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ZaleskiLuke If you believed any of your repetitive goalpost moving garbage you’d do sometime more than robotically tweet crap at real people anonymously. Trump is a traitor. The insurrection is real and he’s campaigning on it. And social media bots and apologists trying to launder it abet it Legal Affairs Editor, Condé Nast, longtime Research Director @GQMagazine Head of fact-checking ‘The Resistance’ #truthhurts
JesseKellyDC Houston, TX Biden wants credit cause he’s a disaster and COVID is all he has. Trump wants credit because he’s an egomaniac. Neither of them really give a crap about whether or not it works. Four shots in a year? Yeah, call me when the new model comes out. I’ll skip the lemons. Host of ‘I’m Right’ on The First. Host of the nationally syndicated Jesse Kelly Show. Anti-Communist. Community college credits.
Tollerlover05 @BLeeOU1 @SueRMichael @AaronParnas Yeah Blake, not even American and I know that if Trump had paid attention to this virus it wouldn't have gotten so out of control and ugly. He should have been asking you all to get vaccinated to stop spread and mutations. Biden is cleaning up Trump's crap all over the place Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future 🦋
pauls_nyc USA 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec That Pod Save America is dangerous ... there were many I worked with in NY that listened to them and believed all the Trump kids in cages BS, Russian Collusion crap etc ... DO NOT FOLLOW UNLESS YOU LIKE MY POSTS OR FIND INTERESTING. Will save time from you getting offended and having to unFollow. I Do not necessarily Follow back.
whiter069 Twitterverse @redsteeze Problem with Stuart and his like is they were cast aside to irrelevance for good reason after Bush but somehow have gained a small following of rabid Trump haters who are willing to listen and fund the crap that spew’s out of Stuart’s mouth twitter does not reflect reality. There are more bots and burner accounts on this site than real people
denisealfano2 New Haven, CT @DBillingsley12 @politvidchannel Nightmare because inflation he approved 5 billion for salmon conservation, and took away the military’s cost of living stipend!!! What a piece of crap! The border is a disaster, Remember 9/11 how many terrorists are getting in??? Trump will be back I’m an animal lover A cancer survivor but my heart is Always for the Animals Dream to hit lottery and save all I can Be Kind To Animals and help others 💜Cher
BittiegirlDonna USA @shillman1 If it's a trump hotel it's dollar store crap with a trump label. Regardless I pack my own products and since I do the packing for both of us his stuff comes along. No hotel I can afford is going to spend one red cent more than they have to on guest supplies. Profits are #1 Animal lover.
lindaluvinlife1 Virginia Beach, VA @PalmBchCitizen @DerenicByrd Use your common sense! Was he arrested? No! @AlanDersh said it was dropped , Trump said it was false and dismissed because she recanted. It is hard to pin crap on Trump because he keeps a calendar of what he does. Great Grandmother ,Retired Real Estate #MAGA Christian, I love all life, love Sailing, the sound of Freedom, our Military and our police! You would love#VABeach
hessom_r California Alex Jones Urges Followers to 'Move On' From Trump, Warns He'll 'Dish All the Dirt' Slime-ball Alex Jones is not having a good time lately. He's breaking up with the Donald and on top of that drama, his wife beat the crap out of him. I like his wife! Reality Based Being
lowfive_ Canadia 🍁 The Biden admin is a steamy pile of crap that wields the power to do good, but exercises none of it. Totally spineless But the Trump admin brought levels of hate and racism to the surface that would’ve made George Wallace green with envy. A level of evil even Nixon didn’t reach Philosophy PhD candidate studying the phenomenology of nature ~there’s no love in fear~
thrashe06634165 @DonaldJTrumpJr @AssumptionUMA @AssumptionPrez Hey idiot it to keep people out of the hospital stop the negative crap cut that’s all a Trump is good for lies and misinformation
JewellE1974 @USAlight3 My God trump is such a disgusting rotten thug. He doesn’t even hide the fact he sympathizes with pedophiles, rapists, sex traffickers, murderers, and other criminals. He doesn’t give a crap how filthy that makes him. We won’t let him ever get in our White House again! The quickness of the eye deceives the mind. Envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned. #Biden2020 #TheResistance #Gilmour
