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Eastfist Green Bay, WI, USA LOL. forking hypocrites. Elitist programmers want to brag how smart they are by only doing crap in command line. Now look at how graphical this new Windows Terminal is. Nobody likes working only in command line and text. Inventor of Bitcoin at 15-years-old. More of me at:
Cheri_Bearr @SassyCritic It's too much!! Poor girl. He didn't even clean his truck to pick her up. Did you notice the dirty windows and all the crap rattling around in the truck bed? 😂😂 All he's missing is a windowless white van 😂😂 Lover of: family, beaches, mountain streams and All the water, all creatures great & small.
soulsurfer74 @helptobuyfund Total scam. There is no fund! Just over priced poor quality 2nd rate windows! Do not go anywhere near, unless you like buying cheap crap. @ASA_UK and @TSScot please can you get involved and stop people getting ripped off
oldgrumpydude00 United States @MicrosoftEdge @Windows Stop. If it’s as bad as your current products, just stop now. Waiting over an hour for an update is forking criminal. People have lives and don’t have the time for your crap product. Windows continues to suck. Snark and coffee. Holding elected officials to task. Views are my own. Now get off my lawn...
Pensage Surfing on optimal flow The worry is we're clearly looking at 3-4 players tops. Most likely 3. (Woodward wouldn't dare sign only 2!) So it's two summer windows just to get half a new squad. But you hope youth promotions and improvements on the few current players who aren't crap can cover. #MUFC Playwright. Screenwriter. Creative director. Functional perfectionist. Dyspralexic. #54Silhouettes
IntegresS_250 Texas, USA When you need to Skype in to a meeting in 5 minutes and Windows tells you the computer is about to restart and you have no choice and then it does this crap. 😅 #WorkFromHome Short girl who drives an RCF (Batmobile) and loves cars, cats, cosplay, anything Batman; Just another supernerd living in TX. ^_^ #ADULTSREACT
KnoxSe7eN @jmd2189 I get the "This is Microsoft and your Windows key is out of date and needs to be renewed" type crap all the time. My tweets tend to be about video games, anime, manga, computer hardware and dogs.
sayata out from Atlanta, GA Satya Nadella was behind the windows update nightmare crap so what the heck are you talking about in the last part of article. And catering with google on the windows browser is stupid. LOL Writer, Rancher, Independent Thinker. My Tweets Might Be Serious. They Might Be Silly. Always just opinion.
jimmygunawanapp Sydney @tonroosendaal For example: - I paid $$$$ for Houdini 9 license, upgradeable but no longer supported if I don't have older Windows and FBX import is also crap back then. - I paid $$$$ for Maya license, but year by year update is simply not worth it. Indie CG Artist with interest and passion in Computer Graphics, AR, iOS. The author of Blender Sushi. Support me:
edgar_edray44 Florida, USA @FuctupMike He really needs a job too much time on his hands Hay Hollywood please hire this piece of crap @TomArnold ! He really needs to get back to reality and realize that whether he likes it or not TRUMP IS HIS PRESIDENT! Hey Tom I hear department store need dummies for their windows!!😂 Trump train passenger since2015🇺🇸🇺🇸🇵🇷🇵🇷Puerto Ricans for trump 🇵🇷🇺🇸🇵🇷#lockHillaryup2016 #Hispanicsfortrump
Sylon00 USA @weatherchannel Your Windows app is in desperate need of some upgrading. The radar looks like crap and @NVIDIAGeForce keeps thinking it's a video game. Might wanna show it some love, I'm starting to think you've given up on it. The main character in the randomness that is my life. Also an occasional YouTuber & Twitch streamer.
DistrictGMiE90 ENGLAND @Sm0ggs Yh 100% mate, I’ve already bought 75% of my stuff I just need a new elgato and a windows PC as my MAC is crap 😂 think it’s just a leap of faith I guess, but it’s probably best to just stream with your voice or just gameplay to begin with to get used to it. Fifa Esports player for @playdistrictG / Arena Clash Player for @belongstratfrd. 29 years old All Round Gamer And Enthusiast of all things football ⚽️⚽️YNWA!!!
