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scnyny New York, Cape Cod @atrupar Trump is Crap ... and lots of it, that’s why he wears diapers “We are our choices.” I choose to resist fascism. I choose to resist tyranny. I choose to resist Trump. I choose to VOTE BLUE. 🌊 TRUTH OVER LIES! #RESIST #FBR
Itsanewday99 USA @TheUnitedWhirld @jdlmike @OMGno2trump @LindseyGrahamSC They arent being duped. This many people cant be this damn stupid. These people are pretending to be stupid as an excuse in supporting trump. "Trump doesn't lie. Trump is a great businessman. Trump is awesome." They see the crap show and they know Trump is crap Artist, comedian, and mother with an entrepreneurial heart, mind, body and soul. Owner of a government contracting biz.
briantcairns @Stache2020 Because it's so obvious it doesn't need mentioning. We all know Trump is crap on everything, and we all know drone strikes on civilians are bad. The point is to explain how he's not much different from his predecessors of both parties, because lots of people don't get this.
Zdevil1 South East, USA @BonHagar @bobbypearce @ArthurSchwartz @DonaldJTrumpJr He WB lawyer had handle many WB cases both Public and Private his firm is well know for this - so when you ask for an attorney do you ask if they are D or T - same with a Surgeon all you know you want the BEST!! So this crazy BS that the Lswyer is ANTI-Trump Is Crap ...... Retired, EX Republican, husband father grandfather & Army Vet - Here to get our country back on track - No TRUMP ZONE
AynRandPaulRyan Contact: Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram: (240) 844-2514, Email: Holy crap. 😂 Nancy Pelosi stopping her statement to the press and taking a moment to explain what the word "exculpatory" means to Trump is a whooooooleass mood. 💀💀💀 #Thursdaythoughts Op-eds @washingtonpost @guardian│Founder @bluewavecs│Host #ADPPodcast│Grammy-losing songwriter│Sued Trump and won│I have 5 kids│You can't scare me
peterdaou No, I don't. If Republicans gave a crap about public opinion, we wouldn't be here today. And I hope I'm wrong, but these hearings are doing NOTHING to help the Dems' case. This process is not even CLOSE to capturing Trump's years of heinous abuses. Lebanese War survivor. Former Clinton and Kerry adviser. Jazz keyboardist. @LeelaDaou's husband. Author: Digital Civil War. Adviser @LindseyBoylan for Congress.
soledadobrien New York Maybe because some national reporters write things like: “Donald Trump is The Greatest Reality Show Ever” and “The 2020 Democrats as Game of Thrones Characters” Oh wait, you wrote that crap. boss lady
gumboqueen3030 Missouri, USA And the @GOP. @senatemajldr Seems to think this crap is OKAY! It's not ! Y'all have forfeited ALL rights to ever act indignant! #ImpeachAndRemoveTrumpNOW The Atlantic: Trump Is Surrounded. TRUMP MUST BE VOTED OUT #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #ImpeachTrumpNow #ResistanceForAmerica HELP ME@
maryengelbreit St. Louis, MO Putin is daring Trump not to come, because both he and trump know all the compromising crap Putin has on trump. If trump goes, there would be no question he is working for Russia against the US. I'm the founder and CEO of Mary Engelbreit Studios.
StandForHonesty @NBCNews Karma is a mother for you when it comes full circle.. He didn't think about that when he treated President Obama and his family like crap.. Trump deserves every bit of the torture he's inheriting.. America Has Been Hijacked By Criminals.. Those Who Aid Them Will Be Blocked!
firecaptain12 @HouseMajPAC She and her family have not been dragged through the mud, her husbands Socialist policies have been. She is completely irrelevant to Trump. Must be driving her bat crap crazy Faithful husband, proud father, good friend, Army vet/Dad, Air National Guard Dad, conservative, was an athlete now a golfer, public servant
Reallyoureality USA @LindseyGrahamSC Yes, all while you get NOTHING done except golf. Two teenagers shot dead in our city at school. I think you are full of crap. I will pray to God you are voted out. The only person I know more shady than you is my ex-husband and Trump. My work is music. My passion's are: Art, Gardening, Comedy, Resolution of needless injustice, inventions, research and creative design from re-purposing.
Ganondorf81 A million miles away @chrissyteigen Apparently Trump has bought millions of copies and is currently at the border trying to make a wall out of them. It won’t work as rain eventually washes crap away. Agnostic. Scottish. Currently alive.
