of him....they will lose again. Trump is crap. Biden is newer crap. There needs to be better options. Underachieving overachiever. Laughs at the blind, side picking fools of the world. Easily entertained by simple-minded people. Professional hug giver.
tyrtruion @oo0tusa0oo @AH631NY @Davidlaz But there’s actual footage of Biden and his very active dementia and worsening physical condition. The only thing bad you have on Trump is crap like this where you claim he would crash a tricycle and all the other hoax garbage. Come up with something real. Twitter sucks
SanchezIberia Madrid @CookieGoneWrong @gusmarco4 @froshhelboss @thesiriusreport Only the Ruzzian trolls seem to care about Biden etc. What I do know is Trump is crap and is going to jail, Putin is crap too, a cretin. No hay dos sin tres.
BayBlYawn Las Vegas, NV @akafacehots @POTUS Hmm. My uncle was Art Bell. If anyone knew conspiracy from crap it was him, and TRUMP IS CRAP AND THE CURRENT MODE OF CONTENTION IS A RESULT OF PEOPLE DECIDING TO PUT HIM SOMEWHERE HE COULDN'T HANDLE BEING. PS JUST CUZ YOU CAN HAVE A PODCAST DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD, SAME DIFF Who am I? Someone starting over again, and hoping my lack of shame will make up for my lack of planning. pronouns include an adjective SILLY GOOSE.
MikeBar40873750 Florida, USA @SibindiB @MayoIsSpicyy Are you out of your F'n mind. Take your blindfold off and get your stupidglue off your eyelids Trump is crap. I love and hate life. I strive to make my life better and don't care if I fail while learning to be better at being human. I have PTSD/Depression
njwoman2be New Jersey, USA @AmoneyResists Very true. And remember too that 80% of Republicans think what Trump did was perfectly fine..and remember who these ppl are. Any time you are hiring a contractor,a plumber, but stuff from a store, be careful where you spend your money. Trump is crap but GOP voters are even lower
laurenboebert Colorado, USA The media flipped out when I called Biden's FBI raid of President Trump's residence "Gestapo Crap". Well, 76% of Republicans, 49% of Independents and even 37% of Democrats think Biden is using the FBI as his personal Gestapo. The liberal media is out of touch! Lauren Boebert for Congress Account: Congresswoman for CO-03. Owner of Shooters Grill. I’m the mom who told Beto HELL NO you’re not taking our guns!
ZaleskiLuke @thehill @GovRonDeSantis The fastest way to become rich and powerful in American politics right now is to say hideous obnoxious retrograde conspiratorial crap to a reporter and then continue to double down on your vapid wasted pointless self serving cynical ignorant gaslighting opinion like trump himself Legal Affairs Editor, Condé Nast, longtime/former Research Director @GQMagazine Head of fact-checking ‘The Resistance’ #truthhurts
ZaleskiLuke The fastest way to become rich and powerful in American politics right now is to say hideous obnoxious retrograde conspiratorial crap to a reporter and then continue to double down on your vapid wasted pointless self serving cynical ignorant gaslighting opinion like trump himself Legal Affairs Editor, Condé Nast, longtime/former Research Director @GQMagazine Head of fact-checking ‘The Resistance’ #truthhurts
TimothyHicks17 Charlotte, NC @Joette_51 @Freedom_Alley3 You leftist pieces of crap is the ones pulling the coverup, covering up your treasonous crimes, you don’t want Trump in office cause you know has proof and justice will finally come to the 12 families who has kept humanity enslaved for centuries Time To Clean Out That Swamp That Sets in D-istrict C-olumbia. We The People As One Will Stand With Our Military To Defend The Constitution & Our Freedoms
Pac_Dozen Davie, FL @Jim_Jordan When you bring in Trump for 11 hours to put on the griddle, like you did Clinton for that crap dog-and-pony show...THEN you can talk about how being termed a "semi-fascist" is an insult to ANY degree You can't spell utopia without UO; Life lottery winner married to Holly -- ultimate fighter, ultimate everything
Bettswithfive Texas @JoeMaggi55 @OnlineDetective @JoJoFromJerz Pointing out the idiocy of the left isn't punting for Trump. He just happens to live in your heads 24/7. You idiots step on your own dicks with that crap all the time. I laugh at left's views of economics and law as well. Is that supporting Trump too? #moron Politically homeless, blocked by foreskins, 1A 2A #DaBears, ❤Fencik45, Monty, Steve Priest, and Runkle❤. GenXSH: HotFlash! Mouthy broad. ❤Otters #ENDtheFED
whitebi30156966 Wisconsin, USA WI voter here, Michels (Trump's pick) is terrible. WI legislative branch is controlled by Republicans already, so we need to keep Evers in office. He has and will continue to veto crap pushed by Republicans. If there is any hope of changing the ban on abortion we NEED Tony Evers. Liberal, progressive thinker and feminist. #Resister #BlueCrew Glory to Ukraine! Spiritual, intellectual being, with a great belief in the goodness of people.
