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_Open_24_Hours Tampa @RexChapman This is NOT a new law, as I used to enforce it back in the 90's & 2000's. It was later declared unconstitutional per 1st amendment, and enforcement stopped. It was mainly used during the decade when idiots played "boom-boom" crap so loud that windows of houses would vibrate. Florida State Trooper (retired)
ricster71 London, England @90sfootball Dad was right. The other players were crap and Lampard went right to the very top. The idiot in the audience is probably still cleaning windows. In no particular order; Brexit, politics, dad, Man Utd, environment. Insults will result in blocking.
designergirl DC metro (Baltimore in 2022) @Scott_B_34 Luckily they are replacements for the crap windows that are currently installed so I can move in and have the windows done later but still, this is insane. White windows are in stock, mine are black. I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller...... Never trust a big butt and a smile.
quigdes Shrewsbury, UK @judgedreid @laurencemarks64 There is a school of thought that the biggest driver of 3D CAD was the availability of Windows NT. prior to that Windows was generally crap. All those early Windows 3D apps were designed for NT. it spelled the end of Unix as a cad platform and slashed overall cost per seat. I run a product design company in Shrewsbury.
Or1onSLi Sheffield, England @dark1x the same school. Amazon has never been fair to anyone, it was a digitalized PostalMarket. Windows 95 was full of crap and rose in popularity through shady contracts. The list can go on...the main differentiator in now vs then is Internet, which is empowering advertised and /2 Principal Mobile Engineer @SkyBet ๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ“ฑ Living many lives since 1989 ๐ŸŽฎ Born to be Wild ๐ŸŽง๐ŸŽธ He/Him โ™‚๏ธPizza, what else? ๐Ÿ•
KingofQueens13 New Westminster, BC Had the windows in my kitchen and living room open all night. My place only "cooled" down to 25C. Crap. I wish that I had picked a parking spot under the overhang. It's black and is going to heat up! An artist, performer and ninja ballerina. Cultural chameleon. ๐Ÿฅโœ‚๏ธ
DigitalLumen What I do is disable temp disk if you have the memory and just start disabling crap. It's ridiculous. Windows 11 uses so much resources but no cool AI features-- less then a stupid android phone. AI Assisted Artist, AI Art, Trader, Software Engineer, AI Enthusiast. All works copyright by author not for commercial reproduction or resell.
DigitalLumen If you're getting brush lag, what I do is open up MS paint and make fast continuous strokes. If you got jitters or sh*t you'll see it. I have the fastest computer can buy and this lag crap still happens. Windows does too much crap in background and for very little benefit!! AI Assisted Artist, AI Art, Trader, Software Engineer, AI Enthusiast. All works copyright by author not for commercial reproduction or resell.
QuinntoBean unceded coast salish territory a tv show pilot is being filmed at my complex tonight / tomorrow, so right now there are cops lights flashing non-stop outside my windows when i was out earlier signing some stuff i was by the SWAT cars and holy crap the front of those trucks are taller than i am! ~ non-binary trans hottie, single mum, and best cats haver ~ she/they/it ~ chaotic earth witch ~ never give up your rights ~
RTwilight4 Maryland, USA @REALTeeReaL @CUBANCONGAMAN @LindseyGrahamSC @imvzlan @realDonaldTrump Do you idiots not remember 2016? Near constant Russian bullcrap you all spewed out of your toilet mouths. You are just a hypocrite. People putting up blankets and covering windows and crap at 4am when counting should have ended is suspicious as all hell. #IBelieveinAnthem
whatsupdoc89 Buffalo, NY You ever have a dream and a plan and you keep pushing for it but doors and windows keep closing in your face? Thatโ€™s God saying your plan is crap. Follow my plan ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ #Time Innovative Educator of the Year!! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ Educator, Guardian of Equity.
inklessPW @Bananrama2 @CondoChris this is late 80's - - it's actually not a bad looking house and that double garage is brilliant - - compared stucco sh*t and cheap brick concrete sill crap - it's due for new windows etc Paul Wells quit Twitter (see link below), therefore this is not Paul Wells. You can find Paul Wells on Facebook.
Somebod50504584 @TruthSeek17 @chrissiemayrsb1 The difference-the left defend/ignore this kind of crap, riot, loot, incinerate cities, and downplay it all. They censor & punish people for talking about laptop, lab leak, nat immunity, trespassing, Cov19 treatments. Windows are being boarded up because thatโ€™s who the left is. I know things and I drink. Iโ€™m also trying to contain my disgust for liberal disinformation but not always succeeding.