Gatorman721 @samuel_dav1d @MarkTumini @klcmurphy @Talon80884 @ABC It amazes me that there is nothing trump can do that will not piss off u liberals. Leta us not forget all the money the obama's and Clintons spent in parties for the hollywood elite, vacations for the first lady and kids. And all the other stupid crap while doing nothing dor us
Danny16750945 @Alyssa_Milano Your so full of 💩 You know nothing about politics and especially what's going on in the White House and with President Trump! Everything you post is crap and fake news and should be permanently taken off social media!!
jezzasway78 @NBCLA Ember is just another full of crap Trump hater who probably blames Trump for everything wrong in her life. Newsflash bimbo. mass shootings have been happening for a long time. School shootings have been too. Well before Trump and will continue after 2024 when he leaves office.
trentham_travis @peterbakernyt If U think anyone W/an IQ larger than their shoe size is going to buy this crap, you’re crazier than a crap house rat! Trump destroys everything he touches added to that FACT, he’s stupid, a miserable coward, cowering to Putin, Kim, MBS and it’s obvious!
the_je85 @BillKristol @davidmweissman Listened to someone on the radio the other day talking about the "deep state" who are "so called 'experts'" with their "fancy degrees" And it occured to me that a lot of this illuminati crap is nothing more then an inferiority complex and Trump represents them for that reason I'm a man of mystery but be kind and I might unwind
desphex @BenedictDonald_ @realDonaldTrump Holy crap, what have you been smoking? You probably "like" kids the same as Joe -Kidsniffer- Biden. You realise it's the Dems/Libs that are condoning corruption (Biden witholding money if he didn't get what he asked for? as is said by Biden himself ) and blaming it on Trump...
Ninemeninaband @CheeseandBread 14) ..your replies now without dismissing them)(laughing) but, like I said, it doesn't change my mind that Trump is worthy of impeachment, especially since the odds of the Senate actually following through r slim to none - it's a big waste of time and money as most partisan crap If it's right, it's right, if it's wrong, it's wrong, regardless of what side you're on. Confirmation bias is the cancer eating this country.
emerpus01 @realDonaldTrump Let’s say there really is an afterlife. Maybe it’s spiritual, maybe it’s scientists thousands of years from now reanimating long dead persons via dna and wormholes. I would pay money to be there to see George Washington just beat the crap out of Donald Trump.
cookiewrites1 Pennsylvania, USA @jeffmason1 Listen up BOZO, you are failing as a journalist by discouraging citizens from watching. Your without a “bang” crap is STUPID. Your job is to explain what was useful & why to keep watching. You are trapped in Trump’s metaphor. This is not about TV and viewers, it’s about truth. Transpersonal Counselor, Writer, Cat Slave, Mother, Tree Lover, Old Hippie, Traveler, Jupiter at MH, Fluent in Sarcasm.
Truthntranspare Canada @TomJChicago Trump and the GOP don't give a crap. They know that big, dark money donations, Russian bots trolls, vote machine rigging, and hate/fear propaganda is far more important than voters. Compelling Truth and Transparency from elected Officials, their Appointees, and Taxpayer funded entities and their Directors and Staff
JasonBTyler1 Orangeburg, SC @chrissyteigen What the crap. Are you making things up, you are against the Trump family aren't you. I lived through Obama's crap. Never said a word, he was my President at that time. Now Trump is in and boy did it blow up. Love of Christ is my Savior!
JasonBTyler1 Orangeburg, SC @realDonaldTrump Sir, I am tired of hearing these fake Democraps on my Computer. I am with you 10000000000000000 % Keep Byron and Melania Safe. I love you sir, and will always vote for you, Tired of this crap against you sir. You did nothing wrong. Trump family is my family. Love of Christ is my Savior!
lightspeed2u N Pole entering Magadan-Russia @jjsmokkieBOY57 Let’s see thise pics! That’s what tRump says right?!: “I think it’s ok to accept dirt from another country”...Donald Trump. Your antithesis is not asking for and seeking out the crap that tRump is always up to. You suck as a human and Congressman. Your cow is much smarter, loser. Mechanical Engineer. USAF Officer. Instructor Pilot. C-141 Aerial Refueling Aircraft Commander. Command Post Duty Officer. #TrumpCrimeFamily
CSmith4535 South Atlanta, Atlanta @GOPLeader @DevinNunes Hahaha!! Nunez was a complete and unmitigated idiot during the hearing! All that bullcrap and conspiracy crap bottled up in one human, it’s a wonder he didn’t combust into one giant dung-heap!! Nunez is an embarrassment to our country. A buffoon! A puppet and Trump Stooge! Retired career counselor, educated artist, foodie, grandparent, married for 37 yrs. and opinionated on just about anything, just ask me!
