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FionaFloyd Truro, England @SiobhanBenita “Even though that room hasn’t got windows, the ventilation might be ok” 🤦‍♀️ how thick is this “education minister”? Talking utter crap as usual, with lots of “you knows” and slow responses whilst he desperately tries to think of an answer. 😡 Biomedical Scientist in the NHS. (Haematology and Blood Transfusion) Heartily sick of this Con government. Getting to grips with Tweeting.
moonglow2556 Long Island NY @Torgo_Is_Here @dylanmsmitty They broke down doors , crashed through windows , beat the crap out of the capital police with the American flag . Ppl died , with no help for hours .and your trying to defend it ? I don't think so ED RN all music ,nature,fairness and also history , and hoping it doesn't repeat itself
brummer_brumm 迷路 Америка @AlladinNoons @SebastianEPayne @helenwarrell @MureDickie @wktt_5 What is this 'French bases' crap anyway? Have they asked the French if they want to have the trident, known for it's malfunctions and Windows XP all controlled by USA. 🙄 New start ☮️ Left-Green. Not worshipping anything/anyone. Hate wars. Julian Assange. BDS 729 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇵🇸 Zero tolerance for hasbara.
catovitch In vertigo you will be Windows 11 released in a month when all signs I've heard say it's currently a mess, with stuff broken or unfinished mere weeks ago and thus surely not tested properly. But then again, Windows 10 was released unfinished and still is today. Just a crap software company now. Metallica lyrics go here when drunk. 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍💚💚
JoRammers @kim20527705 @SkyNews How many more times are you going to post that inane crap about kids being cold because windows are open?🤦🏻‍♂️ You should spend a day with my sister and her Covid patients, nothing gives chills like multiple organ failure. Here is an idea, buy your kids a jumper and quit whining!
Barnacules Seattle, WA @MLGMelon There used to be some other hidden crap in here back during the development of Windows 8,8.1 and 10 when I was there that isn't shown in the UI but I honestly don't know if that is the case anymore. That's why I tell people to give it a try and see how it works. Ex-Microsoft Senior SDE & Internet Content Creator that enjoys publicly arguing with delusional idiots to demonstrate the importance of education & common sense
JovialKlutz @AgainMixnmatch And while 32 bit is kinda crap, I still use Windows 7 because 10 is an unfixable botnet that runs like crap and I'm too dumb and lazy to figure out Linux. Hi, I'm Jovial, and you wanna know why?
JHurley13 @DineshDSouza @WilliamJohnPac4 This is beyond comical. The proud boys beat the crap out of a few people in Oregon just last week, during their fascist KKK rally and slashed car tires and broke out windows. But antifa..... NOTHING
MarcSpurs Hertfordshire, England @davYidc89 bottom spent £150m+ and are bottom without a point or a goal.. ours is a similar rebuild to when Poch arrived.. that took 2 summer & 2 winter windows to get the crap out and new in.. Paratici has been here 2 months.. His record at Juve was ridiculous.. let’s all take a breath & see Spurs mad, some say just mad... Lovely wife & kids.. Surrey CCC, Wigan Warriors RFC, LV Raiders, NY Yankees & San Antonio Spurs are my teams
wvualphasoldier Thinking of Kabul @Phillbertus I'm more talking about the times I have a great (and totally legally purchased) 4K video on my computer and use and HDMI cord to put it on a TV. Is Windows sending the Tv crap signal and I never knew it!? *shrug*
stevethrower Maine @Baldassano I ran Windoze ME for hmmm a month and went this is crap and ran Windows 2000 which was stable... but obvs didn't have the "flash" of the Win ME etc... fun fact had a buddy die his mum wanted into his laptop... cont... Former Christmas Tree Farmer...