Michael__Baskin @salemSA96864606 @e_neko_san @Artspeakcentral @MechanicznaC @manoraic @VeronicaTalbot9 @jizzelle210 @Resist_dwp @Younes_Abutaleb @RabanZakkai @ScarssAli @Real__Ari @ladyalmagreen @HillsHaveEyes02 @Mercurialnot @Lisatrainer10 @Pakeha56 @P3ng1z @Rafale_W @HebMacMan @slax43 @DanielMazahreh @Hades91117954 @DruseSaher @byrnzie500 @JohnStrawson @AwadHam75384405 @AdamG1811 @NextdoorMiumiu @simchaonn @TopRantKing @MiriamL99472550 @aga1nsta11oddz @StanleyCohenLaw @Itistrue19 @Moshepupik1 @ExposeFakestine @Pball01 @renaebaee @baltree @JsharkJill @david_starof @Scripteladora @Stredni_trida @JanRicica380 @7ia0k @mlirh @EffieOffie @dorrit_r @NATO Russia wasn't doing all this crap when Trump was the president. Now Putler is totally exploiting President Brandon's incompetence, weakness and severe cognitive decline. #Trump,Republican,#MAGA,#Trump2024ToSaveAmerica #NATO #ProISRAEL #ProUKRAINE #ProLIFE big fan of SAN ANTONIO SPURS & Mercedes - Benz, Слава Українi עם #ישראל חי
BrianWe08114 I agree with Cheney! Please people How much more crap do we have to hear from Trump? He says if elected President again he willPARDON maxwell for recruiting and selling CHILDREN for Epstein?? Come on this could be one of our CHILDREN! This loser is SICK! Good person with a heart
brucker206 Sunshine coast @lauferlaw @MichaelCohen212 @NYadvocateJKL When has he ever looked happy. He is probably in fear for his life. He is complicated in so much crap with trump it’s incomprehensible that he and trump ain’t in prison
JustinLW1971 @MTVNewBiz @MSNBC 8 years ago this man showed exactly how completely useless MSNBC is . And they have got worse . Focus on the important things . No one gives a crap about what Trump is doing . They just want to survive day to day .
hcanes100 Miami, FL @theamgreatness @joegooding All the noise about illegal presidential actions by Trump, but they want to pass budget and bills by bypassing Congress? Brilliant. I can't believe the left, it is just amazing at the crap they come up with. 🇺🇸Vet. 🇺🇸Canes🏈 - Heat 🏀Fan. I beat RCC Kidney Cancer, MS is next on my list to beat. Fan of civil debate. 2nd Amendment is reason for 1st. +me to list = block
whiney815 @Ty___Webb @TheJusticeDept Couldn’t agree with you more, my blood is boiling !! How is this no good traitor getting away with this crap? Trump has been screwing everybody for years and has turned me into a hater.😿🇵🇫🤬🤬
cubzfab @BaddCompani I think Badd is right. It appears that the crap is hitting Trump from all sides. And seriously, isn’t that the perfect conclusion to this monster of a man?
klllc7 Murray, KY Oh I don’t know to write this crap for you but it is really pointless when we know you don’t even support Trump and it’s a lie. Liars go to hell @GOP @RNCResearch 3rd Gen #USAF #Christian Conservative Constitutionalist Watchman #Dark2Light #DeUSvult #Life #Liberty #Property #SavetheRepublic aka Klllwood & #FisaSpying
CaliAZKellyW My NY resolution is to block, block, block morons on here. Tired of the crap, politics, excuses for not getting vaccinated to end this nightmare. Tired of BS and trump lovers. Maybe I should just leave Twitter because that pretty much covers my timeline w/some racing thrown in Racing, rockets, baseball, basketball, football, space exploration, weather, gardening, road trips, beach bum, always a California girl, Donate Life America!
danharmonsucks At a theater in Greendale waiting for a movie Today in "How is it possible to be this dumb?" Apparently people are now calling Trump, "Big T." (It was trending, I don't search this crap out.) The only thing big about him is the list of crimes he should be charged with, and maybe his man-boobs. I am not Dan Harmon. A Twitter account for a really bad Dan Harmon fan site, I block idiots who complain about Rick and Morty taking more than a week to make.
Josh72483195 @kurzsadie @LSSJOrangeLight @SantaDecides Where’s that statistic? Cause last Christianity is the most populated religion in the world and then soon followed by Islam. I think you’re pulling crap out out of your butt. Now you’re assuming I voted for trump and never once have harassed a minority in this argument. Conservative, Christian Zionist, 49ers Fan, Buckeye Fan.
