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VaanSmith1 Vancouver Washington USA @dcjrb1215 @acnewsitics @ritaloooc69 Thank you. I am a middle man. I see the world with my own eyes and I can tell ya. Trump is crap. I only want to spread truth. Also my grandpa was a nurse during wwii so I take pride in it. founder of the red horse dungeon podcast (coming soon like in summer I hope)
LarryNocella @FoxFriendsFirst Trump is crap and everyone knows it, even you guys. It's just a shame you won't admit it. Seriously, you think people don't notice when you criticize Obama for tiny things and excuse Trump for horrendous crimes? Author. Developer. Four Weird Tales of Horror on Amazon || Pres. Man-Baby! game on Facebook:
katherineOma Longview, WA @TuckerCarlson only a racist would care what race a candidate is instead of looking at their record and the way they conduct themselves. You tucker are an obvious racist trying hard in your fear to damage the good character of candidates because you know trump is crap. "It's a sin to be silent, when it's your duty to protest" Abe Lincoln #resist Mom, Oma, loves children & animals, save our planet! Lock trump up! No Date DMs
Kurt64293024 @tonyschwartz Degenerates, criminals and prostitutes will vote for felon Trump. Bastard Trump is crap separator. #ImpeachTheMFTraitor #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW
Kurt64293024 @PoliticusSarah @PeteSouza Degenerates, criminals and prostitutes will vote for felon Trump. Bastard Trump is crap separator. #ImpeachTheMF #Impeach45 #ImpeachTrump
Kurt64293024 @CREWcrew Degenerates, criminals and prostitutes will vote for felon Trump. Bastard Trump is crap separator. #ImpeachTheMFTraitor #ImpeachBarr #ImpeachDonaldTrump
Kurt64293024 @thehill Degenerates, criminals and prostitutes will vote for felon Trump. Bastard Trump is crap separator. #ImpeachTheMFTraitor #ImpeachDonaldTrump #ImpeachTrumpNow
Kurt64293024 @IngrahamAngle Degenerates, criminals and prostitutes will vote for felon Trump. Bastard Trump is crap separator. #ImpeachTheMFTraitor #Impeach45 #ImpeachDonaldTrump
Kurt64293024 @peterdaou Degenerates, criminals and prostitutes will vote for felon Trump. Bastard Trump is crap separator. #ImpeachTheMFTraitor #Impeach45 #ImpeachTrump
Kurt64293024 Degenerates, criminals and prostitutes will vote for felon Trump. Bastard Trump is crap separator. #ImpeachTheMFTraitor #Impeach45 #ImpeachTrumpNow
charles_gaba Bloomfield Township, MI I find it almost impossible to believe that this'll happen...but EVERYTHING surrounding the #ACA's history suggests that it's a possibility, and under the Trump Administration, literally anything is possible. If THIS were to happen (and be upheld by SCOTUS)...holy crap. 14/ Healthcare analyst at If you find my work of value, please support it at
davidmweissman Palm Bay, FL People need to understand this isn't Trump's doing. This ignorant outrage has been going on for years, Trump saw an opportunity and went with it. He is playing them all for fools. Why do you think MAGA hates me because I woke up from this crap. From N.Y. now in FL. Army Veteran, former Conservative Republican Trump supporter now Liberal Democrat & Warren supporter. Yes it's possible. #Warren2020
soledadobrien New York @MaxBoot You can write bigoted crap and stand in opposition to President Trump. They’re literally not the same thing. What he writes—and has written—is also inaccurate. Thank you, next.
ritareal Washington, DC As @POTUS gets more presidential handling this important job is critics look more like bums. Just think how much crap was going on before Trump came in to office and didn't kiss bottom with all the bad actors @MAGA International affairs & project development consultant, fixer, writer, marketing maven, jogger, vegetarian, each day is another adventure.
HeyMamaJude1 Eugene, OR @Bengate76 @WalshFreedom You're right. I'm worried about that too. Trump is a complete idiot and wannabe. I would be more scared with a smart man with his dangerous ideas in there, like pence. Pence scares the crap out of me. Trump is a rapist. Never forget. Trump Cult members just block me. I don't want to hear from sexual predator supporters. Be gone, Demons! #rapistTrump #Resist
gallowglass321 Texas, USA @CNN @StCollinson @CNN is a huge part of problems in media. Treating politics as sports and airing it like Springer is terrible for Americans AND they post crap like this. This team has no obligation to subject themselves to abuse. Thinking Trump is in a corner on this is ridiculous.