vigole_com Just don't use this pile of crap. There is only one things worse than Windows/DOS (11, 10, 7, XP, 6.22) :: and that is Apple. Fake security expert, Steve Gibson was right: Windows is a flying turd. #Windows11 NEANDERTHALENSIS
derbybbb I know Google is a threat to freedom and all, but dang, their stuff just works so much better and easier than Windows and even Apple IMHO. Especially Microsoft gives you more crap than most people need to do simple tasks. Their apps are so unnecessarily complicated. Description removed due to Twitter descrimination
IpswichMagpie Ipswich, England As I tweeted to @SavMondo, supporting Newcastle United has now become so disillusioning that crap transfer windows, draws and defeats are now met with a "meh" response rather than anger or frustration. A win is greeted by surprise rather than joy and... Ipswich-born and based Newcastle United supporter/sufferer who also looks out for the Town result. #NUFC #ITFC 🧩I have Asperger Syndrome🧩
_Madridloyalist Parts unknown @GuillemBalague The money was there from player sales over 4 windows and the stadium rebuild is paid by a seperate loan spouting crap again Madrid loyalist until the end in the good & bad times. opinions my own dont like it tough cant do jack about it anyway, follow / unfollow back fork UEFA & FIFA
MrWardPE Liverpool No matter how people want to justify it, we’ve stood still and there’s no reason for it. We’ll be sound, but that’s 2 windows in a row we’ve been left frustrated & confused. ‘The required players aren’t available’ is a shout that has a limited time frame of acceptability. Crap. Head of PE from Liverpool. Still talk about PE & education but mainly upping the reds. Anti-racist.
cutler1alex85 England @TimSpiers Club is past a joke now - 5 poor windows to really push the club on - no ambition - tried to stitch the fans up with that loyalty crap until the parliament got involved and revoked it . Now no signings and scraping the barrel. Had a year out could have filled the corners in too
FoxGodRecords St Louis, MO, USA @Casperonian @verge It has rounded corners on the windows. And the start menu has moved to the middle. Oh, and more XBOX crap is installed by default. Owner, Fox God Records. 2-shot vaxxed. DMs closed. #BABYMETAL #ベビーメタル @BABYMETAL_JAPAN fan account.
cathcam Wherever Life Takes me... @LilaHickey Outlook for windows just stalls trying to syncronise my IMAP yahoo mailbox every night, I have to use task manager to kill it in the morning and manually restart, I'm envious. Switching to IMAP was a massive mistake, outlook desktop is a crap dance partner. Proud Dad/Grandad;former Exec. & Distinguished Engineer at IBM/DELL. Sometime triathlete. Currently a stay at home Dad... Married to/back office for @therakate
SchotoCodes check this out ➡️ Who is deciding for these prices? Chromebook for almost 1200 euros? I'd rather buy a normal laptop than this crap. 16 GB of RAM for what? Gaming? Coding? And if you think you can simply erase this Google crap and install Windows you're wrong. Cause you can't. Tried. Impossible 🤮 ALOHA! 👋🏻 Kazbek here 🧑🏻‍ Junior Web Developer ⌨️ 🖱 Learning HTML, CSS, PYTHON, RUBY and C# ❤️ STAY TUNED 👀
KintsugiAure Where Ever There are Stars @VeprusVirsutun As long as it isn't that hanar protection system crap. Reading the language is one thing but working it? Imagine Windows but worst. And besides, he'd be down to work together with someone that equally hates authority. 19/Bi/ Does RP. This is an account made by @SimpleRectangle that focuses on in character stuff, roleplays, and just Mass Effect in general.
MeyBasso @jfversluis They didn't mean to invent this app. This feature is being developed since Windows Vista, but people pple didn't give a crap of attention to that OS, and thought that was ahead of time.
karel_3d It's a shame that the only real way to install Windows without the ads and nonsense crap is to install LTSC, which you basically need to steal, and it's a 2 years old windows build that starts to be obsolete by now Czech in Vietnam. Almost Catholic
spicertoon63 @CharlieAngusNDP @JustinTrudeau It happened Charlie. "This is not Canada" is putting lace curtains on dirty windows. It's patronizing and weak. Call the crap out for what it is and leave out the feel good cliché.
