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ThomasEWarwick1 @b443f7cb04e9406 Know this, people. The bogus case against Trump is crap and they know this. The sole purpose of this travesty is to goad Patriots into violence. The Communists will spin this as J6X10. It will be their perfect excuse for Martial Law. It was all planned. Old Fart. Been around much too long; seen too damn much. Knew Caesar when he lived next door. Brat!
ThomasEWarwick1 Know this, people. The bogus case against Trump is crap and they know this. The sole purpose of this travesty is to goad Patriots into violence. The Communists will spin this as J6X10. It will be their perfect excuse for Martial Law. It was all planned. Old Fart. Been around much too long; seen too damn much. Knew Caesar when he lived next door. Brat!
abernathy_rah @WilliamBibbiani Agreed trump is crap, but he is only 33% to blame. This was passed by bipartisan greed from corporate dems and repubs. Li(f)e
nelaknight I have no idea. @Anxsks The real problem is,yes tRump is crap,but so is Clinton,Biden,all of them! Both parties and politicians,for the majority are all corrupt AF! The problem and solution is we need another party and system. The two that have been in power are the same coin. Just the flip side. Why am I here? Seriously. Why?
Nix_Six_666 @thisissavvy1 Agreed. You can like or hate tucker and to say he doesn't have a side or is bias towards Trump is crap. That doesn't and shouldn't matter. We're not getting the full truth and that's messed up trying to build my social media influence and hopefully educate people on what's really going on in the world
Surabees We can not reward the leftwing tyrants, who are weaponizing the government to arrest their political enemies, by putting anyone but Trump in the White House in 2024. What's happening is 3rd world Banana Republic crap and Republicans need to stand up to it. Fight fire with fire. Republican Strategist
UnWokablePod Oklahoma, USA This is the crap I can’t stand from the DeSanctamonious crowd. Everyone knows he’s running but they hide behind this BS talking point to help him avoid issues he doesn’t want to address. @RonDeSantisFL wants Trump in jail and @VivekGRamaswamy is showing everyone the truth. The UnWokable Podcast - As Seen On @Timcast - Author @FDRLST -
HansMahncke @amuse @TrimbleSam Trump gave away his entire salary over four years. And these pricks feign to be worried about a golf club? Worst part is that normies believe this crap. The great thieves lead away the little thief.
merimcginnis Michigan @ScorpioDraco069 Sounds like the track record of that NYC guy who wants to arrest Trump. NYC is ruined and he is part of that..soros boy seems to be the thought.. These white house briefings are insanity due to them, actually wanting to do this crap. But, they want us disarmed and border open Conservative. MAGA. Trump is President.
William27658061 @ForgiatoBlow47 His life potentially could be in danger: somehow, protecting him is essentially very important!!! Only those who Trump trusts can have anything to do in the full corse of this recycled crap Don't trust his safety in the hands democrats and Rino Republicans
RobertS61212601 American. The Real America @KariLakeWarRoom Trump is not calling for peaceful protests and you know it. He said - Fight to take your country back. Remember J6? That's what he means. That's how Trump rolls. Now we'll see how many gullibles still fall for his criminal crap. #USA #Patriot #Truth #REALITY #GOP #MAGA #America I am an Independent Constitutional Patriot. I am American. I see things others don't see yet. Distrust those who say "Trust me!" Learn to think for yourselves.
JulieHe77448986 @Grampy17485 @catahouligan_ This is a crap charge against him. Statue of limitation’s has passed. It’s not going anywhere. Trump has fought for America and for you. Do not let him down he needs your vote more than ever and so do we. Democrats want you discouraged and to give in. You’re stronger than that.
RollingDice8 UNITED STATES, North Am, EARTH @KariLake Donald Trump is NOT “We the People’s” voice. “We the People” don’t cheat on our wives, raw dog a porn star for less than a minute and then pay her $130 thousand dollars to keep her mouth shut. And THIS crap NEVER worked… 🌊🌊🌊 #RESIST Space Laser VP of Sales & Marketing. NO LISTS. PMs are open for humans, not MAGA, BITCOIN or other scam artists.
WhaleCityQLD @DonaldJTrumpJr You talk absolute crap. Trying to defend the undefendable is becoming very tedious. Trump SCREWED around. They are not coming after "YOU" because "YOU" did not go sleeping with Porn Stars and Bunnies and then lie. This is NOT political. #RememberIndividual1
misc_crap @ACTBrigitte Trump and his gutter politics is the person who ruined politics.
StocksUp8 New York, USA @liz_churchill8 Biden is crap and Trump is running for president to escape prison. I can't believe that people trust these two. We need a new president. Usually, people don't like being followed, but on Twitter, they ask for it.
AutistWMD523 with the roosters TRUMP IS COMING BACK TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND HES GIVING BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS TO COPS NOW THE SAME FBI INVESTIGATING HIS bottom BECAUSE I FOLLOW RUSSIA ON THIS forkING STUPID forkING BITCH bottom CRAP el numero uno conspiracy theorist / Digital Soldier circa 2018 / i just post this crap for you to do what you do.