Doceos1 @Babs4963 @theIOis @SuzanQ294 @PamKeithFL Dems blocked trump's plan (happy about that), then they passed the same plan under Biden (still a crap plan). Where is the public option? Biden continued building trump's wall. Please diversify your news sources. And get back to me after you've checked my statements for accuracy. Insert something interesting.
kwallcan Colorado, USA @CNNPR @CNN @andersoncooper @jaketapper What are they going to talk about? The 500 idiots who did damage to the capital and scared the crap out of AOC? Maybe talk about the prosecutions where most of the people plead guilty to misdemeanors and not one is guilty of conspiracy to commit treason. Move past Trump, please
fishbrad1 broken arrow oklahoma @DineshDSouza Im really done with this crap if trump or whoever was involved. Not one politician or actor is speaking out about this not any and that is the problem republican or democrats. I don't support anyone anymore unless I see them fighting for the truth instead if silence.
NYUnleashed @thehill I think that is such a bunch of CRAP! The GOP are lying on the polls so they look good in front of Trump supporters and Trump. They are so afraid of the man that tried to overthrow the Government. They are the same GOP involved with Jan6 coup.
DamienLepescue @GOPLeader Number 1, the Keystone Pipeline was for Canadian produced oil, and Number 2, no one begged OPEC for anything you lying piece of crap. This type of BS, and their blind worship of Trump, is why I left the GOP and became an Independent. What can I say about myself? Hmmmm... Who am I? In short I guess that I am everyone and everything that I have and ever will experience...I'm ever evolving.
Danjsalt Planet Earth I love it The political reaction against all the green crap is going to make Brexit and Trump look like minor events The political class have become unmoored from the majority of the public - it's like they are suffering a collective psychosis 1/ Straight, white, non disabled man - grew up in the privilege of a poor single parent family - no university education - no pronouns as I speak real English
FunRageDie Japan , United States @osullivanauthor you can still catch covid and die from covid whilest vaxxed? also joe wouldnt be in this crap if he didnt mock trump for not having a plan then later on saying the same crap as donald trump did last year, fact of the matter is joe is by defition a career politican I'm a black asain geek / nerd, I dislike political extremism I also dislike political tribalism, centre left politically, audiophile, pianist. 🎮 🎧 🎹
Islanderman3 @Awake823Mama Your one beautiful woman, are you kidding, that why I don’t have Facebook and the other social media crap, there is way too many screwballs out there. Glad too see your a Trump woman. Hockey fan, islanders fan, America, Capitalism, Anti cancel culture, Horror movies . Came from hard work and no bullcrap. former New Yorker.Classic rock.
noodlesfordogs @MarilynRMarks1 @Sophisto5 @PootDibou @AngryPamela @AngryFleas @HuskeyOrous Marilyn is actually defending a New Years Eve ballot inspection that has no report, no affidavits and no named inspectors -OMG! Imagine if Trump won and that type of crap took place in a Republican county. Marilyn would be losing her mind. She is a partisan w 0 credibility.
AuthorAvaBarlow Michigan, USA That evil piece of crap tards kids campaign For Trump and his idiots That attacked me for years is done You do not control the Vatican money either My doggies sit You chose to spit Nickelback - Burn It to the Ground [OFFICIAL VIDEO] via @YouTube Author of Fiction Action/Adventure Novels. If I wrote my bio, unbelievable. I have a lot more on my list to do. #AuthorAvaBarlow
ZaleskiLuke If you believed any of your repetitive goalpost moving garbage you’d do sometime more than robotically tweet crap at real people anonymously. Trump is a traitor. The insurrection is real and he’s campaigning on it. And social media bots and apologists trying to launder it abet it Legal Affairs Editor, Condé Nast, longtime Research Director @GQMagazine Head of fact-checking ‘The Resistance’ #truthhurts
ZaleskiLuke @RUSeriouswitht1 @anafib @cindyray73 @danakay64 @Tom49102098 @RandPaul If you believed any of your repetitive goalpost moving garbage you’d do sometime more that robotically tweet crap at real people anonymously. Trump is a traitor. The insurrection is real and he’s campaigning on it. And social media bots and apologists trying to launder it abet it Legal Affairs Editor, Condé Nast, longtime Research Director @GQMagazine Head of fact-checking ‘The Resistance’ #truthhurts
Kaily_Bear My nest bed. Hibernating. @VtElvisFan @joybakr @jackdawess @RealAndyNelson Talking about that we are talking about all the time trump compared covid to the flu and advocating to demand everything stays open despite the danger and all that other crap. The pseudo science is another part entirely and yeah until any proper study is done it’s pseudoscience/2 Hello, I am Kaily, and I am an aspy girl 👧 *if i offend you talk to me cuz it probably wasn't by intent. I like happy vids do not mind the self posted ones.
