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NeededParty @Jim_Jordan Funny how crap sticks together. Trump is crap and your are crap. Want fair government representation
ChipSerrelli USA @BreitbartNews He did shake trump’s hand once… and Trump is crap. There is only one political party which pushes Anti-LGBT Bills & Policies in the US, (State & Fed) - the Republican Party. And the "Gay Conservative" knows this
CheriJacobus Washington, DC Rich and Mr. Meghan McCain are licking Trump's boots knowing good and full well everything they say is crap. They have no choice but to build this fantasy -- they have no influence, no job, no reason to exist in a public way unless they lie for Trump and build him up. Wimps🥴 #NeverTrump fmr GOP, Exec Producer "America Reads The Mueller Report",
JoyAnnReid USA And like it or not, the vast majority of Americans agree with him. The most relevant story now, is how our people and our friends get out, including how to unwind the mess of an asylum system and the crap deal with the Taliban that Trump left us with. "You must be bold, brave, and courageous and find a way... to get in good trouble." -John Lewis #TheReidOut ❤️ #reiders. Likes are sometimes just bookmarks.
BonfireForever @newsmax @SchmittNYC @LindseyGrahamSC I stopped watching @ericbolling because he had @LindseyGrahamSC and @megynkelly on. I hated seeing RINO crap Graham on your show Rob. Seriously he still talks crap ab President Trump and I just can’t even. America is so screwed now I can’t listen to him any more Personalized Gifts Especially For Our Firefighter, EMS, Nurses, Teachers and our Police Heroes. 20 years a firefighter, 10 as Captain. #CovfefeForever
TheJrHollywood Lobby @TrinityAndNeo3 This is all crap. Trump appointed 5 FDA commissioners while he was pres. The last one, Stephen Hanh, was there for the entire pandemic and only left because Biden appointed someone himself, like every incoming president does. I'm better than you at almost nothing ------------------- all content creation business inquiries should be sent to:
MCOptiks United States @ViralCancer Maga rally goers still chant “lock her up” to this day. Unlike trump, who was handed a recovering healthy country, President Biden was handed a steaming pile of crap and 45’s pathetic handling of the pandemic is to thank for that. Registered Independent. Fed up with trump and his Fox News-brainwashed cult. Country over party!
hallsy2two @JakeCorman Arizona is the laughing stock of the country Why join that group? Looking for bamboo? As you push such crap the credibility if your Party suffers You look good to Trump but you lose LOTS of Republicans and Independents. Go ahead man - lose more votes
angeliadgiss Turley, OK @MimiResists @Ojeda4America What government? They had one? You cannot blame Trump. Look at what he did with Syria…bombed them because he wouldn’t put up with their crap. Now…they know America is weak and vulnerable. They know it and now the world does too.
EricaRudis @POTUS How you allow some staffer techy to continue tweeting out crap as the country goes down the tubes with you’re social agenda bills and botched up Everything is beyond me. Can we hear back directly from OUR President Trump! Vets are rolling over!
dilkscott26 @donwinslow Worst part is, had a fellow co-worker go to me last week. Yeah man, you trump is squeaky clean when all’s they found was tax bull crap. He’s the greatest POTUS ever. I reply really, better than Abe, George, and FDR huh. Shut him up real quick. #trumpprison
SmcSheila Texas, USA @realFireblazes And most (maybe all?) of the chaos Biden deals with today is still part of Trump's crap. #ArrestTheSeditionists #RemoveCruz #BlackLivesMatter #Resist #Exvangelical 🏳️‍🌈ally #CriminalJusticeReform ❌NO DM!! No Lists❌ 💉💉
monaghan_marty @DonaldJTrumpJr For all the gullibles the currupt trump's couldn't give a crap about anyone of you or any American that's a fact all they give a crap about is how many lies they can tell you and how much money they can fleece out of you . Grifting on the expense of Americans in Afghanistan .sick here just for the news of the day
FredaDelodovic4 California, USA We can not and will not put up with Trump’s crap 💩Anymore 😷😖It’s over and so is the war🌎It will take time but it’s what needs to happen in order to end this war and bring the our troops home💋😘We have a President and Vice President that is here for us Celebrity Movies R&B/Soul Art Music Trending Pop Amazing Design & Architecture Photography Pop Latino Music Travel Country Weird Haha Cute Fitness & Wellness
levanssm1 United States @PMC713 @BretBaier Stop the crap! Trump created this mess and the sad thing is -you know it! This is the new Republican talking point. Love living and everything else will follow/:💯. in the beginning was the word. God Bless
allibeth63 NJ @DearAuntCrabby It’s all they have left. Biden is not tweeting cofefe crap and name calling anyone. They are on a “trump tweet breaking news” withdrawal. Your typical run-of-the-mill book worm. Facinated by the history of Europe, the Middle East & Africa, love SCANDAL!!! PROUD Dem/Neoliberal/Neo*. Bros blocked!!