NormaBorman1 Las Vegas , NV @ImSpeaking13 @lJuxtapositionl May I ask you who put you up to this? Who is the leader? Who is the organizer I’m turning you in your little crap show here is being turned in each and every location each and every name each and every threat and each and every bullying statement against term President Trump😞 2020 Election Stolen respect Term Honorable President Trump deserves upmost respect. Please save yourself misery don’t argue with a novelist. Right is right
pcedwards Fort Collins, CO USA Them: This is politically motivated crap and it will turn Trump into a martyr Normal people/voters: But why is he being arrested? What did he do? Them: Oh it's about hush payments made to a adult film actress he was allegedly having an affair with Voters: oh yeah I don't like him I'm tall. Work with Special needs folks. Marketing & Political campaigns. CSU alum. NBA/Rockies/Nugs/CFB/NFL/Avs #copolitics Lutheran
DucatiAZ Arizona, USA @SUSANGA98264365 Who is this? Dumped some stupid anti Trump crap on my timeline and then blocked me. If anyone sees this hagg please do me a favor and block her back for me. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸FJB!
Lawrenc42841432 Cut the Crap you Liar! Ron is where he is today because of his Governing FL the last 4 years! You are Grifter and Trump is owed NOTHING! Trump has attacked Ron nonstop for months! Trump can pound sand! @alexbruesewitz Great friend and great listener
msenn3 @RepJamesComer @POTUS @GOPoversight @kayleighmcenany If it’s illegal then do something if not shut the hell up already. Republicans have been talking about this crap for years now. You never have anything just a lot of hot air. When is the investigation into trump’s daughter and her dealings in China or trumps bank account in China
PPD3066 Philadelphia PA @thehill @cnn @ABC @NYTIMES @WASHINGTONPOST @MSNBC @CBSNEWS @FOXNEWS @cnbc @Reuters  @CNBC @BBCNews @BBCWorld Charging anyone for a crime in not political, religious or any of that crap. That's just an excuse or is Trump and his Trumplicans now calling his appointed justices political Consultant, now retired, a movie extra, love meeting people, a lay back person love to talk not gossip about hope and things in life, disabled, partly blind.
WillyNelson1948 @Jim_Jordan Why can't you do something to stop this crap. This is a real shame. Let's go after Obama and Biden like they have Trump. At least bankrupt them just like they did General Flin Love to play Golf
Jessica77309317 @Jim_Jordan Listen you racist piece of crap. Trump is not president anymore and he'll never be president again we don't need racist people in the office and you need to go too am that female thats hard to find
TerryRichard111 United States @jlg_1959 @JDunlap1974 The victim crap and not having any power. Just stop bec WE DO HAVE POWER but it’s the apathy of u all that is the worst. Crumbs? crap the rep r laughing at u all and glad u stay ignorant of how it works bec they keep reaping the profits. And stop with trump. THERE R REASONS4 Interested in many subjects but have realized geopolitics and global security make the world go round. obviously starting over AGAIN
MikeSte9560886 @dbongino If Biden is proven to have committed a crime, then he should be arrested and convicted. Then same goes with Trump. Just stop it with the one sided justice crap.
lalovestrump L.A - aka SJW Central The piece of crap DA going after Trump in NYC is heavily funded by Soros , just like Gascon They never go after actually criminals but just care about going after their political enemies and the police that Soros demand be abolished L.A Native - #MAGA $DWAC shareholder Drain the California swamp . TruthSocial : Lalovestrump Gab: lalovestrump Recall George Gascon
1JeanieG USA We have this major issues and all they can do is arrest Trump using our tax dollars!! This crap has got to stop! I stand for justice, truth and Freedom. Conservative values are moral virtues. TRUTH equals freedom. My country belongs to God not to the government.
RickSanford17 Unknown @NancyMAGAmonkey Trump is my President and not the Biden Crime Family. Trump made me happy cause my investments went sky high, less govt, more money in my pocket, people were happy, the wall was working, and none of this bs DEI crap that is thrown down my throat. Biden is destroying this country. The left is extreme & not the right. Trump won Biden lost, This country has gone crazy, Men can't have babies. Vote Red in Nov or we become a communist country.
Cougariz United States @catahouligan_ The more they try to stop him, the more I realize he is the one to stop them and that scares the crap out of them! Our government is corrupt and any politician trying to keep TRUMP out is part of that corruption! When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,…..
PxlJedi Washington, DC @RepAndyBiggsAZ Cut the crap! NOT holding Trump accountable is what an authoritarian regime would do. He’s not a king; nor a dictator—as much as you and the @GOP act like he is. Mom of three, wife of one. UX Engineer/Designer. LGBTQIA+ Ally fork Putin and anyone who supports that murderous POS.
myusername2017 @ali Just stop. Sounds like the same crap TDS and libs say to any normal Trump voter. None of this is even real outside of Twitter. Lol Typo 🏆 Boy Mom. Arkansas gravel roads are my specialty. 👀 to see & 👂 to hear. Remember to Pray.
