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Martin_the_V Planet Earth #WhatsApp App for Windows is crap; Bugs that, if it were a Beta, wouldn't be acceptable. And it's getting worse with each update. Back to Twitter because... Twitter now is a Musk!
Luige253 Asia I just bought a Windows laptop, Windows is crap, and Microsoft aren't great either. I'm pleased I stayed away from Apple at this time, but what phone to get? No idea, but Apple is done for me. Twitter ban 5 years ago? It's better now. Unvaccinated #NotOurFuture
michabbb Germany/Regensburg @LupinityLabs @phpstorm I stopped using phpstorm under windows many many years ago. php is not made for widows, same applies to phpstorm, and wsl will always be a stupid hack. I am so done with that crap 😠 There are plenty of developers, but only a few problem solvers
Kenny_Boo22 Asheville, NC @featherty Be honest, it's a misnomer. There is no "freshener" involved unless you count opening the windows. These are chemical scents designed and marketed to make us believe it's improving air quality by mimicking something natural. Chem crap! Open ur window! 62 yo, just wondering what happened; where did we go wrong? Asheville NC is home
aarkay_14 Tokyo-to, Japan @VNchocoTaco I hate the iPhone.. so I don't care if it's made in China India or Mars for that matter.. it is an overpriced crap product anyways.. people are buying stupid boutique electronics from this company when the majority of the world clearly runs on Windows, Linux and Android Computer Nerd by passion and Computer Engineer by profession.
JoelDeTeves @nixcraft Windows 11 is the most bloated piece of junk since Windows Millennium. Absolute crap by comparison Windows 7 was the most lean and stable version since Windows 2000 Really sad to watch M$ turn an OS into an advertising delivery platform Founder @lcsnetworks • 18+ years keeping businesses in business • If it has an API, I’ll automate it • Tweets random musings about the Simulation
rousetodd1 Palmerston North City, New Zea @LI_politico Totally agree, houses in New Zealand are crap. Character is not windows running condensation and damp housing that makes people ill. We need more warm, insulated and double glazed houses Originally from the UK but have lived in NZ for 20 years. I am a midwife & work as a Senior advisor for the Te Whatu Ora-Health New Zealand
marcusblackus Connecticut, USA This is what happens when IT is treated as a “cost center”. These hospitals still running windows XP, using software from the 90s and other legacy crap and then wonder why they got pwned…
rafa_condron @nandoprince93 Stage manager is crap. Took that idea from Windows. Such an expensive setup - you could get the same setup and performance for half the price and look better than that. It's a dog's life!
Chris36WA Caldwell, ID @SheVestigates There is no Egyptian deity!!! What crap! That is a pic of the 1st floor window. There was never any blood found on those windows. It was reported that the killings occurred on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Not the 1st floor.
CrzyCatLady22 @WhiteHouse Bull crap then why is ever store and restaurant have HIRING signs in their windows. LIARS Happily married. Love Jesus, family and my church. All Lives Matter, Back the Blue. NO DM'S PLEASE.
tweetypie2810 @aaa82592740 @HateNewbuild Yes they have to meet regs but putting small windows is the cheap way to do this and then they have the nerve to charge 500k for a crap house. 🌹🌹Socialist who would like to live in a fair world. FYI calling me woke or a leftie isn’t an insult😉 🌹🌹
dazzknowles Colchester, UK For example, I've just wasted 20 mins wondering why SSMS wouldn't open, just got the splash screen and nothing else. Turns out Windows is opening the UI on my capture card "monitor". How is 2022 and we're still dealing with this sort of crap? Business owner. Full stack software engineer/developer. PS5 & PC gamer. Novice Twitch streamer. #NUFC fan. Opinions are my own.
shinybird_77 @sarge_stan Yeah it's a bit crap aye. You can make the taskbar less crap by having it on left align if need be, and a bunch of other tat. The windows button menu is what gets me a lot all views are my own and not of my employer OR my contracting organisation. (She/they, Vic Au.) #a11y / 👩🏼‍💻🤳 #BlackLivesMatter
BigSquirmy Orlando, FL @FbBagholder @betylapps @nytimes I mostly mean with their store. Im all for a company doing whatever they want. Its their crap. If a user dont like it then dont buy or use it. Mac OS gives you the ability to run windows and install apps other than what is in the store. It is just a bit hypocritical to me is all Husband, Father, Engineer, Gamer, Developer, @saints fan! #instagram @bigsquirmy I have a lot of projects I need to finish! Currently working on VR stuff.