movie_gal_10 Las Vegas, NV @Rockdud11984976 @_jknightmusic Look at all of the horrible stuff he has done! I keep an open mind in all situations, but Trump is a scum bag as a human being. He was a racist landlord in NYC, raped 25 women, and filed 10 bankruptcies. Not to mention the crap that did as President of USA. Model - Actress - Musician #bluewave 🌊
DWestvirginia @AngelaBelcamino So your saying MAGA, (Make America Great Again) is a cult thing? Well I must say I am proud to be part of that cult, and I don't even give a crap about Trump, I like DeSantis far better. Wild and free in WV.
dailyinfo411 @RNCResearch The fact this person is leading in the polls over a Republican candidate is unreal. The Republicans have no common platform and need to stop with the Trump crap as people are sick of him as well! Capitalist through and through
JoAnnDillensch2 @SenTedCruz Teddy no recession in NY our stores are packed with people buying food electronics gas has been going down for over 2 months at least maybe red state are in a recession and didn’t trump spend trillions so you want to talk crap do it in your own state we are not racist TX is Ted
GaryAndersen13 The Great State of Texas @joncoopertweets Still much higher than when Trump was President. The reason the prices is falling is that so many lower and middle class incomes are blasted by all this idiotic crap flowing out of D. C. Retired hi-tech, avocation: Interaction between technology and politics/society. ”Code Name: Zeus” Not “On the Beach” #MAGA, #KAG,
Jack_Cavendish United States @atrupar tRump posting this crap is not bonkers, anyone reading it and believing it is bonkers Tri National 🇬🇧 🇺🇸🇮🇪. New acc after I upset twits 👮‍♀️
WaynePriest8 @BrianKarem You are so fulll of crap Trump. It is appropriately seeping thru your fat bottom pants. We have known this for so long but it was sadly buried with the rest of your self generated pompous crap. Your followers need to seek help and lots of it. Fun guy
NotMyPr95075288 USA. @Dale_Lawrence07 @GOPrightist @POTUS Hanssen stole documents and sold them to the Russians, while spying for them during his career. The left associating Trump to anything like this is idiotic cult crap for the mentally impaired. Conservative. Wife, Mother, Grandmother & Aunt. Healthcare Analyst. Traveler, artist, lover of books & gardening. My dog is better than most humans.
galt52 Los Angeles, Communist CA @JeffLeb89313977 @PeaceMobMusic @BethHecht @OccupyDemocrats You just don't get it. Trump is the first elected POTUS since Eisenhower who wasn't a Politician Trump's an "Outside" guy And the Federal Bureaucracy is now so entrenched and powerful, a "Trump" scares the crap out of them Because they can't control him So Trump must be destroyed Retired, a Grandfather, a Veteran, a Free Market, free thinking Constitutional Originalist with small L Libertarian leanings and a gun owning American.