Zev_Halpern @RepJimBanks Trump Biden who give a crap. Americans are hostages to the worst despicable terrorists in the planet. Stop the pissing contest and demand that the government do whatever it takes to free them. Tired of all your mine is bigger than yours Presidential sh#* show 🌟RELATIONSHIP COACH🌟
thenumberiso @FriendOfTheYeti @CNN I'm not saying that it has to be 100% perfect the question is, why SO MANY infected? again, why is the number of infected SO high? that is something that neither you or anyone might know. that's why medicines are heavily tested. Trump rushed this crap and no one cares American 24/7 floor organizer. personal food and film critic. opinions are my own.
merrymenhunter United States The mainstream media is finally attacking Joe Biden! He finally screwed up really bad and can now fill in the void from the Russia-Russia-Russia-Russia #Trump taxes and impeachment crap. #Afganistan #America Everything is an opinion and not tax or financial advice! Do not listen to us we are morons!
Denice73008428 @parscale Truth is Trump is the piece of crap that resided in the White House for 4 years screwed Afghanistan by releasing and negotiated the Taliban. Who the f#ck negotiates with known terrorist? The big fat orange buffoon Trump Vaccines work! Wear a Masks! 🌊 Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place Beautiful
notoriousbug Ireland I believe said man is named Donald J Trump, @laurenboebert. And you'll lick dog crap off his boots if it helps you ascend. 🇪🇺🇮🇪🎵📜 | 🏳️‍🌈🖤⚧️ ♀️⚖️✊ | RT/Follows 🚫 Endorsements | Fmr. DFAT | Political Consultant | UL/Stockholm Alum | Views My Own | He/Him
kuia_is @MerendaGary @ginou1010 @MedicVet68 @CarylHill11 Spot on, and he does not respond to their crap in a trump manner, he’s all class Child sex abuse survivor, love my whanau, love my life, love footy but my grandson is the greatest love of my life....also a food show junkie
edmpurist909 @drogers795 @SethPlaut @Breaking911 Founder of the KKK was Nathan Bedford Forrest....a democrat! We know history! switch is a damn lie...that's like saying all these Biden Voters woke up tomorrow and voted for Trump...You have to be an ignorant liberal to believe that kinda crap
PappaBe62444335 @LivePDDave1 DeSantis is not ready to be president. The best thing for the country would be 4 more years of Trump followed by 8 years of DeSantis giving the country 12 years to recover from the crap Biden and the Left is putting us through American believer in freedom, justice for all, conservative, MAGA, husband, father, grandfather, love playing golf 🇺🇸🇺🇸”everything woke turns to crap” DJT
rockin1mom United States @RawStory I think I am going to start being an atheist, because all I hear about is how these pastors are praying on children. I’m sorry how is that being a man of God? Then you have Trump saying he’s the chosen one and My Pillow guy and his wacky batsh*t crazy crap! That is not my God! 🤮 Sports
drdeblk @jcROAT1 That’s a lie you “don’t care what people did in the past” since you’ve Tweeted plenty of crap about Clinton and Obama. Plus you still believe Trump won 2020 election. So living in the past is where you’re at, buddy. MD. Autism specialist. Film lover. Trump broke America, but it's our job to #SaveOurDemocracy
SolHorizons England, South @Calfurious25 @GmorganJr Trump is a tyrant and authoritian! Also - Get this injection that official statistics from all over the world show is a pile of crap or else. Smart. Stick to CNN and your echo chamber. They will affirm you. Ex Jehovah's Witness. Fiction is strictly for fun.
HopeHarman2 @RepJasonCrow one more time I know it's Trump was President right now he wouldn't be putting up with this crap that is going on now and you know it the defense department would be doing something read the agreement did Trump started what it says there were conditions
Letsgo2110 @Jesse_Iwuji I am truly sorry. I am a trump supporter and racist crap like this is unacceptable and wrong. Idiots like this give trump supporters a bad name. Wood brothers 21 fan page!! Let’s go 21
ButchBaydala Lower Mainland, BC, Canada @Jason23328495 Trump is an oligarch related personality. He is not reliable. He is now on Team Big Pharma and pushing their crap. 🦉🍻 If politics makes strange bedfellows who will you be sleeping with tonight?
theredgunny THE VILLE @BEASTfromEAST73 Look I don't even blame you, you don't know what you don't know.But this wasn't the way. And Joe fd it up bigtime. Can't speak for everyone but every veteran of this era feels crap on by this crap. Joe is a weak old man regardless how you feel about Trump. We all deserved better DAD/Husband.US Marine GySgt.Owner of VILLE'ANS TOYS. Avid University of Louisville Cardinals Fan!! IRISH🇮🇪
Santos__Dorta Florida, USA @libertytarian I think Alex made a huge mistake blindly cheerleading Trump. He has also made many mistakes throughout his career, but I think he can rectify and continue to expose crap. The other issue is what is the alternative ?
