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1Trumpfan1020 NYC @MikeOxb28738209 @jwhitney385 @alexizedM @FoxNews @GOPLeader @SpeakerPelosi They mention a couple of meaningless things and then go on to talk about the numerous lies. Same old crap from the press, they lie about Trump then tell you he’s the liar. And of course you’re so brainwashed about how wonderful your D-Rat party is you believe anything told. USMC Vet, Catholic, Patriot... “Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good” Will follow back Trump patriots
thegoofyone68 @WHCOS @sbg1 @jaketapper Seriously how did you egg this up so bad? I know all you do is blame trump for everything but damn you guys have screwed up so much with your back and forth crap. Truth teller
Serendipity7845 @mehdirhasan @atrupar they just keep throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks. He is so stupid or is such a LIAR but we all know the "people" to speak to about better security arr trump and his minions including Jordan who planned the insurrection as trump intentionally withheld security. #TheResistance. FBR. I block magats. No DMs please. Kill filibuster I never engage trumpers but appreciate RWNJ's replies to remind folks what trump attracts.
Nazim19517277 Dad are and is as important as mom and they should fix the system up ! Dads are piss of crap in the US . #Trump #Biden
tinmantwo Canada @EpochTimes Where they found nothing because there is nothing to find. However there is one thing they found, and that's what a pompous bottom Trump is and what a piece of crap this paper is.
ssing Heaven @Matthew_4_Trump @Haywire1970 Please, I am naturally immune and won’t get the vaccine but there is a test. They take a percentage of positive results and DNA test it. Please stop spreading this crap. Peace, love and service to others...
imzardoz Ohio, USA @pudy221 @michaelrulli This kind of rhetoric gets the Trump base all wound up. Mike isn’t dumb. He knows what buttons to push to get re-elected. He probably doesn’t even believe half this idiotic crap, but most of his constituents in Trumplandia do and that is what puts food on his table. Fighting the never ending battle against idiocy on the Left and the Right.
tuflous @RossFairchild This is B.S. I just called, got referred to another number no answer when are you going to quit with your lies and fake crap. You are sick and twisted people.Supporting A failed con artist is not the answer to the problems we face as a country. Trump cares nothing about the poor
mato66 liverpool tells you all you need to know about @Nigel_Farage having @tedcruz on spouting utter crap and propaganda?i could go on forever about cruz? but the man is far right extreme and lies for a living, farage is a charlatan another liar and trump sycophant ! national hunt racing punter, love boxing ,used to think i knew a bit about politics but trump nearly won again so i know nothing! @dignityindying @exerciseCOPD
thesawpit @Nigel_Farage @tedcruz @GBNEWS So @TedCruz, the second most despised man in the US Senate after Moscow Mitch, is going on your show to promote lies about Biden, the insurrection and whatever crap spills from his Trump ass-kissing lips? Pass. Social Democrat. Anti-Fascist. Medicare for All. Reluctant Optimist. Black Lives Matter. Keep on pushing! Marx Brothers Fan. I love my dog.
2wheelsrroll Firm leading Arizona audit received millions from Trump supporters "a fool and his $ are soon parted" (overstock is a crap co- you pay them to return the garbage they send out-guess I was a fool to do business with them. learned my lesson well.