BigHobbyDude Free State of Dude @Hail2Pitt_Steel It is all void of any logic and frankly I see anyone complaining how hard it is to put a piece of cloth on their face or get a shot as coward and a fool. Daily they feed themselves with crap from drive-thru windows and worry about what goes in their body? I aint buyin it Bad Spellers Untie! Modeler Artist Luthier Musician Dudeist Bikeist Maker of Metal Shavings
mkeyes1 glasgow @yogijunior3 Hi John. Was meaning the general commentary on twitter which was the usual Starfelt is crap (which he wasn't) and rehashing the obvious that Edouard and Christie need to move on. Pretty sure Ange knows all this but in reality it should be a few windows until we solidify. Husband, father, mental health nurse, celtic supporter and lover of music and the written word
Ap0lIy0n @SandeMC1103 @Remij010 @XcloudTimdog Lmao "shut the fork up" there it is, that typical childish xbox temper, another reason i left that crap community. "Noooo they're false articles because it doesnt glorify windows, ms, and xbox nooo" i dont care what you think
Msmariablack Edge of human endurance @TiminTX1967 You know me and you know I mean it when I say if I was in TX I would be boarding up doors and windows and locking down like a zombie apocalypse 😂 Holy crap TX is out of control. Not a bot. ❤Animals, good food, & smart people. Good mix of sane / crazy / kind / bitchy /wise / foolish. Anti all the crapty stuff! I miss reality
OCeiteann Ireland @aarondamron1988 @miguellangeloo_ @Tyrone2Nice @IGN What are you even talking about? Who gives Microsoft Crap for releasing games on Windows? If anything they’re praised for it, and it’s the logical thing to do with how large the PC player base is. I think you’re just trying to come up with a reason to be salty towards Sony lmao All views are my own. Irish
IToucans She/Her @nullrend There could be more options, but at least i can find what is there, trying to find even crap to change frequency and some network settings on Windows requires like minutes of digging Try to remove a remembered network on windows it takes like 10 mins to find it. Defender of Toucans, maker of history and climate change videos, not a historian. Luddite with Trotskyist Characteristics
samizgould The things that kills me every time about Sully's crap windows and delaying deals to save a penny is that it cost us points every season. If we had 2 signing by now we could have won that game today. West Ham tragic
PeterBone1 Beeston, Notts @astlebridge @WastefulSavant Don’t get me wrong. Our garden is full of them and I’m delighted to see them buzzing about the lavender and doing their thing. They are totally crap at getting through open windows, though. Retired teacher. Family mon. Follower of WBA, 2BL, film, theatre, music,left politics,beer and good company. Germanophile. European.I AM NOT THE TORY MP, FFS!
ZFYuki London, England @TheRindred if you have windows 10 you don't need avast, if you are getting virus and unwanted crap you just need to learn not click random crap. Also avast is actully worse than windows defender ZF Yuki @twitch Partner 70k+. Singaporean/British. @CoolerMaster & @AWDIT Partner, I Might Meow at you! Business inquiries
Ohm_Boy @NathanMcNulty Hey - we fought for CORBA. We fought for OS/2. We fought for Netware. We were forced into COM, Windows, and Windows. This crap is directly on the hands of the old upper management guard. Pssst... Hey bud - you wanna buy some ones? How's about a zero? Hmm?
freitasm Wellington, New Zealand Windows has so much old crap (even Windows 11) that my guess is it would run twice as fast if this crap and everything needed to support the old stuff was removed I run @geekz1 (Geekzone), New Zealand's largest online technology community. All opinions stated are my own and are not the views of my employer.
