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anachron_ @NoruegaDrone @VitalikButerin Use hardware wallets and don't interact with smart contracts that are not widely used. Also Windows is crap so if you are using it, another way you could get virus.
Gravemi77327855 High Charity @creation247 None of these ancient buildings have running water, electricity or central heating, windows and internet etc. There is a lot more work that goes into building an inhabitable structure now. Also we see the very best these people built and not all the crap that crumbled 100s of Pro freedom, anti lockdown, anti forced vacination, pro Brexit, Libertarian
wmertens Ghent, Belgium @iCookScripts @shuhrayf @skar_erik @TheJackForge Tried it, was ok but still the windows part gets in the way. The problem is sharing your code between windows and Linux. There's no performant network filesystem from windows to Linux. The other way round is brittle. The new windows stuff is ok but the old crap is still there. He/him/nerd
DMrKunst2 Kansas Bar & The Last Drop @StarOfElyon S*** like this absolutely boils my blood. It's not even a new thing either because this is the kind of crap they were doing to people when all of this started. Like welding their doors shut in high rise buildings. People were jumping out of the windows and killing themselves. What am I even doing here? Arcane, Alita, and other nonsensical opinions 🙃
Renopus_ Last Utopia & Holy Land Anthem @VRChat I had it enough. I genuinely do not care that Windows 7 is not listed under "Minimum Requirements". If it can install your crap "game" and run it, Easy Anti-Cheat that is useless should not cause an OS to crash 4 times. Fix, your garbage, you incompetent bloody wankers. "This car, is said to have a will of its own. Twisting, its own body in rage, it accelerates on..." Profile image by @lunaticjoker Header TC2000 Peugeot 307
BlackmonTrader Austin Tx @brianrayguitar @StephenKing @sandibachom Nor did Bill Gates invent windows who gives a crap. Musk is saving free speech and Gates is at G20 making sure all countries incorporate a vaccine passport. I think Musk is a much better human. Blockchain/Crypto/Options/Stocks/Futures trader. Common sense break down of the lies and myths money managers and wall street do not want you to know.
radicalbyte Ede, Netherlands @DenysVitali (and I know you can change etc etc - but I rant about how crap the Windows terminal is, when you can say install cmder and it's great) "Watching Idiocrasy" | CoronaMelder (RIP) | Freelance Tech Lead | C# | TS | Python | Software Engineering | Manga | Gunpla | C64 | Amiga | Electronics
an_opaque_lens Another planet @elonmusk @Liz_Wheeler While you're at it, can you and your boffins come up with a UNIX based OS for laptops which is good alternative to Mac OS? Linux is too clunky and Windows has always been crap. Probably Part Alien 👽 Ideologies slide off my Teflon coating
snizzoola Findland I would really like to be able to eat leftovers this morning but 2/3 of my daily Lyft drivers last week didn't wear masks or roll down the windows and I got Covid - so it's another helping of Paxlovid for me. Lyft's "we are invested in your safety" line is crap. Too much news, not enough data, and never enough thought.
nadbmal Boden 🇸🇪 we use onedrive at school and i gotta say it is the biggest piece of crap cloud sync software ever, even though its "windows native" "Change is what helps us grow, but it's also what destroys us." -MrSparkle | washed up speedrunner | discord: djs#8437 | he/him
anachron_ @NoruegaDrone @VitalikButerin Use hardware wallets and don't interact with smart contracts that are not widely used. Also Windows is crap so if you are using it, another way you could get virus.
TomUlcak Brno, CR @jasondebolt I'm an IT pro with over 20 yrs. Was there for Windows 95 launch + the beginning of the Internet as we know it now. The Internet is now CRAP. Web designs and tech companies decide how an 'open internet' will operate. So sad. Google search actually use to work.
TomUlcak Brno, CR @realGeorgeHotz I'm an IT pro with over 20 yrs. Was there for Windows 95 launch + the beginning of the Internet as we know it now. The Internet is now CRAP. Web designs and tech companies decide how an 'open internet' will operate. So sad. Google search actually use to work.