weetietweetie @BetoORourke Agree. So much crap to clean up from the Trump debacle. Our democracy is hanging by the thinnest thread. When will these leaders own it and work with us to ensure safe and fair elections? Why have they forsaken the US? 1st generation American, child of Holocaust survivors, wife, mother, artist, VOTING Democrat, seeker of truth, NEVER EVER TRUMPER! No DMs please! ✡️☮️
Lilith757 Winnipeg, Manitoba I guess all his advertising is done by a Trump supporter. Holy crap, and he wants to be PM. He can't control his caucus and doesn't have the brains to hire competent staff. Can you believe sending out The Leader's ads with all these Spelling mistakes! No matter how bad the day is “put on a little lippy, and it will be fine” I do not answer any DMs, Just here for the politics
Tzipshmil 👩‍💻 @mattklewis What is this crap? Biden is ending the disaster your party created and runs a brilliant evacuation operation. You just miss Trump. Jewish girl in a limbo. I tweet in English and write in Hebrew. I have opinions and they're aIl mine.
Anthony36841651 @ZaleskiLuke @CNNPolitics Her death is and will be used by both sides (which you and CNN are doing). You spout the same fear inducing crap as trump does just from the other side. philosophical engineer
jwstogsdill Rotonda West, FL @Stonekettle @RichLowry this may be the dumbest thing I have read in months. Seriously. There is a lot of ignorant crap on here and you have managed to crawl to the top. Trump would have tried to give the taliban Greenland. He still thinks Greenland is part of the US Golfer, progressive, combative atheist, dog lover, passionate hater of trump, pence and desantis.
KaaiNeil FCC proposes fining conspiracists $5.1M for voter suppression robocalls I'm glad all of this is coming out...this is the kind of crap trump and his cronies have been doing throughout his time in office...trump should be fined too...he was part of this...
CheriJacobus Washington, DC Rich and Mr. Meghan McCain are licking Trump's boots knowing good and full well everything they say is crap. They have no choice but to build this fantasy -- they have no influence, no job, no reason to exist in a public way unless they lie for Trump and build him up. Wimps🥴 #NeverTrump fmr GOP, Exec Producer "America Reads The Mueller Report",
vjvnam @GregAbbott_TX @TexasGuard Shut up with your drama crap. Hell your trump wall is in pieces and your already playing with the $ for own. Believe in the virtues of selflessness but not at another’s expense. Hate Trump ,love my dogs.🌊
SCarter72291804 @RpsAgainstTrump He doesn’t give a crap about winning Florida… this is about running for president and trying to keep the Trump cult I do not identify as a Liberal or a Conservative, but rather as a decent human being hoping that some day everyone will see the importance of seeking the truth
Nothingissane Little Canada, MN @RichLowry tRump is a lost sad, lying, stupid, crook and always able, for some reason to get himself out of crap…….and make money off his supporters at the same time! Want everyone to just get along.
PresElectClark @RNCResearch @ALGOP Oh come on. I’m a Trump voter and this is silly. Deal with mid terms and 2024, not stupid crap like this. ⛪️ church,UNA Lions 🦁,hiking 🏕🥾,beach bum🌴☀️🌊,animal lover,Jimmy Buffett fan🏴‍☠️,NASCAR 🏁,MLB and MiLB ⚾️,playing 🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️,🇺🇸
jilldjones Germany @laurenboebert Contractors who knew that it was a wrap when Trump signed the agreement in Feb 2020. It was supposed to happen in May 2021. What part of the party is over get your crap and leave did these contractors not understand? 🤷🏼‍♀️Now our military has to handle them. 🤦‍♀️ Official twitter account of Prince Collaborator,Instigator,Jill Jones. -Musician, UBIKWIST Mag Music Journalist,Tech nerd & LFC Fan.
NinersAlways Wilkes-Barre, PA @Sheoakbloke1 @thehill Yep he helped create the Covid even. I think this crap is created every so often by countries to kill off population. How do you think they created the vaccine so fast. It was planned out and Trump hoaxed it Niners and Penn State 24/7 here
horacelowe6 @GigiandGail52 @ourwakingworld @lavern_spicer Are you kidding? trump caused this crap. And if you think trump is even capable of loving, talk to his niece.
Brownsugar2142 Bahamas @phillyblackshee @StompBearPig @TheBread_OfLife @NBCNews Clearly she thought she could get away with doing crap like that and now she is dead. That was her stupid mistake, that and being a fully radicalized QAnon conspiracy theorist who believe trump would save the world from satanic pedophiles.
AlMcCallum3 Holy crap, Joe must be exhausted after reading that crap. Had to suck up to Nancy, the climate mafia and then , oh yeah, by the way, Afganistan is uh, all Trump's fault, so I don't have to acknowledge any responsibility or answer any questions about my F-upped decision.
PimpDaddythagod Germany @funder This is such bull crap and you know it Scott. You’re acting like Trump, spouting complete lies 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist | Women love me
Lisa81521021 @realLizUSA Dems: same old tune- Let’s blame Trump for everything. America isn’t buying that crap anymore. Media is getting tired of covering for the bumbling incompetent idiot in the White House! It’s now evident Biden is a total failure and an embarrassment for our country!

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