realchrisebert Detroit @JenMsft where is the right place to voice complaints about unneeded apps like Candy Crush getting installed on Windows 10. I did a clean install of 1809 and it still installed a ton of crap. I’d really like to not have to use power shell to fix Windows. technology enthusiast, software developer, Michigan computer science grad, MBA grad, football and Crossfit aficionado
olivgaming Toronto, Ontario @ArrianaOnDayZ And hopefully last queation, which GPU? I know I was having some serious issues when I updated my GPU, had to revert to one from December or January from Nvidia. Also ensure windows game mode/game bar/ all that crap is turned off, it forks with OBS Your second favourite streamer. Funny, smart assed, Canadian content creator. I drop dad jokes even though I'm an uncle.
terente01 @Over9000coffey Windows 10 is crap thought, it's more admin than you are; very hard to handle, and incompatible with lots things. Also, I won't even mention how it behaves with cracked software... I hope future generations will solve these problems. ᵘʷᵘ
wilkileaks @Windows @pcworld @Lenovo Why have you built this crap, Windows 10?? All those crap poping up at start. Let alone the cascades of links, with no clarity like it is so perfectly done in Windows 7 Why dont you do 2 version at least, and let all those crap go to the crappets JUSTICE FOR ALL - WHATEVER IT TAKES - FIGHT SOCIALISM - WHATEVER IT TAKES
hoyty Sammamish,WA @MyNameIsMurray @OfficeSupport @Windows Yes but these things get spread and whatever and then we get “Word is spying on me” crap. Because sure someone in Redmond really wants to know about your Word docs Mr. I can’t get updates for some odd reason. video game and home theater nerd, OneNote / Tablet PC believer and supporter since 2004
NatePetersMusic St Louis, MO @SnazzyQ Crap. I’ve been looking at MacBooks buuuut the keyboard fiasco / price is keeping me. Would it be better to go the windows laptop for now? Not too tied to fcpx and there’s some decent logic alternatives Guitarist and Aspiring Content Creator/Musician.
TPAFshFndr Valrico, FL If you look at the offense like a fancy car, the offensive line is the engine. Although it has nice spinners and nice rims and tinted windows...If the engine's not working, it's a piece of crap. Mike Tice
Christo75536268 @Google I bought your Google Chromebook, and granted it is a value in personal costs, but honestly it is a dysfunctional piece of crap that doesn't operate and mobile applications in any presentation accuracies and also has no ease of functionality at all. I wish I bought windows blah blah fart fart fart
JLG1956 Missouri, USA @ArquetteSisters I just terminated Firefox as my default browser over that. First they make their browser operate slower than ever after Windows 8 and Windows 10 came out and now this crap. Screw them. Enough is enough. Retired USAF / Shareholder, Green Bay Packers, Inc. / I block members of "The Resistance" for being Anti-American Moonbat Guttersnipes.
segphault San Mateo, CA To get version 18 of the @Docker CLI on Windows, I had to install Docker Desktop, which required two reboots and enabling Hyper-V. This is a crap experience when all I wanted was the 20MB standalone exe so I could connect to Docker on my Linux box. 🙄 Technical writer at Stripe. Ars Technica open source editor emeritus. Previously, developer relations at RethinkDB and Xamarin.
__malkia__ Los Angeles, CA The biggest issue with C/C++ is that there is no sane, standard way to globally redefine your malloc/new/free/delete - yes, there are many tricks, LD_PRELOAD doohikeys for them unixes, and sorts, and all kind of detour patching for windows, and all of that is CRAP... Activision
nmattinson Tiptree @RMajor86 @WHS_Carpet @sainsburys Is that one of those self serve fruit/veg weigh machines. They’re all crap. Most of the ones in Colchester don’t work and they look like they’re on Windows 95 Just having a little grumble. Thats all. Tiptree Parish Councillor but this is all my own work 💯
peterme Oakland OMG WINDOWS 10 + ONEDRIVE IS A P.O.S I couldn't save a document because... the path had more than 218 characters. (I use Windows for work, and am floored daily by legacy crap that inhibits me from actually getting my work done. I don't understand Windows apologists.) You never can tell with bees. (he/him)
leftiepopulists Oslo, Norway @MicrosoftCEE How Microsoft has gone MicroWRONG, and made Windows 10 is a mystery to me!! It's a horrible design, layout like a labyrint; takes days on end to try and delete and uninstall all the crap. It's a scorn against the very clear Wind 7 @pcworld HORRIBLE !! FIGHTING THE DISGUSTING LEFTIES POPULISTS ====== BEKJEMPE DE SYKE VENSTREPOPULISTENE
Rasmodo @Hiddanas I saw a van here with a bunch of anti vax crap written all over the windows about "do the research" and all that crap, one of the lines was "Risk is Reward."