Rootbrian_ otnoroT, oiratnO, adanaC @zecabinets @intelcanada Windows is the crap that comes pre-installed. Just replace it with something else, and it isn't crap anymore. 🚲#bikeTO (He/Him) LGBTQ2S+=Normal 𝐄𝐱-𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞 for 11 years NO INTOLERANCE! 💗Freedom Mobile - Everywhere 50💗 ➡𝐁𝐨𝐲𝐜𝐨𝐭𝐭 𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐬𝐦 𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐬⬅
OsintMonkey It is for this type of crap that I stopped using Windows years ago...unfortunately I was required recently to use Windows again. Why does Windows think they know what is better for me and my machine? I HATE YOU! Lurking around Twitter and retweeting, mostly about OSINT and related content.
MarvelKapil @Windows windows 11 installation process is worst! I mean why I have to choose windows 11 (volume 6) and another windows 11(volume 3), what is this crap! Is this will make everyday life easier! Student , Gamer , Started using Twitter in 2020.
christianbute Oradea, RO 🇷🇴 @L33tL0v3rs @firefox Passwords. It just can't do a 1:1 sync. On Windows, it can grab any data from other browsers and everything seems normal. Then you switch to Linux and it's a broken crap with stuff missing. Lot of stuff is missing. B&W Photographer // Graphic Designer // Tech enthusiast If you don't have dynamicSpot on your Android phone, what even you do with your life?
cavesandcliffs Me closing an annoying program that’s not responding and windows talking ab “windows is looking for a solution” like no im going to disassemble you Just close this crap pllease i am a bot that has hacked into people’s notes app so i post their notes periodically
CrispinCowan0 @sirlonlilokli @Spiderbot51 @MSEdgeDev No. Vertical tabs consumes more of my screen space, the absolute opposite of what I want. I was on the Windows team when the push started to remove all the window framing crap and give more space to the content pane. Vertical tabs is completely retrograde, dunnow why it exists. Tanium security. LeviathanSec alum. *NIX: StackGuard, Immunix, LSM, AppArmor. Windows: UAC, AppContainer, Edge. Erdős 3. Pronoun: "Doctor" 😉
joinaunionpls If this sort of crap continues, there is going to be a mob going through a gay village (a street filled with queer bars, clubs, etc) who will smash windows, set fires, and beat the crap out of people. If you repeatedly call a group paedophiles & groomers, that's the end result. down with the monarchy, but diana is a comrade | LFC | direct action | civil liberties | decrim + harm reduction
ilykorice No pronouns, refer using name @konichiwaJH Ahhh crap,,, meltinggghgg 🫠🫠💕 Ritsu is so cool to Mob,,, 🥺 I envisioned rays from the windows, it was the afternoon and seeing a glance of Ritsu walk past windows with rays glinting around his silhouette,,, kakkoiii 🍨multifandom otaku and visual novel game enthusiast。⚠️dead dove trope consumer!🎨I draw→@illus_ilyu
Venttiili1 @AsakuraPiku Dyndolod is such a piece of forking crap software. it literally takes like hour to run it and I have fairly good rig and it's on SSD. And on top of that, it craps out random errors and refuses to run with some mods and when you have windows defender enabled. Male | ENG/FIN | Video Games | VR | Mecha | Mods | Hacks | Anime | The Elder Scrolls
1Nine80 @TrojanGamerX @MikaDima1 @BlooHook @firebreather764 @RoninRakurai @hermenhulst I hate windows OS and don’t want my software getting in the way of me gaming. On consoles you just login and you’re gaming. A gaming rig that gives you the best experience is double the price and isn’t as portable. Laptops are crap when playing games (loud/terrible battery life PlayStation Xbox Stadia Steam Deck
JimmyB1775 Anchorage, AK Here’s my @MGMResortsIntl NYNY “room with a view” that cost me $120+ extra over 6 days. You can ONLY see out of 25% of the windows. Two basically don’t exist, hiding behind the curtains and one is TOTALLY covered by some milky crap on the outside. Thanks #MGM #NewYorkNewYork Was a Marine. Now I’m a person. Never stopped being ADHD. I'm just here to scream into the void.