porceleinhorse @HistoryGirlDC @Angry_Patriots @TrumpLies45 @dognamedsugaree @CottonBama @GeorgePapa19 @MacFarlaneNews Jan 6th is total crap. Why haven’t the rioters who burned the Federal courthouse to the ground in Portland get hunted and jailed? Under your insurrection definition it would qualify. Because Trump. It’s not about justice it’s about Trump derangement syndrome. Angry citizen of the Biden Dystopia
birkenrobert1 Kaštela Riviera @JDCocchiarella What about CNN, MSDNC, CBC, ? All with one sided, Anti Trump, biased stories for years. Fox is far more balanced than CNN and MSDNC. LOL! Remember the 4 year run by CNN on the Russian Collusion hoax. You are brainwashed and in an echo chamber. Fox is also crap as well Actor, Activist, Journalist, Realist.... #NuclearMAGA #HumptyGotNuked
birkenrobert1 Kaštela Riviera @billgood_news What about CNN, MSDNC, CBC, ? All with one sided, Anti Trump, biased stories for years. Fox is far more balanced than CNN and MSDNC. LOL! Remember the 4 year run by CNN on the Russian Collusion hoax. You are brainwashed and in an echo chamber. Fox is also crap as well Actor, Activist, Journalist, Realist.... #NuclearMAGA #HumptyGotNuked
NNotlih @Tim6992 @Tradeshows2021 @newsmax Oh honey, we realize your IQ is as high as your shoe size. That's why Trump panders you for that and the money you all keep shoving in for his criminal behavior. He doesn't give a crap about you or the Country. Keep drinking the kool-aid. The rest of us will live in REALITY. 🤣
Cassie_HHK @joncoopertweets That is another bold face lie that you state. State your facts that Trump advocates violence if he is prosecuted. You put out such crap….and no one believes any of it.
davisb29000 Dallas, TX @jls9380 @NBCNews Your sources are crap. Your conspiracy theories are ridiculous. Fact is there are men and women in jail because they broke the law! They were violent towards capital police and vandalized the capital. Majority of those at the Capitol were trump supporters. #consequences Critical Care Nurse that also has a degree in history/government. VoteBlue
JCHammer828 Alberta, Canada @NotHoodlum @antifaoperative Shapiro and others hinting that Trump is falling from favor is a calculated move (after years of shoveling Trump's crap on top of his crap) to be able to throw support to DeSantis. real person. low profile so not a lot of followers yet. proud Dad, husband; IAFF. some RT & tweets reflect my opinions; some do not. you'll figure it out.
Twitlerizer Pennsylvania, USA @TomFitton Tom is worried about giving Trump such terrible legal advice. Every document released has put Trump deeper in the crap and debunked every claim Trump has made. No law degree, no bar membership. Oh dear. Book. (noun) The things you use to raise your laptop screen to eye height. Realist. Pragmatist. Liberal
Bitcoin_Win Japan / USA @GOP If the @GOP had one true and serious complaint, they wouldn't have to resort to this petty crap. Remember when it was a scandal that Obama wore a TAN SUIT??? Meanwhile, Trump is a serial liar, serial grifter, serial pussy grabber (rapist), praiser of pedophiles, racist... ⚡Bitcoin News, Education, Strategy. Please contact us to guest post, have your business profiled, or to give us tips.⚡
Debbie81431680 @GOPChairwoman The crap coming out of trump and certain republicans is what’s causing this unparalleled violence in this country so STFU
Freedoms843 @Live5News FBI agent who started the Trump crap was fired. Why no reporting on that? Raid, shows they got nothing. Wray and Garland are trying to cover their asses. Impeachment 3.0 is a failure. See you in 2024. Seeker of Truth. Exposing The Lies. Defender of Freedom. #Trump2024 #DeSantis2028 #2A To Protect #1A #Constutuionalist #FJB
RobKovach999 Beyond Parts Unknown @realTuckFrumper Trump is really F*cked in the head. he's out of his damn mind. and what's he gonna do when the Government doesn't heed to his demand, he gonna crap his diaper? He's such an egotistical bottom hat. God Rules✞🕊 遊戯王TCGデュエリスト. Wrestling Supporter of @amberoneal1 @TheAngelOrsini @Jazzy_Gabert @thetayavalkyrie @wrestlingleva &MANY MORE! Kovach Corp Coming Soon
SCLM65 Kentucky, USA Everyone knows trump is posting all this crap on truth society bc ts is circling the drain right?? If he thought posting about a t-Rex running down fifth avenue would get more people on that app and bring in more money he’d do it! I am a married, DEMOCRATIC, ATHEIST, mom, & grandma. A struggling (to be good) artist & obsessed genealogist. A displaced NYer in a red state. #BlueCrew #LGM
TBird970212 @FoxNews 😂🤣, it’s the same old boring crap, but keep it coming it can be a giggle 🤭. You make something out of nothing so often, I mean Trump can talk about grabbing women right off the bat, and it’s swept away by you, but a beige suit is the tipping point😂
mellojon82 @WCharlesII @MZHemingway No, you eff off. Your blind allegiance to a POS like Trump and ignore all of the crap he has done in his life. You google all the lawsuits, all the scams, he is scamming morons like you right now. Jan 6th, stolen docs, destroyed records.... your willful ignorance is on you. All tweets are my own.