Dysgruntledd The wrong timeline @BrownJessemb27 @Politics1com Yes it was partisan going after Clinton for that. And so is this crap they are going after Trump for. It's a big mistake if you ask me. It will piss the base and get them to the polls and if say it keeps Trump from running somehow then we get a stronger nominee in RDS. Royalty, assigned commoner at birth.
ricdub40 New Orleans / Nashville, TN All one has to do is read the FIRST divorce petition of Donald Trump and COMPARE what’s going on today with all this nazi crap. Mathematics Teacher in Orleans parish Sch System 12yrs. TWA flight attendant 10yrs. Daughter is a 16yr F/A with Southwest. Sister was 30yrs with UAL as a F/A
William80323524 Central NJ @C_Gotmytan THIS CRAP THAT TRUMP AND THE MAGGOTS ARE STARTING IS THE EQUIVALENT OF THE REICHSTAG FIRE IN GERMANY! THERE IS NO END OF THEIR TREACHERY !! Been in school systems for over 30 years. Owned a coffee house once in the eighties. Went to CW Post of Long Island Univ. Blue Power Forever 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
GeorgeNagel11 @The_Trump_Train Yes, absolutely, another Political move. Ask yourself "why is it OK for democrats to pull this crap" and anyone else even thinking of it is a traitor. Disabled RVN vet, paratrooper . America first. I don't sign up for bullcrap or lies. MAGA, party's don't matter, people and country matters.
txaggal @RepAdamSchiff Trump never has broken any laws. He still hasn’t. Just because a corrupt Soros backed DA on a political propaganda, Not unlike the Nazis, is saying this crap doesn’t mean anything. We know you’re a pedophile Adam, we also know you’ve broken the law and should be in prison w/Biden
Margare39917542 @BobDunlap9477 You’re absolutely on point. How all of these idiots I feel they can do all this crap to trump and all other presidents are immune from it is beyond me. What comes around goes around… Let’s start with old Joe and Obama United States Marine Corps vet/Patriot/Investor/ Ordained Minister/Hospice & Grief Councilor
TeddietheWhite @stillgray Nope going to sit back and watch the left hand him the 2024 election. This is another nothing burger bull crap scheme because leftist pigs are terrified of trump. husband, father and proud trump supporter.
MikeD63980493 @SpeakerMcCarthy Kevin we get it anything trump does is ok. You are such a bag of crap. Stand up for the rule of law and stop pandering for the Trump. How you ever became speaker is beyond me. You have no character at all. Shame full.
KristenRdesinsk @joshua_pelican @AdamKinzinger I truly hope that if/when Trump is indicted and convicted that President Biden does not pardon him. That odious man has gotten away with so much crap for decades, being pardoned would be vindication to him, & he would use it as his favorite applause line at events. Lock him up happy introvert, curious about others without being intrusive & try to stay away from assumptions. I believe we can all help each other is we actually listen
TyNN80s The '80s!!! @RedPillBandit @physics_up @catturd2 Trump is a colossal piece of crap and that's more than enough to find him guilty... TikTok: tyd80sguy BIG fan of awesome #3DPlatformers: #CliveNWrench by @ClassicGJ and #HeartChainKItty by @origamihero!!! Switch Friend Code: SW-0562-3476-1129
Stuartness2 @ProjectLincoln @RepDonBacon @RepBrianFitz BLM burning crap down is a protest to you. But really patriotic Americans protesting the ongoing lies and dirty tricks you sleezy Dems do to Trump is wrong. Who writes this crap, come out behind the curtain
e4nnis Mouth of Wilson, VA @RepSwalwell This is a completely politically motivated bunch of crap as was all the previous attacks on Trump. He shinned a light on the good ol boy system that is corrupting the congress and senate, so the unitary is out for his head. When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. (TJ)
kbeasy59 @MikeSington Honestly I wouldn’t vote for Trump, think new leadership, younger is needed. But this whole whackadoodle crap just looks bad on his enemies, let the man go away, now you give him ammo and the rest of us believe the NY and system is trying to save itself. It's funny how day by day. Nothing changes. But when U look back. Everything is different. U and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead
ColSteveZodiac1 Illinois, USA @NEWSMAX He is being indicted for covering up the illegal crap he did. It's not so easy as you think. Trump and Lawyer's all know it too Runner/Fitness Enthusiast/Run Coach. Native Texan.~ Invest your time, don't spend your time. - Adam Sosnick .🏃
MiggsSD1964 United States @EricTrump Let the gaslighting and proproganda begin. The Trump name is crap and your family is nothing more than a criminal enterprise. Now it's time to be held accountable. Rejoice in the name of the law. Long time coming. Retired LEO. Love family and God. Distrust politicians in general. See most as self serving and deceptive. Dislikes extremes of right and left wing ideologies.
Lion49235601 Long Beach, CA @RogerJStoneJr What the hell is this going to do? Southern California? Laguna hills? If there's a protest it needs to be in the face of those committing this crap against Trump! At the courthouse! ,at the district attorneys house and office! At the spot they plan on arresting him! Musician ,political watchdog