KateMackey1 @Barnes_Law @nmhoney11 lol, they are trying to tie this crap once again to Trump and bullcrap fake news that barr is recused, ffs, barr said he'd consider a recusal if matter came up since he did work of one of the law firms, he did not recuse himself, Barr's father hiring epstein for dalton nothing
rubendelavega11 Michigan @OFemmeFataleZ @magichands34 Yes he has! Yet Hillary Clinton is continuously being harassed for crap that the Republicans didn’t do in Benghazi and Emails that didn’t exist! It was The FBI’s James Comey that gave Trump the Presidency! REMEMBER!? Man of God, Poet, Author and Lyric Operatic Tenor! Wayne State University and University Of Michigan
AngelicFusion California, USA #Trump is putting America down .... he's dividing America more than ever with his political crap and his egotistical Reign of Power will destroy the very fabric of American History and what it stands for. That's all I got to say. One Sound...One Voice...Å Fusion
motopanakaku @billbuffet2 @TeaPainUSA This. I wish people would stop with the"boom" and "got him" crap. Trump is above the law. I'm Fly
JohnJohnlemon @PrattFalls @slebitz Is THIS really all u ppl have? Trump bad, orange man bad. We didn’t vote for him for his stellar rep boys, we voted for him to FIX what 44 DESTROYED! Oh and, he is doing just that. So you hang onto that stupid crap cuz, that’s all u have. Now go away youre embarrassing yourselves JESUS CHRIST is my LORD!✝️Proverbs 3:5-7 PROUD Dad, in a STRONG Relationship,💯% NOT INTERESTED IN HOOKUPS! Donald J Trump #MAGA #KAG #MCGA
FrostGiant_45 Florida @BolandSays @CowardRosaly @GlitterandS @opinion_joe @sandibachom Stop sounding like a 12 year old. Look up the executive order from 12/17//17. Use Google if you would like. Google Keith Raniere and NXIVM and try to link ANY of this stuff to Trump. Nothing I've mentioned is esoteric conspiracy crap, its easy to research I like to make art and stuff #MAGA
thomascarolan12 England, United Kingdom @BillPeriman @GrnEyes0725 @robster16a @orna_verum @eriatarrka @KKatMiss @liberalhonesty @01splcheck @SoCalEdgyGal @DavidRas666 @edbenson98 @misterdish69 @gomaketime @PhilSanchez2020 @japvanvugt @jimbo_always @tharon_pleiades @LambAway @RCQ92130 @LibNonentity @Schanette55 @CubeSteve @Exorcist1949 @SaveAslave @Carry_a_40 @Tazatator @MarkHvette08 @KnucklDraginSam @ScreamngEagle @wisecc1 @TweetStreetInt1 @BetterWay16 @PPPTCE @Lisa9Liz @Observant_mind @jwmario @Helen47 @marionebridge @Lynnielee5 @deplorablesML68 @StarSpangledVet @LegendaryPask @Brialalexi @judybalda @BFrownfelterND @Pcnw45Mike @BassetChris @MommaBernice @sheila14all @Jack05967956 What crap are you on about now Bill, I think you’re a wee bit paranoid there is no conspiracy it in you head, and guess who put it there Trump. You’re all like sheep, he tells you same thing no matter how bizarre it is and you believe him. General News
laughorlol @mehdirhasan The Intercept & Bernie (and staff) is just as responsible for this crap show as trump. By them teaming up with right to go after Clinton, you took away our power. Now Pelosi is catering to corp never trumpers in our party. Bernie is this bad at strategy he doesn't deserve POTUS. Republicans always offer false policy solutions so they can continue increasing their profits. The lies & lies by omission are found in their bills.
kkmortier wouldn't you like to know @JenWoodruff79 @FreeEthan @Scotttaylorva Bahahahaha! Yeah, that’s what he is, not a self-interested wimp from Canada who’s hardly in his district but happy to travel for other people’s donations and let trump talk crap about his family. At least Kay Bailey Hutchison actually gave a crap about Texas. mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, and generally good person!