DaveCrunchling Halifax, Nova Scotia @RonFilipkowski Or…. My Pillow is a lunatic tRump bootlicker and ‘ain’t nobody got time for that crap’
FullOfNon @alexbruesewitz After you accept that Traitor Trump is wiping his bottom with the flag and taking a crap on the constitution. Some dude
wayneRu56 America @showbell04 @EvilGrins848 @TrumpIsBackMAGA @ksorbs That is because trump paid the victim card all the time and pushed attacks on him being attacks on everyone else. Trump brought most of the crap he got on himself. If he just kept his mouth shut he would have less crap. He would have been reelected if stayed off twitter. US Army veteran , Husband, and Father. #rescuefirst #spca #adoptapet
RalphLynch When all the Woke "crap slinging" is over, and Trump walks away free once again, will any of these networks or hosts admit that they were wrong? DOJ actions will prove illegal! Why A Possibility Of Obstruction Looms Over Trump via @YouTube
RamonSa61957783 Margate, FL Trump Is Another Chapo Guzman The Diferente Is That He Built And And Comitetd His Crimes Within The United States Of 🇺🇸 America Don't Let Him Get Away With It And Those Who Comitetd Riots Send Our National Guard And Shoot Their ASSES BOTTOM LINE ENOUGH OF THAT CRAP LET'S DO THIS Sports NFL NBA WWE Soccer MLB Sports Commentary Basketball Olympics Premier League NCAA Football MLS PGA
c73_mike @acoyne Why shouldn’t we? Your stuff is so one sided what do you expect? You go after Trump, never mention the damage being done by Biden. You go after PP but not Trudeau. The crap Alberta takes is unreal and when Smith wants to change that what do you do? Criticize. Always one sided.
JeffSipper Lake Wylie, SC @LegalWeed4SC But the almighty Trump is a billionaire! If we vote for him, we could be billionaires too! I see that crap around York and Clover too. It’s mind boggling. Follow @sipperphoto for more photo-biz related stuff. Follow me if you want my regular randomness!
ConfusedCitize2 Dreamland, Alberta @PeterNBarker @brianlilley It's not an insult, it's fact for most people, just some of us get blinded by it. And do I know that there is no comparison? You're assuming again. Pierre Poilievre acts the same way as trump. Same crap every single day because if you say it enough it becomes true, right? It's ok if you disagree with me, just call me a bot and block me. That's how you know you are correct, because there's no one left to oppose you. Good Job!
AfriendFor Boston, MA @dabombdiggity9 @jenaglez @laurenboebert Ok so why wait after trump was in office to bring up this laptop? Why not run with thus laptop crap during the election and drop some evidence from it ?? It’s all lies and this lie is making the ones who believes it look like idiots All things political All things sports. I’m not a GOAT but I fit the description!💯
LoonyMoose1 Northern Virginia @CaslonRichard It’s all part of the Trump dog whistles! And it is doubly disgusting coming from a Senator. What a shameful piece of crap Graham has become! Following a childish fool down rabbit holes and kissing his arse. Just disgusting! I am a retired #lawenforcement professional; a #lyricist; and an #author. I have published 2 novels. Check books & songs at:
wasbarrett @maxfawcett They saw the gullible hordes falling for Trump’s crap and he got elected. Newest playbook. Power is the goal and if their way to it is to delude a bunch of angry people then they’re all in. Discerning people can’t believe the # of people who eat this stuff up My gratitude is so strong! Love having a granddaughter! Thrilled with our custom built home! Proud My Peak Challenge member. Strength in love, family, friends!
miostreams Snohomish, WA @TPCarney Deny and lie about everything and then when enough time has gone by just say "c'mon man! that's old news!" No, the pathetic part is that so many people fall for that. I welcome Trump back to bury the noses of the left in their crap, then smack them with a rolled up newspaper. You know what this place needs? A large, oversized poster of Atlantic City.

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