CrapIndianMedia Burning in Hell @sks01119 @NikkeiAsia You just asked for a brand that is globally respected. I dumped my MacBook because it's crap in comparison to windows. Does that mean anything. What was important is it was going to be the biggest by volume, eclipsing Samsung, in large part because of chip design and price. Nope not a tankie. Nope not a conspiracy theorist. Nope not conservative. Hostile to the hubris of universalism & one sided media narratives.
sleepyknave Unceded Paskestikweya Land @ChristelAdina Crap, did not realize the other windows were a bust. That's seriously unfortunate. And a 1 filter C-R is still pretty damn effective, so I'm glad you at least have the means to do that! Disabled/CI/ND. Cat dad. Ask me about alt text! โ€ข Queer/Aro/Nonbinary. Mx & masc. All pronouns. โ€ข Abolish.Decolonize.Liberate. โ€ข Not here for your normativity.
stacigo CA @BobBlumenfield our cities are looking like crap. Everything is filthy, graffiti, empty buildings & lots with weeds and broken windows,transients taking over streets and allyes. It's inexcusable!!!Gutters full of crap,trash everywhere,dead trees,weeds. Sickening! OGVG. I get all of my legit news fast from twitter.
JosephSheaShea1 @PalmerReport So would did you make up this new story about somebody else testifying on Trump's fake trial this kind of crap is not going to happen you're just a big jackass with a mouth you know of course this is S.O.P. for Democrats riot break windows and steal whatever they want. Good person likes hunting and fishing
IndiraShanti Blue girl-Red State @Soultosq @teemcee @RealDante12 Wth is a jogger lover. Get it straight kid. It's the white nationalist fascists (or other fascists)ready to beat and kill people! Most of the damage was one of 'da' boys starting crap, breaking windows starting fires. Grow up. Mom, Grandma, animal lover, public servant, democrat, people not corps.Maiden Mother Crone: been her, being that, am that ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŠ VOTE Blue: Mother Earth
RubyKitsuneFox unknown Still trying to find a place, Hammie (my hamster) is doing ok, keeping him feed and topped up on water, got to keep him in the car under a sun screen and got windows open a bit parking in the shade. Viewed a place today and paid a holding deposit so waiting to see. Feel like crap Ruby Kitsune Fox I'm am trans ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€โšง๏ธ like to be know as she/her. MotorFur and Rep for Extreme BHP. please be respectful. I like Inflation, latex, Fursuit, cars
copolii Vancouver, British Columbia @SecretGamerGrrl @Dell Yep. Dell is crap. I wanted to dual boot a Precision 7760 with Ubuntu & Windows. Went into the BIOS and turned on the "discrete graphics only" option because Linux doesn't yet support the switching between Intel and discrete. Then I rebooted. It just bricked. Dad, Software developer, anti theist, hobby photographer, humanist, and whacky fun time renter among other things. Opinions & Tweets are mine & mine alone.
AbstractionPhys @NSACyber @CISAgov @NCSC " recommending that Microsoft Windowsยฎ operators and administrators properly configure and monitor PowerShell to prevent and detect abuse by malicious actors" meaning all antivirus, antimalware, antispyware, etc. for the consumer is absolute crap. The NSA can still hack you. Expected but not what most all were led to believe. Not a one-person save-all. a work order for government & UN
insanedreamer @brian_lovin I like it much better than the Windows install process; and uninstalling is just deleting a folder--none of this stray DLL crap Explorer
RexAn2ny in your Brain cells @Dcube06871398 Nah they won't fvcking listen, they will tell you, theres no need to hurry, transfer windows just opened, we are accessing the situation, we are spending wisely blah blah blah. Truth is, we have an attacking problem, and the Transfer market don't give a crap abt our delays cool and straight forward #SelfMotivation
Elecami_Wolf Fur Conventions @MEDSfox Windows 11 is ugly AF and has significantly reduced usability (until Explorer Patcher is installed). Yes, I am one of those annoying people who values usability and efficiency over ugly rounded useless crap. Windows 10 was close to perfect, let it live forever. Blue and Gray Wolf. You will see furry, fursuit, latex, shiny things here. 18+ ๐Ÿ”ž Fursuit by: Roofur. For: Electronics, 80s, LabVIEW, etc. See: @ElectricElecami
edwrdmrphy8 Sheffield. UK @CathNoakes What's worse is because NVHR fitted ( pollution and noise tick) designers see fit to provide crap windows. First issue on the users are rubbish ..second room seriously overheats on hot days. Yes... adaptation works to air con looming in ten years. Founder of @ollioconsult. #AgileinBuildings, low carbon, post occupancy evaluation, biophilia, WELL AP, ScrumMaster #betterbuildings for customers.