Christy56074523 Dallas/ Ft Worth, Texas @DrBiden I damn proud of President Trump. Finally a President who shoves the “Liberal” crap back in their faces. Your husband is so corrupt and then there’s “$83,333 a month” Hunter. What a cushy job. Even Obama told Joe that he didn’t have to run. Maybe because of what is coming out. Mother of a beautiful, angelic daughter. Love Sports; especially College Basketball, Travel, Music & Art. God bless America and keep it safe!! GO TRUMP!!
Dazy_Parade Eagle River, AK @ArcticRoc @KidDenali @PreetBharara .@libbybakalar’s piece scared the crap out of me. And DunLeavy is a mini-Trump. The loyalty pledges, shady deals/contracts, rampant spending despite claiming the state is totally broke. The lawsuits! There is a lot of material here in Alaska Preet can relate to. #AskPreet EXPAND BACKGROUND CHECKS she/her Optimist @MomsDemand volunteer, #DisarmHate #OneToughMother #VoteThemOut #KeepFamiliesTogether WE ARE CAGING CHILDREN
bujewmom Longmont, CO @greggutfeld I am getting annoyed with Fox & watching One America more. Fox is talking about impeachment crap way too much, Fox has those BS poll(S) that say Trump is going to loose to Binden....and you have not reported on this as far as I can c. Single Jewish Mother who is extremely patriotic but a hard core anglophile.
ThomLillyLayne United States @Debbie56111656 @RepGosar @RepMarkMeadows @realDonaldTrump Grow up it’s getting old with the Putin crap it was already proven that the Dems were involved with Russia not Trump and the IG report will be coming out any day now so hold on to your britches you will be shocked how evil the party you love so much is I FOLLOW BACK PATRIOTS WHO ARE ACTIVE ONLY #WalkAway #TRUMP2020. NO LIST NO LIST NO LIST you will be blocked if you add me to a LIST
tervalas Nebraska, USA @realDonaldTrump, instead of the #FireAndFury you promised us for continues North Korea threats, is kissing their bottom and once again treating our allies like crap. #Traitor I'm a 'jack-of-all-trades' nerd. Love and knowledgeable about many things, master of none. Gaming, comics, sports, movies, music, politics. USN 1995-2005
TSEPPIJR Home of the Stanley Cup Champs @graemeknows @BrianKarem @KellyannePolls Thays exactly right, the bullsh!t impeachment crap to draw attention from the dumpster fire headed to the dems by Barr... #Trump2020 👍 Liberalism and #TDR are real mental illnesses. Trump is living rent free in the dems heads🤣🤣🤣 #4moreyears #LetsGoBlues #Trump2020 #LiberalsSuck
CaptainAhab_MD The Sea @MelinaDiem @donnabrazile May I find peace? What kind of condescending crap is that? I’m asking you to list specifically the law that Trump broke and how. You can’t even say what he did that was in violation. I can guess what you THINK it is, but I’d hate to assume. I’d like you to use your own words! To the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee!
DQuidic League City, TX This crap has been going on 4 MANY YEARS &Trump knew about it. He has taken on the DC Swamp &these politicians will do anything to get rid of him Don't kid Urself if you think Ukraine and Barisma is unique. This is a practice that has been abused by Democrats & Republicans alike Bi-Racial American who identifies with his white side for the #MyWhitePrivilege😉. I'm the only one that has actually taken GNC by Storm. Texas Y’all. #TRM Proud
robb_cowell Central Florida @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump More are coming forward every day, and the sad fact that Russia gains, Ukraine suffers, people die and you make jokes. History will include you for your sycophantic behavior, as each deposition proves Trump the piece of crap criminal he is.