KeithB96542889 UK @sparklybow7 Aye been messing about with this new laptop all day ffs windows 11 is crape i been trying to avoid it since it came out. And the crap that comes loaded on a new laptop bloody hell Arghhhhhh xx In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.
Cyb3rB0r6 Southcentral Wisconsin Now @Azure is shaking in their boots. Go figure. Maybe keep your Windows crap off of my Google Chromebook? Stop using Stack Overflow on my accounts and devices. Disabled. Civil Rights, Feminist, BLM, Infosec, Missing/Unsolved, Weather, Photography, Gun Ctrl, Write Music, Law, Science. Art, Sewing. With Ukraine! No DMs
Martin_the_V Planet Earth #WhatsApp App for Windows is crap; Bugs that, if it were a Beta, wouldn't be acceptable. And it's getting worse with each update. Back to Twitter because... Twitter now is a Musk!
priscillamae78 Georgia, USA @mabel_galvin @SeldenGADawgs @robreiner And no he didn’t mean wild in the way you said it. My local community theater said the Christmas party is going to be wild because they have a different theme this year. I guess they’ll go break windows and crap too according to you. I have a passion for life. The world is a beautiful place. Just stop and look around at the beauty around you. Enjoy every moment.
TazWx @elonmusk @JudyNagle9 Great! I am still not sure I will continue with apple between this and the ccp crap. I would still love to see you make a phone. It makes me sick that they sided with ccp! I hate windows even more... what is left??
CelticGuy99 @MostlyMetalMick @arkyhawg @karmali02326761 @bennyjohnson Professionally ? Most studios I know are Mac based. The reason is that Windows and ASIO drivers are crap for USB timing, buffer management and reliability. Only the Truth matters !!
jeff16609531 @MostlyMetalMick @karmali02326761 @bennyjohnson Obviously you don’t know crap from shampoo so please sell your apple products and stay with windows or Muskows either way is crap and will start a fire 🤣
AS_Michaels Florida, USA I don’t get how weed smokers can’t comprehend how bad they smell. Car in traffic cut me off and is in front of me now. My windows are CLOSED and I’m getting the munchies. Holy crap! Principal. Ed.D. Blue Star Mom. Family Above Everything…but sci-fi, chick flicks, comic book shows, and sports are a close second 🥰
lordofleisure Probably behind the bins.... Starting to see why Windows 11 is worse compared to Windows 10..... And they want us to move to this pile of crap? This is why you test on another device before messing with your Uber beast of a PC! #nerdlife #windows11 #bluescreenofdeath Thanks to 2020 Parts 1,2 and 3 a full time bearded fatter hobo, hoarder of toilet paper and unclean toilet abuser. Views are my own...or are they? Yes they are.
Luige253 Asia I just bought a Windows laptop, Windows is crap, and Microsoft aren't great either. I'm pleased I stayed away from Apple at this time, but what phone to get? No idea, but Apple is done for me. Twitter ban 5 years ago? It's better now. Unvaccinated #NotOurFuture
WatTyler2022 Reality hey @Microsoft who the hell do you think you are? I paid for my PC & I paid for windows. IT'S MY BUSINESS how much power I use, how bright my display is & when I want to download and install updates. SCREW you ESG crap. I am using my machine as I see fit, not as u think I should 60 yr old who thrives despite CHF, 2 lvads, kidney cancer, losing 1 ft lower intestine and 3 strokes. God bless the USA (I is a tough mofo :) )
xX_Nice_Guy_Xx SF Bay Area AKA TECHNO-HELL Made it to my meeting on time though... This meeting is always really cursed for me because I'm chronically late to it and they have started to wonder if I care when I do care so much but my piece of crap laptop had to update windows for 25 minutes please believe me bro... Sincere, a friend to most, and always happy to be dorkish. Fave stories: Villette (1853); Noir (2001). @TheOhmuPolice is Real and Strong and also My Friend!