Blevi1989 @LucyABeaumont @KwajoHousing I live in social housing in NI and I have to say our association is brilliant, I feel for the people of England dealing with this crap. We had mould and fans were fitted within weeks, big bedroom was cold we got a bigger radiator and windows sealed. Never an issue over here #COYG. Who owns the north? 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️
realGoose @Joey08842532 @laralogan During Soros's BLM riot and looting crap show - pallets of bricks were distributed though out the area without any construction nearby... FBI agents looks like they were going around breaking shop windows to help the riot escalate faster. There is something SERIOUSLY sick here.
jim_another @atrisk99 @UglyBeardedDude @1123Eth @TheInsiderPaper But what if you want to choose chose instead of chose choose? I will say though that after years of android keyboard and autocorrect it is still crap compared to my old Windows phone. Yeah I used Windows phone, big whoop, wanna fight about about it?
Ebecpc England, United Kingdom @AGONbyAOC if running win10 then 2-3 smaller if win 11 one huge and a small one , but that only works if you use a 3rd party programme like displayfusion as windows 11 is crap for duel monitors UK IT Company Ltd 🖥️💻⌨️🖱️🖨️💽💾💿📀⚒️🔨 AD for FB Wuxia Readers Group lover of Cn/Lp/Kr novel's Ex-SFX Pryo Tech
CaldorDelvin1 Not where I want to be @derekmross Windows is a piece of crap of an operating system. Bloated. Slow. Crash-prone. Security nightmare. And those are its best features. Here to people-watch. Occasional sarcastic tweets interspersed with lame attempts at humor. Adamant 2nd Amendment supporter. Possibly judging you. #Bitcoin
BeeGayDooCrimes So @Microsoft and their “glorious” @Windows 11 did it again! What the fork is this S Mode crap? Why the fork do you NEED a MS account to install crap on your own computer? This is probably the summum of stupidity since the Windows Genuine Advantage crap in the early 2000s. Sound engineer, sometimes a teacher, activist, drop dead gorgeous. Intersectional feminist. I do not engage with GCs except to call them out.💙💖🤍 (she/her)
d0nt23 @RNR_0 If you like linux the main advantage of macbooks is performance + battery life and no auto updates restarting your laptop and closing everything you had open, but that's more of a windows issue, macOS is pretty average sometimes crap, a lot of issues are ignored by the fanboys
B34TN6U @Pureinfotech I think Microsoft had a contract with a specific group of programmers at the company for the Windows 10 shell and when the individuals left the company they still held the rights so Microsoft had to reinvent a new Explorer.exe and Windows 11 is the crap we got.
WhiteZer01 @RNR_0 Went from Windows to linux distro-hoping for many years and way too many distros, loved arch, fedora and debian. I went into Mac few years ago. My conclusion is that every OS is crap for one reason or another. adr.eth
StuddertNatalie Queensland, Australia @mjf People think this is easy. It’s not. Buy a paint gun if you’re crap at it. Tape up windows etc and blast it! 👍 Love to laugh. A social scientist, who is a strong believer is social justice, environment, health, law and housing affordability. Mad music and art lover
MoonPaladin British Columbia, Canada @Fiberking4 Because now the ending really is pretentious crap, there are no more blinders or windows, and all the dickriders have either converted to the anti ending side or have been invalidated by Yams himself, it's a lose lose, so... I can't help but find it a little comical. King of Chaos, King of Transit, King of Manga. Anti Censorship. Canadian. Minors DNI All are welcome except Crazy People.
seanlance77 Pekin, IL 61554 @paltalk Discord is much more functional. I can't even share pictures to a Paltalk chat room or send files to other pals. Get your crap together, Paltalk, and I may renew my subscription. But, until your windows client get better, I won't be paying for a premium account. Centrist, patriot, deal maker, and security professional, with a low tolerance for BS or histrionics.

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