oldone51 @RepBoebert No dip stink. Trump derangement syndrome is believing his crap, that would be you. You can't even insult people correctly without name calling, like your orange God. You should let resign and let the adults work. #gedbarbie
firstgirl1970 Arizona🌵💙🌊🌊🌊 THIS👇🏼👇🏼is the crap that Princess G. Is spewing today. ”look at THEM…look at THEM” while I pick your pockets.🙄😤 Blind fools listen to Lindsey. Trump must really have some dirt on you bud, And we‘re NOT your friends. #holdthemallaccountablenotable It happened long ago,a park bench in the snow. Photography,Bird photos🕊,poetry,fishing🎣,and guitar 🎸 are my passions ♥️🌊#Resist No DM’s #birdphotography
jodamen79 @miamidecor @ConnieBailey13 @jovito15083538 @michell21641906 @StarNoNumbers @Etsy There was a time where different perspectives maintained balance, now one side thinks they are omniscient while the other is inherently evil. It's crap, you are being played the same as Trump supporters. I'm a conservative and don't owe my allegiance to anyone but my faith. All the gifts that God has given me in this world, my amazing wife and my two boys, how great must his eternal gift be. - Romans 6:23
catmarketer New York, NY @BrettWilkinsSF @ShontelMBrown @karaturrentine @ninaturner @commondreams Total lie. But keep on spreading this crap. Nina Turner voted for Jill Stein, and telegraphed that to her 'bros' costing us SCOTUS. She is a corporate lobbyist and took money from Republicans who supported Trump. She's trying to rebrand herself, but it's too late. A savvy marketer and talented writer with 9 lives and lots of tales.
Jerrymcnutt LA CA We need to stop this crap. She needs to be investigated. She knows she's going down and, like Trump, is willing to burn the world on her way out. Recently directed projects for Science Channel, History, and Travel.🌊 #Resistance
Virtuous_Intent @cspan @RepBoebert Is she just incredibly stupid or just incredibly corrupt? She's good looking, I know that, so understand why they have her on alot. But does she really believe Trump's BS and not realize all the anti-democratic crap he does? Or just does not care & it's all about getting power? Tired of the BS. Do the right thing. Tell the truth. The sun will rise again tomorrow. Be safe, wear a mask. Love each other.
lovemydogtoo @TimMurtaugh Here we are AGAIN. I have NEVER seen a democrat try to DEFEND the stupid crap that comes out of Biden’s mouth with screaming 🤯BUT TRUMP!!!🤯. Trump is no longer president. Try explaining what Biden is saying and doing without bring trump into the conversation. No defense. None.
rjcouture133 @Vman_1969 @CNN The Response team wasn't eliminated it was condensed. Trump talked about the Virus at the 2019 State of the Union the News said the flu was more a risk. Obamacare is crap and raised rates not lowered them. Trump didn't kill people just as Woodrow Wilson didn't kill people 1918 SF Married MA and against the trouncing of my constitutional rights to life, liberty, and happiness as I see fit as long as I don't infringe on others
Robbiemeep @Leifendeth @lcatboonies What makes you think that? Antifa is known for showing up at Trump rallies. Why wouldn't they show up at this one? John Sullivan did. At least I'm not saying the behavior was ok because of x y and z fascist crap. Not My President.
susie_lastname Virginia @RobertJohn5691 @FoxNews @Twitter The election wasn’t rigged or stolen from Trump. He lost the popular vote both in 2016 & 2020 And that tells me the radical right garbage is what Americans are sick of. P.S. You’re a pawn in this goddamn game of tearing our country apart for those in the GOP who crap on you daily Daughter, Mother, Gramma, Veteran, Gun Owner For Common Sense Gun Laws, Reform 2A, Equality Now, Protect Voter Rights & Elections w/Hand Marked Paper Ballots
JUDYP1248 United States @EliseStefanik LIAR, Your so full of crap, your POS former president trump planned the attack on January 6th, and caused deaths because of know this is the end of your career. Retired, (70s) can't be still, cashiering at Walmart, meeting interesting people. Rude people challenging, but nice even to them. Love my ☕. Believe in karma.
DennyOwen8 Mesa, Arizona There they go again”… Elizabeth Warren is lending her voice to save California Governor Gavin Newsom from being recalled because … WAIT FOR IT … “Trump Republicans are attacking election results and the right to vote.” You can’t make this crap up. Mesa, Arizona🌵, Pronoun: Gun Nut, μολὼν λαβέ, Digital Soldier, Former LEO - Got Your 6, #BackTheBlue💙 Have Gun-Will Travel ¡Viva la Revolución! 🇺🇸
DrGitpaws @mkraju I predict this is what destroys Trump. Yes, I know you've heard it before. But he CANNOT stop over-playing his hand. People are finally getting tired of the Crap Show that is Trump, and he will bring himself down. You can win with 45% of the Country, but not 35%...😉 Retired Chemist, Ph.D. (Ohio State U.), Dog Lover 😛, Amateur Musician with Pawkish sense of humor. I'm so old, I know what Pawkish means...