aiden_pdx PDX, Oregon @egheitasean @jamespoling I'm the exact same. I prefer my android. And I prefer Linux because I'm a web developer and anybody who runs Linux knows it is far better than Windows crap, etc. Shalom, Ma nishma. Everyday anti-facist, vegetarian, he/him, happen to be a trans guy. #Bluewave2022 #TransLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #CannabisMedicinal
anniewallace Manchester @drbowater Windows 10 (once they'd fixed the initial crap) is actually OK.... but I do think the peak was Windows 7. They should have stuck with that and simply kept improving it. BAFTA nominated actress. Campaigner. Sally @Hollyoaks Acting: @Actors_Direct TV: @AsmTalent Patron @mermaids_gender @SparkleWeekend @salfordprideuk . Own views
FomoLeeds Leeds, England @PhilHay_ Usual smoke screen and crap from our owner yes he’s managed to get us into prem lg but he ain’t gonna take us forward as he is skint. 7 windows and all been crap bar a couple of lucky signings #lufc A party where everyone smiles, hugs and waves there hands in the air like they just don't care to classic house&disco! Facebook: FomoLeeds insta: fomoleeds
vanessahistory Berkeley, CA @MeghanKRoberts @rouge1767 I'm lucky to be at a place with vaccine and current mask mandate but our ventilation is often crap and fire season will soon make opening windows difficult. I've ordered a powerful HEPA air purifier. Works for a big room and can be carried around (within limits). Had to pay $190. History prof @ Berkeley, Yale as of '22; Harvard PhD; writing a history of #offshore & #taxhavens; also #feminism #LGBTQ #climate; ROAD CYCLIST; my views 🌈
nippon_kongami Kinta, Perak If you can, buy a Macbook. But if you really can, buy a Macbook for work and everything else a gaming PC. You will thank me. Windows is not that bad, it's just a typical Windows device is crap. Musisi acahjadi | Audiofil memangjadi | Penangkap gambar separa pawer | Pengamal undang-undang semogajadi | Sarahfil secarajadi
SAWX4LIFE @dokinser @MalcolmNance This whole Afghanistän crap is 100% Fälse Fläg garbage. Watch the clip below. Black windows with no wipers. No front wheel ever seen. This is just a motorized float and I'm willing to put my life on it. That's how obvious it is when you research it. Redsox fan, dont affiliate myself with any brainwashed polictal parties. Just love FREEDOM. God is watching. Nurëmberg 2.0 coming soon!
JagerMouse Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.. @JovLCFCTheThird Our wide options since he came in have been absolutely forking useless and he's done nothing about it, which shows he either isn't capable or he doesn't care. Either one is unacceptable. Same attitude that's shot us in the bottom the last couple of January windows as well. Crap. Digging holes and scoring goals⚱️🦊. Law Graduate. Misanthropist. Humanoid orca. Fervent Jamie Vardy FC supporter.
arclight Austin, TX When I say Windows is a crap development environment, I mean problems exactly like this. This should be dead simple; instead it's a Gilligan's Island episode. Perhaps I can solve this problem with vines and coconuts... Engineer, scientific software developer, Fortran nerd, semi-ex-sysadmin. Occasional Bond Villain (Card Overpunch). Nuclear Scoundrel™
No_More_PC_CRAP @GeoffPAus @blanketcrap @Mickholloways @DannyHill_VAU @jeff_kennett @DanielAndrewsMP @blanketcrap wouldn't know his bottom from his head. He is that special little friend that licks Windows and people pity him when the meet him. That's why you find him supporting labor, only forkwits would do such a thing.
RiceNPeaRoy Sailing the Sea Of Thieves I didn't think the day would come where I would say the @Xbox companion app, @Xbox App and @Xbox Game Bar all being on the system is just a pain in the butt. Please get rid of something, we only need one. Also Sign in issue because of Windows OS linking to MSA is massively crap Gamer, sort of Streamer, Games Industry Professional. Mainly a @SeaOfThieves @xbox #a11y related TL. #DropYourCrates #GoldenHourGang @SeaOfThieves fanatic.
yoarg @DanEdwardsGoal Windows is such a crap, that even free is a theft!! And they pretend to cash a U$S100 for it ?? Intentando rescatar el Sentido Común. Sin Justicia nada existe. Libertad ante todo.

invention of death.