Tootsie82214231 @ChuckCjmmn Canada 🇨🇦 Healthcare is so superior to American. Same with our Government, there is no way any politician would get away with ANY OF THE CRAP GOP ARE PULLING. CANADIANS HATE TRUMP AND HIS GOP. WHAT WE DON'T GET IS HOW THE GET AWAY WITH IT. MOST OF US STAND BY PRESIDENT BIDON Retired mother of 5. I just want the world to be a healthy, happy and safe for the future generations. ENOUGH OF THE LIES
Sharmadn916 @FPWellman This is the same BS the left pushes for the entire Trump presidency. The only difference is China and Russia weren't pulling this crap with Trump. Their is a difference between hate speech and speech that you hate...
TrumpingTrump4 NotinWashington, DC @swannrl @Joejoe985Joe @ShonnSutton @JamesFLoveIV That is crap. Are you your daddy in drag?? Because she has decency and standards that stopped her from cheering trump while he attempted a coup (or as Trumplicans spell it koo) on our government and wants to punish anyone who would try. Just hanging on, a loud sigh of relief now that we have ousted the orange clown. Vietnam Marine.
markbann57 @DemSandiL @seanhannity That is the funniest most delusional crap I've read today. Last year unemp was under 3%, now pedo is touting over 4% AFTER taking credit for everyone coming off of isolation. Take his announcements and replace brandon with Trump and imagine how triggered u r. Lololol idiot #walkaway #TDS #Impeach46 #BOYCOTTWALLMART
TheRealJB_33 Earth. @RSBNetwork The problem is also with you Trump. You stand behind a fraudulent vaccine and it will end up being your legacy. So sad you fell for this crap. The witness.
sotelopbl @RepLizCheney @January6thCmte Ya Trump don't know what truth is he's always full of crap like his diaper I can't wait til he gets charged and arrested that day can't come soon enough
166ben @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats @POTUS bull crap liar. TRUMP delivered the vaccine and you know it. Your hate for Trump is so large you HAVE BECOME a 3rd rate politician. and the jobs were empty jobs by covid which are new re-filling. Don't you know that we know when you lie to us?
feger_robert @PhyddleDD @GeorgePapa19 Are you really that stupid,,, Trump’s GF (wife actually) is Melania Trump, former model, tirelessly advocates for children abused, neglected, tortured (especially by family) etc. oh and she has her own money where Maxwell only used Jeffrey’s money. Where do u get this crap from
n_merwin Oakdale,CT @GOPLeader Disinformation. The only crises @POTUS had to deal with: Covid, Trump’s surrender to the Taliban, Trump’s attempt to obstruct the transfer of power and steal an election, and Trump’s Domestic Terrorist attack on 1/6. President Biden is cleaning up Trump’s crap. Take a seat. Concerned American Citizen.
LoriLorisuew Indiana, USA @GOP Your party really is pathetic, isn't it? Such blind hypocrites after trump. You're all a joke. Your traitors to your own oath. Quit fooling yourselves. We ain't buying the crap you're selling and you're killing off those who did. Embarrassment to your Country, kids and family. Stand strongest when you feel weakest!💪Vote Blue🌊 End Citizens United, = Rights 4ALL, #BLM, Tax👉Rich, Voting Rights, 3x💉😷 ARREST TRUMP Working on FolloBks!
Aneetchkoo Florida @brooklynn1978 @JenniferBethK @nathaliejacoby1 Brooklyn, you're stupidity is showing. Hillary won the popular vote. Trump really lost the election and only through foreign manipulation/interference was he put in office. But fools/trolls/MAGAts like you will continue to believe his crap. Guess what? You're blocked. I believe in earning followers, not buying them, and I'm discerning about who I follow. Opinions are my own. No DMs, please. #Biden2020 #AlwayswithHillary.
ResusCGMedia United States @EastCoastalDB @youmustchange Trump was a liar and a horrible failure. Grifter too. He lost and is a loser. Reported pedophile too. Started digging and holy crap the number of Republican pedophiles is off the hook. You a Repub pedoboy? Common Ground Media CGM™ Chippewa - I Am My Ancestors Wildest Dreams - Prince of Snarkness - Irreverent Bastard - Minister For The Future
outtatime907 Shermer, Illinois I think trump is a piece of crap and I still think you are a moronic idiot. I'm shocked you survived this far in life. Also look inside for more stupidity from Linda 🤣 Station!!!

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