JPBII2 Las Vegas, NV @Crap_Locker @DanCrenshawTX Agreed! But what of the 100’s of actual virologists and Doctors that insist that there is no actual science being followed? Many of them are not politically inclined and especially not Trump followers! Yet, they are ignored and censored! Why are their credentials ignored? Artist/Musician/Producer/Human
rick57777123 President Trump had flags up and always made us feel proud to be Americans . Always said America first and brought jobs back ..we was free 🙏 then corporate Democratic socialism communism crap is destroying american people
AlisonBoxxer @DearAuntCrabby McConnell is making sure trump loses his power over the GOP........they are going to try to rebuild the crap party and move forward without the psychotic monster telling them what to do good luck with that Republican economic polices NEVER worked and NEVER will work.. EVERY Republican president since Chester Arthur (1881-84) had a recession during their term
jrfjr4 @40runner1 @TheAtlantic @anneapplebaum Well it’s not like Trump is being quiet and not stirring the crap pot. Speaking of problems he doesn’t want the GOP to work on the infrastructure bill. Reason is if it is passed it would make Biden look good. 40 years in Dept of Defense so security of country before political party. Registered independent as both parties disgust. Try to see both sides.
rptj101400 @jradam11 @benshapiro Looking at your page you are in a RAGE over the fact that trump lost 🤣 You have bought into the Big Lie and are obsessed with this crap. I hope you step away from the computer/Fox News and clear your head. The sky isn’t falling. Joe Biden is your President. #blm, #loveislove, #resist, #wearadamnmask, vaccinated, #BidenHarris2020, Blocked by MTG 🤣
belvedere_mr 🇺🇸 @LionCross1 @_eday @ToddJCefaratti @tmlongacre @catturd2 Holy crap, did you steal this from your aunt Karen’s facebook page? The ramblings of a Qidiot with grade school education in plain sight. The only thing missing is how trump and jfk jr will be president and Vice on august 12 because… logic. Once watched almost all of 50 shades darker
NolanNeal Nashville, TN @TonyHamaoui @TheRickWilson Bullcrap. That is the kind of crap that makes the world worse. And you know it. Trump was NOT racist in the least. @AGT Season 15 | @NBCTheVoice Season 11 | Recovery Addict | Suicide Prevention Advocate | Nashville Native |
JayReding Minneapolis, MN @RadioFreeTom I remember a time when I thought Elise Stefanik could be a leader of a post-Trump GOP. But the whole machinery of the contemporary GOP is intended to produce crap like this, and it just cannot be salvaged. Attorney, writer, and aerospace aficionado. All views expressed are solely mine. Retweets not necessarily endorsements.
Jruss1915 United States of America @rkd993 @Independent He’s not in office, this article is full of crap. They are doing everything they can to knock trump down because they fear him and the fact that he fights for Americans and America. Democrats only care about power and control. They are the ones in bed with China, Russia and Iran. American Patriot, Conservative, Father, Husband, Travel Baseball Coach, Medical Professional, Hunting, Fishing, Skiing, Shooting 2A. #USA1st
AnsareSummers United States So, the GOP is just full of disingenuous bastards who don't give a crap about the will of the people and the Constitution? Student of the Universe who believes War is NOT Peace, Freedom is NOT Slavery, Ignorance is NOT Strength, and Donald Trump and the GQP are evil
ChattJazz .@FoxNews .@MSNBC .@glennkirschner2 .@B52Malmet .@RBReich What's that you say Fox, Trump, GOP? Biden is destroying our country? Go sit down with that propagandist crap and shut up as it's you not Biden or the dems destroying the country. Int Security Specialist, Veteran When you ChattJazz, you prioritize, analyze and improvise. Speak out, let your voice be heard! Rally with unity! #Humanity
RobSilver Toronto/Ottawa @journo_dale They both know it’s bullcrap - it’s performative and to a lesser extent tactical. The lesson they both took from the Trump era is there are no consequences for spewing such crap. I talk baseball on Launch Angle podcast - the world’s 2nd best fantasy baseball podcast. 2016 NFBC Main Event overall winner. Sometimes I talk Canadian politics
rdv4017 NODA @harold4vicki Looting and burning down a business is a crime but all that crap is insured.. Looting, stealing official legislative documents and invading the US Capitol looking to hang someone is a terrorist attack.. How is that a comparison? You Trump Pets really are not that bright!