Todd_Cassan Victor, Idaho @senatorshoshana @ABroflake @jaredpolis @GovernorTomWolf You’re constantly tweeting about how you love Mitch McConnell, crap on the slightest Dem missteps, and all while ignoring the the GOP is led and controlled by Trump. And then you wonder why you have such a crapty dating life Political junkie who hails from the Gem State. Aspiring Tory toff and Republican in exile. Retweets reflect the view of my employer. #NeverTrump 🇺🇸 ⛷🏳️‍🌈
twtbarth @WashTimes Soccer is a great sport that like no other can build bridges among nations, adults, work colleagues families communities, the list goes on. I’m not ready to let it get high jacked by a few bad apples and media outlets. I’m a conservative Trump supporter and this crap will pass.
Jan62dragonfly Earth @RealWayneRoot She actually is more patriotic then those saying crap like this. Nothing ok or patriotic about #trump, a self admitted #sexualpredator and he aligns with dictators, like Putin. America used to fight against dictator regimes. It seems as though you may like Russia better. Supporter of equality and love prevailing. #TheResistance Racism, bigotry, sexism, treason are not Patriotism. 🌊🌊🌊
ScotJenkins Duluth, MN @foolerrandtrue @RobertoCintr0n @WayneDupreeShow And when it became common knowledge, Trump distanced himself. Crap like this, so easily demonstrated, is why partisan hacks are ruining objectivity. Proud Texas Aggie, but I went to grad school at tu. I usually have to know you pretty well to admit that. Don’t judge. We all have sins.
donaldson0708 great listening to fox radio north in Canada the only real news we get. No wonder views of Trump are bad all we and other countries are fed is negative crap. I am not a sheep and love the President and the job he is doing for USA with we had a strong leader here.
brd999 Whereas the Trump Economy is actually empowering black families to get jobs, and EARN the money to buy their houses. We had welfare on the taxpayers backs for housing assistance b4, called sub-prime mortgages which eventually crashed the economy we do NOT need that crap again I am a conservative Christian capitalist who is nuts about book collecting and reading #maga #TrumpTrain #Patriot #WashingtonNationalsFan #GodBlessAmerica 🇺🇸🇺🇸
KarenHerrin5 Illinois, USA @DearAuntCrabby I swear this is a distraction from the Epstein crap. Played by both Faux and trump. Resist like your life depends on it......because it does. #Resist #DumpTrump. Love everything #Bravo If you are not here to fight the fight, move on. NO DM's
ThinkLogic0215 Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a lot of so called, "Trump supporters" liking and retweeting Democrats tweets. WTF is this crap?! Proud American . Pretending To Not Know What I Know Takes Skill. I Don't Reply To Ignorance. Non P.C. I Block Stupid. Warning, I say fork a lot.
cryptobros7880 Catalina Wine Mixer @punisherskull82 @RodSneaky @LisaMei62 Wow. You are one stupid conspiracy theorist dumbass. The crap you just tweeted is barely a complete thought, and full of such made up garbage, LOL. You Trunts are grasping at any lies you can to try to step away from this. Trump is a child molester. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most...#THC
regoog6290 @GeraldoRivera Will we ever be rid of a President who is unfit for office? All of this unrest and division was never as before Trump took office. Began with Obama taking office and birther crap. Coincidence? I think not. Common denominator is your buddy Trump.
FredPotter02889 Warwick, RI @CNNPolitics Harris your blowing it. You are making this a racial race and dividing the Dems instead of showing unity that is needed to defeat Trump. We need to forget this 45 year old crap and start talking about kitchen table issues that we really care about. Income, healthcare, taxes etc Politics Government & Politics News History Always watching the backs of the poor, elderly, and the sick. Also noting Politicians that are not totally honest.
LPonch Pennsylvania @IngrahamAngle Oh, Laur-Laur....give it up. Your f**king "president" is a criminal many times over. And a traitor. Also, you know if Obama or any other Dem president had done 1/1000th of the CRAP Trump has done, they'd have been impeached LONG ago, and @SenateMajLdr would have led the way. Big storm's a-comin'! #TeamPatriot @CNN & @Maddow fan, news junkie; avid reader, love to travel.. #RESIST Blocked by @MalcolmNance, @SeanHannity & @DLoesch
ColumbusOHBail Columbus Ohio @RepMaxineWaters Lady your city is crumbling from drugs and homelessness , crap on the street. Relax about trump. If your voters woke up 2020 candidate for Gahanna Jefferson School Board : Owner at Handler Bail Bonds Company. Writing bail in Marion, Delaware, Cleveland and Columbus.