enid_berrios A Happy Place. EPA moves to block all studies on clean air and water WHAT ELSE THAT IS POSITIVE FOR THE PEOPLE AND OUR HEALTH IS @realDonaldTrump GOING TO CRAP ON? @MSNBC @maddow @CNN @nytimes @washingtonpost @robreiner @BettyBowers @OccupyDemocrats @ABC @maggieNYT Lock Him Up 👴 He Is Always Colluding
CrunchyFishTaco United States Trump is destroying everything this country has done for the last 100 years. Just an orange faced pawn of nationalists that don't give a crap about the importance of our position and standing in the world and how it has benefited us in terms of national security and economically. Fish tacos are the best tacos. 🧂
USAVet5 Texas ✭ Your a miserable little bottom wipe that can’t stand the First second and sixth amendments. And Trump is your President. Deal with it cause your whiney piss ant thoughts don’t mean crap to me or the rest of us that defend the constitution. USA. Love it or leave it. USAF Veteran #MAGA #2A. Retired/LEO. #DallasCowboys #buildawallcrimewillfall
sturgeon_sue @kagbabe17 @AresStopell @guypbenson Unfortunate you're not allowed the freedom of thinking, researching & listening for yourself. "Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening," Trump said. "Just stick with us, don't believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news." I am not your private secretary do your own damn research, it is out there. No lists.
lyne_christy @blk3665 Spending his own money? This is the funniest thing I've read in days. I'm a boomer. Aren't I the one who is supposed to believe all of this crap, and be part of the trump cult. I don't because I'm not that stupid.
hapa_girl33 TrumpTrain @rkcraig348 You did trump me, lol. Hawaii is fast becoming a crap hole. Imagine being a tourist and before getting on the plane, your tour guide gives you the low down on how to stay safe and what areas to avoid. I do feel for you though. Frankenstein and CamelToe are the worst. I have major ninja skills don't mess with my #MAGA. Japan loves Trump. 日本育ちのアメリカンと日本のハーフ。 #ProtectTheInnocent #BackTheBlue #TrumpTrain 🇺🇸🇯🇵
BeBop426 @thejimbaker I was 14 when Watergate hearings preempted everything on tv. I was babysitting and I watched as much as I could. This shouldn’t be “reality” tv. This is important work, not crap that trump and his supporters want to watch. Maybe Jerry or Maury should narrate? Mom of three and Grandmom to one
77arl88 Mars @Scavino45 @realDonaldTrump Criminals always complain about their prosecutors. That is a given.If Traitor Trump is innocent,the House gave him an invite to the hearings this and next week to defend himself.I guess he prefers making up crap in tweeter and call people names.Tell Miller to resign as a starter. Name refers to luck vs ethnicity. Believer in fairness,equality for all. Anti politicians and corporations who fill their pockets off the backs of others.
tlk19812 @Scavino45 @realDonaldTrump That is utter crap! Trump tried to extort/bribe the Ukraian President to get dirt on Biden for Trump’s own personal political gain! That is a crime and Trump must be impeached! Trump is the most corrupt ever!
ingridpv_93 H O U S T O N Trump talks crap about Obama all the time, it’s annoying. Trump is like that ex that can never stop talking mess about you and try to make you seem like the toxic person when in reality they’re the toxic ones. Nature enthusiast🌲🏕 huge animal lover! 🇲🇽💙 University of Houston 🐾🎷 🎨🌎🌱#UHAlumni #SpiritofHouston #BlackLivesMatter #ProLGBTQ Jeremiah 29:11
SavSingleton55 Texas, USA @Jennanjack @KimGOP60 Seriously? Rubin supports Trump for re-election, and refuses to condemn him for crap like this. What else is there to know? Interests include politics, books, movies, and writing — short fiction romance. Always looking to improve. Love to chat.
amusic5150 New York, USA @trumpisthegoat8 @woods_account @CarpeDonktum Sure, pal... that's it. You know what? whatever kind of evidence that is, what Trump should have done is take that evidence and bring it to HIS DOJ for our investigators to handle.NOT hold back aide, risking National Security bcs Biden got a job. His "Corruption" excuse is crap! Father & husband... #Islanders #Yankees #Knicks #Jets live music rules! #Resist #ImpeachTrump
terveza @dbongino The comments on Julie's post are crazy! People are so upset that Trump is using speaker phone and doesn't realize how dangerous that is. He needs to think about security! Lol! No problem with a private server but they believe this crap! I'm so sick of this! Release reports!! #MAGA2020 #KAG2020 💯 Our freedoms come from our Creator, not from our government!
Deja_Great Wide spot in the road Holy Crap we are all so screwed! “Nothing says I love you like a shakedown”. Trump is demanding that South Korea pay roughly 500% more in 2020 to cover the cost of keeping US troops on the peninsula, a congressional aide and an administration official confirmed to CNN. Remember when America valued democracy? That was awesome. E Pluribus Unum. Diversity is our strength. No lists, no DMs. I block Deplorables and Coo-Coo-Q

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