CarolynWelsh5 @gmanillini @BillyBaldwin Thank God my 80 year old mother lived to celebrate the last election! My poor sister who passed away 25 years ago would have hated Trump, everything he stood for and all of his moronic followers.Too bad her idiotic adult son posts pro-Trump crap. My sister is rolling in her grave Mother, educator, vegetarian
AlisaCobin New Jersey @laurenboebert Trump lied to the face of every American about a global pandemic. He said "It is what it is." After a thousand confirmed deaths. Also this crap is with inflation and gas prices is the riople effect of Trump's BS last year. You're not fooling anyone. When you realized Congress is full of old corporate funded sexist, racists non progressives. It's time to use critical thinking again.
Littleone619 FreedomIsEverything @Matthew_4_Trump @KcPatriot Yep.....all of it crap. The main objective of the Democrats is to lie consistently and continuously in order to cause fear in the citizenry. Americans will not deal with this for much longer and it will not turn out well for the Democrats!
Bongobilly8 @ScottAdamsSays This broad is a pure tyrant....and they called Trump crazy dictator....holy crap!! She's nuts.
Deadman20XX @RobertYonata @RepTimRyan You are one uneducated person and man does that comment show. It is the unvaccinated people that are the problem now. Millions of uneducated Trump loving dumb forks are the reason we are still dealing with this crap.
4tricia Levittown, PA @yardtour @RepHerrell @GOPLeader DeSantis is a moron. He hides behind lies as Floridians die. Now kids are dying and he doesn’t give a crap. What happens when your voters all start dropping like flies? Trump can’t save you. I'm bored
Troy_Arcadia @atensnut @littlehoss16j The hearing is just another show fiasco like all the impeachment hearings...Get a bunch of Trump and MAGA hating Marxists and give them free airtime to puke their propaganda crap out of their mouths to influence public opinion
kay_farrar Aledo, TX @newsmax @Jim_Jordan @MarkMeadows @ericbolling You’re so full of CRAP! Why do you think it is only up to Pelosi to secure the Capitol? What about McConnell, McCarthy, trump? McCarthy finally asked trump for help and Got None! You are a Despicable Little GOP worm who lies and deflects. We know the truth & are not stupid.
joewatts11 7th dimension CDC mask guidance met with hostility by leading Republicans [Video] advisory, not law! and the lockdown mask crap is because election forensic audits show Trump won! Speak up, Speak out, we cannot allow Washington, D.C. to turn against us, we must root out corruption.
Marjac65652994 @ChadGilmartinCA @GOPLeader @rep_stevewomack If this is really how you feel why didn't you put Trump in jail January 6th for attacking America and beating the crap out of the Defenders of the Capitol building
survivor_bob @JDGarre44 @RyanAFournier @AdamSchiff I guess you must have a different definition for family values. Do Matt Gaetz and Stormy Daniels represent your Republican family values. Do you support trump’s lie about a stolen election? Is storming the Capitol when you lose an election a new Republican standby? Bull crap? Proud father of three wonderful kids. Lucky to have an amazing wife. Oldest winner of Survivor. Keynote speaker. Developer for wilderness ecofriendly camping.
BAYRN40 USA @CamJunior1972 Ppl like this should scare the hell out of us. He’s talking IQ crap and not aware he’s an idiot. My mom always said the most dangerous person is a crazy person who think they are the normal one. This idiot and trump are the poster children of my moms saying.