andylondon london, st vincent and the grenadines, @alt_92 wicked, i never seen the 2 desktops til today, now i have deleted the 2nd one it has vanished with a little new desktop!! i hate the way the windows 10 desktop is all tabletified with crap i dont want. but i like debian with xfce, simple and clear for me. thanks have become deeply deeply woke, with thanks to all the woke of london and the uk. now loves the EU 💙🇻🇨
Puddnutz Minnesota, USA Now, keep in mind, we didn't *have* to buy new PCs. Our Dell Optiplex 7010s and 990s handle Windows 10 just fine, and they're 5-7 years old. We still use them throughout the building. The claim that a business PC will be replaced in 2-3 years is crap. 5/? IT for @kare11. Formerly of @weau13news. Lights padawan for @xgeekmedia. In-depth video game history knowledge is a personality trait, right? Opinions mine.
Dinosorceror Alaska Crap, that damn Brynn had me get such a bleeding edge server box, I can't even get network drivers for it for the latest Windows Server. Will have to have the Crackton server be just like my laptop is now, Win 10 running Hyper-V and the Server 2019 in a VM. The head weesaur of Lava Dome Five
kid_jenius Redmond @igorkulman If this is true, then holy crap that's awesome. WhatsApp badly needs a better Windows client, and UWP is a perfect candidate for its underlying tech stack Native #DevMC @ #MSBuild. Software engineer at Microsoft. UWP, Azure. Opinions are mine alone. Made @NightingaleUWP and Pillbox for Windows. Proud Canadian 🍁
B92Jones Olympia, WA Oh crap is today the day they riot and break stuff in seattle. Shop owners have to board windows and screw trashcans down. #PNW
Smashley087 Louisiana @theVoicePlay I’m jamming to this volume up windows down in my car at a stop light. Car pulls up beside..she has her windows down. She hears my music and is like “heeeyyy!” And starts dancing so of course I did too...that’s the story of how my morning went from crap to totally okay. ❤️😂 Mom, DV survivor, makeup lover & fangirl. Fueled by coffee & VoicePlay. Find something you love & love the crap out of it. In the midst of it, find yourself.
AshRobWright Preswick, Scotland. @SebC__ @EHellberg98 Ole is picking up Mourinho’s mess, Mourinho had many transfer windows to sort this crap out and spent about £400m in the process (on crap) so lets not pretend he was working off a shoe-string budget here! LFC fan living in Scotland. Mostly talking about football.
jdm7dv Abingdon,Va I paid 3,000 for my ASUS ROG Gaming laptop and the toshiba drive is a piece of crap. turning on the HP elite Windows 8.1. Adobe, Microsoft, Ableton, Mensa Community, UVa Student and Alumni INTJ-T. Royal Society of the Arts Fellow. Published by BMI. CDBaby Pro (Showtime etc..)
JAMESUMBER Oregon I ordered an Oculus Quest. I can’t wait. Dealing with janky Windows PC crap for VR is necessary and worth it for cool, modifiable software and experiments, but I’m actually looking forward to the smoothness of the walled garden.
leftiepopulists Oslo, Norway @MicrosoftCEE How is it possible that the superb clarity display of Windows 7 - RIGHT-TO-THE-POINT - is turned into crap Wind 10? Having spent all day today to find out about Linux, and people I can see are really angry! @Castorama_PL @linuxfoundation @Apple @Windows @eddysinfo @wilkileaks FIGHTING THE DISGUSTING LEFTIES POPULISTS ====== BEKJEMPE DE SYKE VENSTREPOPULISTENE
DontPanicLabs Lincoln, NE Microsoft abandons plan to take Paint out of Windows and put it in the Store. #DPLReadingList Your Vision + Our Engineering /// We build software and transform development teams to make innovative ideas a reality. #LNK
MoonScryer @TehAdvent @Logitech Its crap and nothing to be done. The Logitech driver is just not very good and I don't think has honestly had a real actual overhaul since Windows 7 came out. Catalyst of bad ideas. Game streaming, random numbers, shiny objects. What?
GreatSnoopy77 Bucharest, Romania @SwiftOnSecurity @rosyna My greatest issue with them is that the OS responsiveness is crap once you fill it with *lots* of apps and/or tabs. For all its faults, Windows mastered that art long ago. Having the greatest cpu and gpu is useless if you are only able to use them efficiently one app at a time. SDE/SRE; Current buzzwords of interest: distributed systems, databases, clouds, IaC, o11y.

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