HeathensLMC Florida, USA Because that is all he is good for, to opinion in on useless, insignificant crap. Oh and forking up history. #forkingmoron Trump speaks out on Fox News' weekend anchors Professional bandaid removers & cat hair sweepers. Supporters of 5 o'clock somewhere & practicing sarcasm artists. PODCAST Mondays 9 PM EST.📻
WishartG1981 New York City @RedState @streiffredstate I mean, no true Christian would go along and support the horrible crap Trump is doing. No true Christian could look at what’s happening at the detention centers and support that. Jesus would want nothing to do with Trump Just getting by. TTFKNA GWBiscuit
LincolnLisa1 @WayneDupreeShow Who gives a crap anymore about Trump daily pounding of who/what he doesn’t like! I am very tired of the daily HATE and refuse to watch or listen anymore! I’ll still vote for him but enough is enough already! You just can spew so much negative 24/7 about anything and everyone
Supercreech1 Orlando, FL @GenevieveCerf Yeah I bet De Niro is involved with the sex trafficking and that’s why he has been against trump so insanely because he knows trump doesn’t put up with that crap at all . Just an everyday day working American
Firelikethis1 Louisiana, USA @KenWebsterJrSho What does that have to do with happy someone is actually watching that crap..I guess they will be world peace because they won? I didn't know Trump owned a team...if I was king there passports would be revoked and blacklisted.😁 One alligator hugging nutria dancing son of bullfrog this North shore of the lake.
NastyWomn1 Left Coast, U.S.A. @Political_Gman @IngrahamAngle @ReadShould You drank the WHOLE pitcher of koolaid!!! Everything about trump is predatory. EVERYTHING. If you can't see that, you're a moron. I've been hearing about his crap for 50 years. He's a craven and vile and always has been. (Yes, I have a poems url) #PROWOMAN #NEVERTRUMP #VoteBlueAlways To Do List: 1) Plot; 2) Plan; & 3) Execute the overthrow of the patriarchy 🤷‍♀️🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽
KeithParrott7 @MiaFarrow It is common knowledge Epstein and Clinton raped young girls. It is funny that now Trump is being mingled in with these pedos now that an arrest has been made. Liberals will say anything to try to hurt Trump. I’m not buying your crap. Christian, conservative, pro life, pro America, #NRA, hunter #MAGA, gun toting,capitalist. I’m on a mission from God.
roxeeboop1798 @CHEYNEY1972 He is your President Trump too.Please provide a link to these foreign contributors SINCE HE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE. Unlike Obama and Hillary who did illegal crap WHILE IN OFFICE.
IamMactheKnife United States @WalshFreedom His whining is the reason you think people are tired of him? Who gives a crap what the tRump baby cries about. What about his lying, cheating, having no clue what he is doing and his declining mental state, not to mention his ties with all the dictators in the world? Hard fail. Female tech teacher, animal lover. 🐶🐱Want GOP ruined. Lyme sufferer. I block MAGA.🤢 #Resist, 🇺🇸🌈❤️ 🐾🌊🌊
BenCox83 Cleveland, Ohio @JimSwiftDC feel like the outcomes of what trump is doing is pretty important, census Qs and the like. i tune out horse race crap, but also i know i’m the weird one who cares about this crap every day librarian, musician, writer, and Buckeye. Sports tweets = @WFNYBen. nerd tweets = @orclibrary
MeAndMyFerrets Dumbforkistan. @WalshFreedom I'm tired of him. I was tired of this crap before he even got elected. Trump acts like a whiny 13 year old boy, not like a grown bottom man who is President of a country. I'm even more tired of that than of his raging hate and ignorance...which, to be fair, I'm also very tired of. Angry Democrat. Ferret Rescuer. fork racism & Trump, Supporter of our allies, free trade, NATO & keeping immigrant families together. #DACA #VetsForGunReform,
BartekZalech London, England @piersmorgan You’re a bum a disrespectful idiot who thinks he knows it all but is at the level of #Trump’s very stable genius level. You treat people like crap and can’t even stand up for yourself lauding your security detail in tweets, just shows the coward you really are. King’s College, London: Forensics, CBRN, Terrorism and Security within contemporary society. Helping to keep cities safe.

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