JeffPea66513479 @Edgeverse2 @FusedCosmos @NotRobSchneider I touched Windows a couple days ago....It was horrible, I dont get how people can use that crap and be happy. Xfce is way more user friendly Off Grid Solar PC Gaming
catovitch In vertigo you will be Maybe the way to get egregious Windows bugs fixed is to write a piece of software that you PAY people to install, and which inflicts those bugs in Microsoft's crap so they take notice? Metallica lyrics go here when drunk.
Carolchapman192 New Jersey, USA @MikeHuez @geffenoswalt @carriehu @IAmPoliticsGirl 1) The Confederate flag carried through the capital 2) broken windows 3) broken into offices 4) crap smeared on the walls of our nation's capital 4) Erecting a Gallows and threatening to hang our VP a Speaker of the House. Not normal protests. This is domestic terrorism. painting nature sooths the soul. postcards for voters VBM
ultimitloozer Mesa, AZ @Warzone_Loadout @Brparadox I need this PC because my current PC is utter crap for gaming (AMD FX-8350) and it has to run a very outdated version of Windows to be semi-reliable.
ambient_soup they/them xe/xer and my old windows laptop is finally updated/configured enough to run hugetracker and all the crap i need it to for now ๐ŸŒ™ synthesizers/sonar/dsp โšฐ๏ธ track & hold appreciator โ—ˆ underwater acoustics โ—ˆ not good for ur career ๐Ÿ“ผ building trackerDB โ—ˆ sad/priv alt: @eggclocker
AndroidEducator United States @iOS_Educator @AppleFa36528422 @sondesix @techbharatco ๐Ÿ™„ there is no FaceTime either is there. There isn't either app on Android which is my entire problem with apples communication apps. I would have zero issues with either one if they were on Windows and Android. Until they are they're crap communication apps. I want to help people use their Android phones. They are capable of such amazing things. They are easy to use but people don't play with them so I want to help
_UtdBen By far the worst part of transfer windows is all these crapty โ€˜itkโ€™ accounts popping up pretending theyโ€™ve got an ounce of credibility and we should listen to their crap Photographer โ€ข Active on Matchdays โ€ข @_PrivBen
English00178892 Yesterday I parked up to go to work with relatively clean car windows. By the time I close shop and return I find the rain had left some nice dirt on the driver side and windscreen. Yesterday was 15ยฐ Friday peaked at 32ยฐ That crap on the car is as dirty as the elites.. Awake Business Owner.. Fed up of all the BS ...STOP JABBING KIDS WITH EXPERIMENTAL POISON!
DrLove_73 Novi Sad, Serbia @spriteer_774400 Torrents are working, and Windows 11 is such crap I am not going to support it for anything in this world... Linux and Windows admin, developer...
mohitsherman Before @ASUS_ROG @ASUS @ASUSIndia ask me to update drivers , would like to let them know on your Website drivers are only for windows 10 not 11 and I have even downloaded and installed them but performance remains same , my old logitech is performing far better then your crap
wsattler119 San Diego, California, USA @jolovesbooks @zillowgonewild They'll have to lower the price to include cost of renovating into a normal house, even if you love aquariums and a koi pond, the glass block windows are crap, the interior is a bad joke, who ever built this has a screw loose.
Piper8Piper @MrsKrass @GOPtoGQP @DonaldJTrumpJr You think a few hundred people pissed off at congress and breaking some windows is a coup? Not even in a tiny country like Luxembourg. Stop eating the crap being spewed out. Rebellion Vs. The Empire II
stuieeee @midlee01 Also as it does not run so much crap inxthe background it doesnt slow down. I went from total technological ineptitude and unable to master windows to wow this is easy. Plenty of videos on YouTube on how to do it. Save your files onto a hard drive and have a go.
usacomp2k3 Orlando, FL @EGLLSpotter @Windows @Apple If itโ€™s a โ€œforcedโ€ then then the first step is acceptance and at least start with a neutral perspective not going in assuming everything is crap. Engineer, amateur photographer, husband, father, NASASocial Alum, UF alum, bookworm, overall nerd, seeker of knowledge, striving to be better every day
C_7_0_0_7 on my twitter dot com @PGhotier @rex_felium I love me a futuristic piece of crap. I'd buy transparent screens just because they look cool. But I don't think making deadly rolling machines even more deadly by slapping ads and games on the windows is the best move, unlesd you're a cartoonishly evil billionaire 'As natural as the rain that falls, here comes the flood again'

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