tsjmcgrath Sheffield @JonnElledge We have our windows open almost permanently in our bathroom due to a) a crap extractor fan and b) attempts to prevent mould build up. This is what it looked like before I last bleached it (which was my estate agent’s recommendation) 📝 Digital inclusion policy at Good Things Foundation 🧪 Leading the Data Poverty Lab 🎨 Graphic designer. Prev: @SPERIShefUni and @EuroParl_EN. He/Him. Queer.
lakeloonatic Darkansas Holy crap. The thunder is loud and rattling the windows out here in north Pulaski County. A retired guy. Opinions are like people I do not like, everyone has one. I share mine. Unsolicited DMs will be ignored. Expletives will be used. Follow at your own risk.
scrapegroat @Jamie_D_T Sure they are crap and I accept this but normal levels of household mould is something only the tenant can deal with surely? Is the landlord supposed to come and put on the heating, wipe down your walls and open your windows? playing games with strangers and robots
jahanzebjks Pakistan Darn air quality is crap Went out for a drive with the windows rolled down and now I can’t breathe Bleah! Essential oils to the rescue A free-spirited guy that helps authors build an online presence to create a lasting impact AND sell more books.
JoeThursday @nathaliejacoby1 PC stands for piece of crap… I had to buy a pc for some tax software. It was my only laptop so ended up using it through university. It was garbage compared to my wife’s Apple laptop and my Apple desktop. The Windows operating system is garbage compared to Apple.
GabenskiJc Oregon, USA @Jim_Jordan No, but it is when TFG ordered his followers up to the Capitol to break windows and crap on the floor. It’s also election interference when you talked to TFG on 1/6 and didn’t tell us what you talked about. Fake electors is also election interference.
gruntwork Brighton, UK Mac Toslink output is meant to have a limitation. People muttering don't bother. And that you get better quality via HDMI or USB. Or even with a switch of OS (Windows...). Then I realised my DACs are pretty crap anyways. And my amp still hums. Here for codified one liners. (Wit; no chaff.) Does: freelance web development. Likes: mangosteens. Dislikes: rabbit holes.
dorseydadon @gutterbrainbrad @AlbertBreer You do that. Good luck picking him. Developing him. And then having the good fortune of being good enough during his career. The windows are small and it takes great fortune. The draft is a crap shoot. I’ll take the ring. it’s just business. it’s never personal.
TheDickReckard New York, NY I almost forgot to thank everyone who made it to the Saturday Salt Fest, courtesy of Binary Domain. Holy crap that game is a mess. Huge thanks go to xHayoriz and wholestome_toaster for the awesome raids mid stream, the few windows where the salt was subdued. Just a small Twitch Streamer. Streaming MWFSat from 4 - 8 PM EST. Insta: @TheDickReckard Youtube: TikTok:
Gravemi77327855 High Charity @creation247 None of these ancient buildings have running water, electricity or central heating, windows and internet etc. There is a lot more work that goes into building an inhabitable structure now. Also we see the very best these people built and not all the crap that crumbled 100s of Pro freedom, anti lockdown, anti forced vacination, pro Brexit, Libertarian
wmertens Ghent, Belgium @iCookScripts @shuhrayf @skar_erik @TheJackForge Tried it, was ok but still the windows part gets in the way. The problem is sharing your code between windows and Linux. There's no performant network filesystem from windows to Linux. The other way round is brittle. The new windows stuff is ok but the old crap is still there. He/him/nerd